Grow old with you

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 03, 2012
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Have you ever listened to a song only to realise that years after, it still rings in your mind from time to time and somehow makes you smile whenever you hum to it?

There's one song that I particularly loved and it truly deeply touched my heart.

It's called "Grow Old With You" sung by Adam Sandler in the movie The Wedding Singer.

Never heard of it? You should. Now.


One night, Angel and I were on the subject of old people, white hair and the concept of time.

Angel: Mummy, why do people grow old?
Me: Well, as time passes, everyone grows. You grow bigger into an adult and adults grow bigger into old people, one day Mummy will too.

Angel: *keeps shaking her head* I don't want.

Me: It's part of life, my dear. One day, I will have white hair, I will grow old and be like Grandma and Grandpa too.

Angel: *in sad voice* Then I don't want to go hospital.

Me: *puzzled* What has this got to do with the hospital?

Angel: If don't go hospital then meimei (little sister) won't come out. I don't want meimei to come out.

It was the first time that she said anything like that, so it was pretty shocking to me. So far, she has been anticipating that big day and looking forward to doting on meimei and becoming a big sister. But instead of lashing out and correcting that thought, I decided to ask why first.

Me: Why, dear? Why don't you want meimei to come out?   

Angel: So that you won't grow old, mummy.


I swear I didn't make that conversation up. Yes, my just turned 3-year-old girl said that to me and she really got upset at the whole growing up topic.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I do wish that time could stand still. So that I would always be able to hold this precious darling in my arms, to cuddle her, read to her, sing to her, kiss her and feel her arms around me every night.

But you know what? Time goes on no matter how many wishes we make. It never stays still and never goes backwards.

So, I'm jolly well gonna cherish every second I have with my girl. Somehow, I just know that life's gonna get even better as time passes.

Because I have her to grow old with.


  1. :) you just made me tear. with your post! Not the video - though the song IS nice :)

    Yes, I feel the same way too. I want to cherish every second that I have with my kids too :) Everyday, I hug them and say "I want to hug you, and kiss you and love you, everyday. Okay?" They'd smile, and say "Okay, Mummy." :)

    1. Awww thanks Pamela! That's such a sweet reply from the kids! Hee! I sure hope they will say "Okay" for as long as possible and not run away from us one day! Anyway I hug and kiss my girl a thousand times a day too and I still feel it's not enough sometimes! Haha!

  2. i got touched by ur post too!

  3. tears just started tricking down when i read tt.. esp what Angel sweet!! yes we have to cherish every moment we have with our kids, for they grow up so fast... =) *hugz*


    1. Awww really.. didn't know this post was tear-inducing.. hehe.. but you're right, we gotta cherish every moment! Good and bad, we still gotta embrace every bit of watching our kids grow up! =) Thanks for reading yeah and hope your no.2 is doing well in your tummy! =p

  4. Hi Summer, I am very touched by your post. Hugs, cherish every moment with our kids.

    1. Thanks much Virginia! Yes yes, cherish and treasure, I'm sure you do too! =)

  5. Awww Angel is sooo sweet! I totally love this song too! Such a wonderful movie


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