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Posted by ~Summer~ on October 12, 2012

One of the most interesting things to do during pregnancy is coming up with names for your baby.

When I have a big tummy, I like to scroll through long lists of baby names and see which pique my interest. Sometimes, I also read gossip news about celebrity mums who gave birth and find out with curiosity on what they decide to name their kid.

A list of some of the 2012 celebrity babies:

Bruce Willis - Mabel Ray (daughter)
Hilary Duff - Luca Cruz (son)
Beyonce - Blue Ivy (daughter)
Reese Witherspoon - Tennessee James (son)
Drew Barrymore - Olive (daughter)

Stefanie Sun, one of my all-time favourite singers, is now preggie with a Dragon baby too and I'm looking forward to knowing if it's a boy or girl and what she's going to name her Singaporean-Dutch kid.

Ok, enough of the celebrity babies.

Back to ordinary folks like my family, I'm assuming it's also common to have dinner topics with the hubby about baby names and together, you come up with some of the most ridiculous names. Yes yes?

For instance, my hubby's surname is Low. Yes, as in the English word Low. 

We came up with some names that would probably be one of a kind.

Har Low

Energy Low

Battery Low

The hubby was trying to think of something that's good when it's low and he ended up with this.

Cholestrol Low

*dot dot dot*

As you probably can guess, I kind of like names which are also English words (Think Summer and Angel) and there were certain names that I liked but sadly, the surname caused them to be eliminated instantly.

Faith Low

Hope Low

Joy Low 

Do you have an unique family name and how has it affected your baby naming?


Today I wanna share with you about a letter of the alphabet that holds a very special place in my heart.

I'm sure you know that letter. It's the first of the 26.

Yes, A for Angel. A for A Happy Mum. But have you ever guessed why? Hint: Think Paris.

Ta-dah! Yes, it's because of the Eiffel Tower, the very place where the hubby proposed and our love blossomed.

In fact, this special tower has always been a part of our story ever since. It was featured on our wedding invitational cards and on our wedding bands which we designed ourselves, the words "A Fairytale Union" were engraved and that letter 'A' was in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. No, you can't see it from this pic because the words are inside, but how cool is that, to have an Eiffel Tower on your ring!

So you see, for our second baby, we already have in mind a name for her. Yes, no prizes for guessing which letter it begins with.

Well, which among the sea of names starting with 'A' did we choose?

Woohoo, I'm keeping you in suspense till more updates next month!

Is there any letter of the alphabet which holds a special place in your heart? How did you decide on your baby's name? Do share!


  1. Oh I didn't know about the Eiffel Tower being connected to A until you mentioned! Hubby and I custom-made our wedding bands too. Can't wait to see yours up close :)

    We already chose our children's names many years ago during our uni days haha. Way before Lil Pumpkin came along :p I'd share with you how we chose the names later. Too long to type :p

    P.S. she has 4 official names, excluding her last name haha. I'm crazy like that :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hee yeah the letter A is special to me cos' of that tower! My bands getting a bit rusty, hehe, never make effort to maintain. We did ours at Fairy's Inc.

      Oh yeah tell me the story next time. I don't even know lil pumpkin's real name yet, and she has four! Haha. =p My hubby also already chose the name Angel before we even got married, he just likes it. So happen it starts with A and I kinda like it too, so voila!~~

  2. My name starts with your fav letter! Before Dana came along, we decided that if it's a girl, she'll take on Daddy's initial 'D' and if it's a boy, then he will take on my initial 'A'. I enjoyed the process of name search for babies too, it's part of anticipating the arrival of the new bundle of joy :)

    1. Yeah yeah, your name starts with all the letters of my girl's name. Hehe. =p Yes, it just heightens the anticipation to the big day!~ Ahh, Daddy must be happy his initial got used. Keke. Dana is a nice and unique name!

  3. Hahaha, Cholestrol Low totally threw me off :P And Harlow? hahaha!

    We initially wanted to name Little Chuck - Oliver. But when we sounded off with my mum, she says "Huh what? Horrible?"

    That was when we decided to move on to another name...

    1. Yeah crappy right. Cholestrol was funny, we thought maybe can call Chloe. But still, glad we decided on Angel!

      Haha your mum is so funny. Parents also say the funniest things when pronouncing all the english names. =) Oliver is quite nice though, I feel!

  4. I love the letter 'J'. Hubby, baby and me are all Js.

    1. Yeah I can tell that! J is a nice sounding letter, I wonder what are your boys' real names sometimes!~

  5. My hub is Terence and I am Cindy. Our kids are named Laetitia and Leonitus, both latin names and both start with the letter 'L'. 'L' is an alphabet special to us because when you put 'L' in the middle of T and C, you get TLC. Hehehe....

    1. Haha that's cute, TLC! I sure can feel it in your family! Hehe. Their names are so unique, my first time seeing them! Must make them feel so special. Some friends commented Angel was such a common name, haha, but well, we didn't really mind. =) Guess that's the power of being parents, you get to decide for your kid on at least one thing!

  6. For us our christian names start with R so the whole family's name starts with R. We came up with a list of boys & girls names all starting with R after we got married and worked down the list for each child.

    1. Ah, I see. R! I must get to know all your family members' names soon. =) It's fun to work through the list, right? I kinda like thinking about the pros and cons of each name and read about their origin and meaning!

  7. congratulations on your second baby! :D i am excited to find out which A name you guys picked! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  8. My friend is Joy Low hahah. And she calls herself J.Low hahaha.

    1. Haha ok, she must be into hip hop and R&B. My girl is very much into J Lo's MTVs nowadays, prefers it over Gangnam Style. Anyway Joy is a really nice and happy name, I like it!

  9. An Eiffel Tower in your wedding ring! That is super cool indeed!

    1. Yeah I thought it would be and was amazed they actually managed to do it when I thought I was pushing my luck. =) Prefer the tower over a bunch of diamonds anytime!

  10. Replies
    1. Smart guesses, Hui Kheng. Hee. How about Angelsis? Hehe. Anyway we'll let you guys know soon! Coming back to Singapore this week, for good!


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