Creativity 521 #13 - Belly painting

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 05, 2013

Remember I was sharing about some creative uses of my baby bump and that I might consider using it as a canvas for belly painting?

Well, turned out we really did it. Just in time before I gave birth.

But no, if you are thinking that we got professionals to paint picturesque drawings on my bump, truth is we only engaged three amateurish painters who just wanted to have some fun - Angel, the hubby and myself. 

What we used:

- Face paint and brush
- Baby bump
- Imagination

The big sister was indeed thrilled to have an unusual canvas to show off her painting skills. 

She knew that her little sister was inside my tummy and was so sweet to say that she was going to draw meimei and write her name. Even though no one could tell, we could imagine with her.

Stroke by stroke, bit by bit, it was actually a good way to train up her patience. Oh, did it feel ticklish? A little, but more than that, it felt warm and blissful.

Hola! The little artist is done with her piece!

Next up, the mummy tried to do a near impossible task - Paint on her own bump, write mirrored letters, attempt to draw in the blind spot areas (meaning anywhere that is blocked by the bump and that pretty much means the whole bottom stretch).

Our last and most professional belly painter has to be the hubby, who took over half an hour to complete his proud drawing.

Thanks dear, for taking time off to accommodate silly requests of mine and for still doing a great job out of it.

And now, time to see the final artwork! Guess what, they all begin with the letter 'A'!

1) The Abstract Little Sister - By Angel Low

2) The Anticipation - By Summer Goh

3) The Asian Little Mermaid - By Xavier Low

Hmmm, do you like any of them?

I have to say it was quite a memorable experience and for all we know, we might or might not have the chance to do it a second time. So I was glad we enjoyed it and that we have these precious pictures to serve as keepsake.

So, the next time you are preggie, do try this out too! It doesn't matter that you are not an artist, a painter or that you don't even like drawing. Just do it for the fun and who knows, you might end up with much nicer pictures than ours!


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  1. I vote for the'sermaid for the drawing
    Vote for Angel's for the most heart warming
    Vote for urs for the best mommy

  2. Cool! So fun, Summer. Write in mirror image! Kudos to you!!

    1. Oh yeah it was a lot of fun doing it, no matter how the mirror images turned out! =)

  3. A special family moment indeed Summer! Your daughter is so cute! I wish you and your family a great New Year!


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