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Posted by ~Summer~ on November 27, 2012
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It was the kind of day that I didn't really know whether to love or to dread.

The kind of day that I knew had to happen someday, but deep down, a part of me was just hoping it might come later.

The kind of day when I woke up with mixed feelings and one moment I was feeling all enthusiastic and proud, the next moment I became forlorn and lost.


Perhaps it might seem like a small deal to some parents out there. But to someone as emotional and sentimental as me, it was a big step forward. I mean, think about it, I had gotten pregnant, given birth and raised my kid in a foreign land. All by m-y-s-e-l-f.  It's something you might never understand unless you experienced it.

I can't even describe to you the bond I feel with my girl. She was the one who kept me company on lonely nights, who gave me warmth during the cold winter, who made me realise that from the day she entered my life, I would always have someone to love and to hold.

We have been together 24/7 for the past three years. Yes, I do mean 24/7. Good or bad thing, healthy or unhealthy, that's how it has been and that's how we love it to be. 

I always knew life in Singapore will no longer be the same. One of it includes her starting school. We were lucky to secure a place for her in a preschool right next block and so lo and behold, last week she has actually started going for half day school in the mornings!

Does she look good in her uniform? Yes, absolutely ravishing. In my eyes.

What does she bring to school? A Dora backpack and a Disney Princess water bottle.

Is she happy to go to school? Yes and no, she likes to dress up and then exclaim "I'm going to school!" but gets a little apprehensive when we arrive at the gates.

Did she insist that mummy stayed with her? Only for the first day. From second day onwards, she agreed to stay on by herself.

Has she been a good girl in school? Other than refusing to bathe, she's doing great.

Does she throw tantrums? Erm, which kid doesn't?

Was I a proud mum to send her to school on her first day? Of course!

Did I miss her? You bet. Every inch of me.

It just felt absolutely weird and uneasy not having her around me, not listening to her chirpy voice, her infectious laughter, her piercing squeals or even her annoying cries. It's like suddenly, a part of me was missing.

I know, I know. It's just less than 4 hours apart a day. I should probably learn to treasure my me-time in those few hours. I should probably appreciate the chance to finally rest and relax. I should probably enjoy the rare peace and serenity in the house. Before my no.2 arrives.

And most of all, I should learn to let go.

To let my girl have the chance to be independent, to learn new things, to mingle with new friends, to eat by herself, to read on her own, to understand that she is big enough to be away from mummy and yet remain her happy, cheerful self.

As ironic as it sounds, while she was the one bawling on the outside when we said goodbye on the first day, I was the one who was really weeping deep inside.

For it's time to let you grow up, my dear.

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  1. my gosh that's her uniform? so trendy and cute! Lil Pumpkin has the same water bottle too. Glad to hear she's settling in well :) it's a milestone for us as parents too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes I love her uniform, yellow and blue! =p Oh cool, she loves her Princess water bottle. Hee. Definitely a day to remember for us too!

  2. She is so adorable in her uniform! She looks really excited too. Must have been hard to let her go off on her first day when she was crying.

    1. Thanks Sophie! Yeah I was with her in class the first day. She couldn't bear to leave my lap and I couldn't bear to let go of her hand. Lol. =)

  3. What a rockin' school uniform! So pretty and looks so comfy! Why weren't school uniforms like that when I was a kid...

    1. Haha I wonder too.. Nowadays uniforms can look even nicer than skirts and dresses! =)

  4. My youngest starts big school next year and I am sure I will cry bitter sweet tears for the first week! It never gets better, my eldest is 20 and it is still hard to let go.

    1. I get what you mean. It's always hard to let go. Never gets better with experience or with time. =) But well, we just have to hold back the tears sometimes! Thanks for popping by!

  5. It's a huge deal when they first go to school!
    It's nice though that you will be able to have some quality time with just the new baby though :)

    1. I think so too, it's really quiet in the house when she's not around, at least for now! Can't wait too see my second bb actually! Not used to peace and serenity! Lol! Thanks Jess!

  6. Oh, she is so cute and looks gorgeous in her get-up. Rachel x


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