She's a bubbly bunny - Angel is 3!

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 24, 2012
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November marks a special time for us. The time to give thanks. The time when we stepped into parenthood. The time when our girl turns one year older.

Yeap, in the twinkling of an eye, it was Angel's 3rd birthday party over the weekend.

Following her rainbow and Disney themed parties, we decided to have an animal themed party for her this year seeing how she really adores the creatures whenever we bring her to the zoo.

It was a pretty simple celebration. No frills. No thrills. Just us, some close friends, our families and lots of happiness.

The sheep, pig and cow greeted the guests at our gate. Coincidentally, they were the chinese zodiac signs of the hubby, myself and Angel respectively. 

This was a simple but striking welcome poster. Can you spot the one-of-a-kind bunny?

One of the highlights of the day was the face painting session for kids, conducted by the pseudo face painter - me. My greatest joy was that I helped my girl to fulfill her wish of being a birthday rabbit for the day.

Ok, it might not look 100% like a rabbit. But so long as she thinks it's one and I think she looks like a beautiful bunny, who cares? So she went around proclaiming that she was a rabbit and amusingly, my mum and grandma couldn't recognise her and thought she was somebody else's kid!

My station wasn't bustling with business but I did get a couple of satisfied customers. Check out Yuxuan the butterfly and Yuheng the tiger!

So out of 10, how do you think I fared as a face painter? I hope at least I passed.

Here is the latest lovely addition to the family, our cute nephew named Yutong at 2 months old. I love looking at small babies, whom in their mittens and booties, have the power to seemingly light up the world with their smile. Don't you agree?

Some friends were wondering why we decided to order a roasted pig for a birthday party. Well, let's just say it fitted the animal theme pretty aptly and we had a craving for it after not having the chance to devour that crispy, juicy skin for years.

On the topic of food, we treated the guests to our very own homecooked food dishes including cabbage rice, chilli prawns and sotongs, fried chicken wings, pig stomach soup, stir-fried nai bai, and the main highlight was the popiah (spring rolls) where guests could select their own ingredients and make their very own popiah on the spot. Heartfelt thanks to my in-laws who helped to whip up this delectable lunch!

Ta-dah! This was Angel's birthday cake which she loved, baked by a friend of ours since I have no baking talent or passion. I liked how the bunny was the star of the cake, how it received many carrots for presents and was showered with love by all her farm friends behind her. It sort of symbolises how we will always be there to support, love and care for our girl as she grows up and takes her step towards independence.

Time for the cake-cutting ceremony!

Seeing how her face lit up the room along with the flames, how she couldn't stop grinning when we sang the birthday song, how she put her heart into making her birthday wish, how delighted she was in blowing out the candles, that was enough to make any mum's heart melt and realise "Yes, this is what motherhood is all about".

This was our only family shot for the day. Mummy and Daddy love you, our darling!

A big thank you to the guests who turned up and we sincerely hoped you had a great time too. Thanks for all the gifts and for making our girl the happiest bunny in the world that day.

To my girl, I hope you felt like the most loved bunny too. Bear hugs and fish kisses.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your Angel.. Great party you had.

    1. Thanks Dom! Simple but fun, just how life should be sometimes. I did enjoy it though! Happy happy day!

  2. Little bunny must be very happy hopping around ;-) Nice party! And you did a great job on face paintingng :-)

  3. Little bunny must be very happy hopping around ;-) Nice party! And you did a great job on face paintingng :-)

    1. Oh cool, thanks for the encouragement, maybe I will do face painting again then! Lol. Yeah she was a ecstatic bunny that day! =p

  4. lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fresh and awesome creative theme for birthday.

    I am thankful for reading this post.

    1. Great that you liked it! Thanks for popping by, Jocelyn!

  5. Happy belated birthday to sweet Angel! Looks like such a fun party and great job with the face-painting!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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