Creativity 521 #14 - Ariel is one month old!

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 21, 2013
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It's astonishing how time flies, isn't it?

Four weeks have past since that fateful day when I was shrieking in the birthing room and my little Ariel is turning one month old tomorrow. Remember I did a 30-days photo collage for Angel? Well, it wouldn't be fair if Ariel does not get one, so despite my hands are pretty much tied up from looking after two kids, I managed to sacrifice some sleep and completed this gift for her.

Basically, I can design, print and finish decorating the board in a few days but since a 30-days collage means I have to take photos everyday, select the best shots and edit them, that's where it gets more time-consuming. And no, unlike what the hubby presumed, I didn't cheat. Every picture was taken exactly on the day stated. Hello, I got integrity, dear.

Next, I inserted captions just for the fun of it. And look, while the big sister had an angel picture stating the day, Ariel gets the beautiful Little Mermaid!

Finally, I arranged and stuck on the pictures one by one from Day 1 to Day 30. Since I had some time to spare, I also decided to cut out some flowers to make a border similar to Angel's. The big sister then helped me to stick on some blu-tac and pasted the flowers all around. Though her arrangement was totally wrong, it was the spirit that was heartwarming.
Ta-dah! We are done! We actually placed Ariel's and Angel's collages side by side and during the full month party, friends and family commented that they were so alike that they got a little confused who's who. Well, I'd like to boast that I can tell them apart because all the photos were done by me but deep down, I do think I might have a little trouble sorting these pictures out ten years down the road.

Dear Ariel, here is Mummy's first handmade gift for you, I hope you'll like it and know how much you are loved. Happy happy happy full month, my princess!


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  1. What a sweet gift! I like to make one for Zachy too, hahaha if I have the discipline to take photos everyday.

    Fang Ting

    1. Haha with your creativity you can make many awesome gifts for him next time!

  2. Love the collage that you made for Ariel. IT certainly is a very sweet momento.

    1. Thanks Dom! I hope it can last for years to come!

  3. Hey, you got twins! They are so adorable. :))

  4. Wow Summer I admire your patience!! That is such a lovely gift!


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