Creativity 521 #11 - My Mistletoe Princess

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 05, 2012
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Time flies and December is already here. That means we've been back on the sunny island for over a month already. Woah.

That said, I am still patiently waiting for my near 100 boxes of shipment to arrive from Sweden. Yes, we took plane while they went by ship so for now, I am still deprived of my pretty clothes (not that they can fit a 35-week preggie), my baby necessities like baby cot/lotion/clothes/breast pump (a little anxious about whether these can reach in time), Angel's favourite toys (she misses her kitchen, Lego, piano and dolls!) and of course, all my craft materials.

Hence, in this month's Creativity 521, I am sharing with you something simple that we made.

It's a sweet mistletoe headband for my angelic little girl as Christmas nears.


1) Craft band for weaving basket
2) Artificial mistletoe leaves which can be twisted at the stalks (Got these and the craft band from Daiso)
3) Ribbon
4) Scissors
5) Double-sided tape

Cut out a length of the craft band and form it into a circle such that it fits nicely onto your child's head. Stick the ends together.

Paste a long strip of double-sided tape onto the back of the ribbon. As you peel off the other side of the tape, start to wrap the ribbon around the band, forming a neat diagonal pattern as you move along.

Lastly, arrange the leaves by twisting and turning the stalks such that you achieve your desired final look. Make sure that you fold in the sharp ends such that they won't poke into the head.

Ta-dah! It's done! Easy breezy beautiful, right?

How do you think Angel look in her new hair accessory? It might not be the prettiest headband out there, but to see that pretty smile on her face, that's the reason why Creativity 521 warms my heart so much and why I hope to keep the inspiration coming no matter what.

I hope you'll find a reason to smile today too!


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  1. It is a beautiful craft idea Summer! :) email me your mobile number. let's meet soon?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! Emailed you already, yeah let's catch up soon! =p

  2. She's all ready for Christmas! This is so perfect for a Christmas party!

    Fang Ting

    1. Hee I hope she's ready! She still has a fear of Santa Claus since last year, lol!


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