Happiness is... being with the people who matter

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 28, 2013
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February is a time of festive celebration, of gathering with loved ones, of feeling the love that binds us as family and friends.

Chinese New Year means new clothes for us!
The Year of the Snake symbolised a new beginning. A new hope. A new chance for me to dress up my girls, breathe in their beauty and be thankful that they are part of my life.

Toys help to bridge the young and the old
It was a time of gathering where there was no generation gap, only loud laughter and happy huddles. I brought Barbie dolls for Angel to play with her cousin and to my surprise, my grandma came to join in the fun, followed by my mum. Kids - they help you relive your childhood days.

It's Chinese New Year's Eve!
A reunion meal means to sit around, have a hearty meal, feel the warmth of family and be grateful that you have these people whom you love and love you back.

Now what's so hard about assembling a cupboard for my toys?
We finally made our way to Ikea and bought cupboards and shelves for the kids room. The little helper was thrilled to lay her hands on a real screwdriver and Allen key, so she gave her best shot in helping out. After two minutes, she started to pant and said "Nah, give you back".

Can I feel you, mummy?
Seeing my baby grow up day by day, taking time to admire her chubby cheeks, pointy nose and armani-styled hair, and that moment when she reached her hand and placed it on my face, yes, that was pure happiness.

Hello, Chinatown, long time no see!

One Saturday afternoon, the hubby was not around and I decided to take the girls on a spontaneous trip. With one in the carrier and one in the pram, we took the MRT not knowing where to go. Then I decided to bring them to Chinatown to immerse in the CNY atmosphere before it ended. The narrow streets, the loud music, the stream of tourists, the sweet coconut juice, there was something that made me beam with joy. 

One's sleepy, one's hungry, both happy
Happiness is doing the same old routine every day, like making milk and coaxing babies to sleep, but yet feeling the satisfaction and joy when the kids throw you a smile or plant you a wet kiss.

I'm on the rainbow bridge!
We became a Pollywogs member! *empties pocket* Yes, it's all for her smiles.

Hoho, Ariel's first visit to the Zoo at 19 days old
So, I was supposed to be in confinement but I chose to do it in a Swedenized manner, that is, I went out every other day right after delivery. Not for anything else, but because it made me, and my kids, happy.

Vegetables for good for you!
Feeding goats for probably the 50th time. (Yes, it was easier to find goats in Sweden) Yet, each time never failed to light up the big girl's face and bring out her laughter.

Daddy and Angel having fun at KidzWorld
To run free, be free and feel free. To not be afraid of getting wet, of bumping into obstacles or of falling down. That is something we can learn from kids.

Knock knock, Guess who?
I was looking through the pictures in my camera and found a series of random shots and self-taken portraits that made me laugh. Hmmm, when did she even take my camera?

Time for a night ride!
Finally, my girl mastered the skill of riding a bike! Previously, she got stuck each time she had to switch legs to pedal and one day, whhhoooooosh, she just did it right before my eyes! And I couldn't be more proud!

Neh neh ni boo boo, you can't catch my smile!
There is fun in trying a million times to capture that golden, elusive smile of your baby on camera. Click, click!

This smile is for you, mama
And then finally getting it, that is what money can't buy.

There's something lovely about sisters
At last, the girls wore their matching sisters shirts and took a photo together. I had been yearning for this day for lonnggg. It turned out just how I imagined it to be - perfect.

1, 2, 3, Say cheese!
Happiness lies in trying to take that perfect family photo - but fail, because either one, or both, kids are not looking at the camera or that everyone looks perfect but you had your eyes closed for that split second. Well, that just means we get the chance to try again! Woohoo!

It's the people I love and all the random little things in life that make me happy.


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  1. So nice to see your girls in their matching outfits.. Feb was really a fun month for you :)

  2. Happiness is when we've decided to go for a family holiday! We can't wait for May to come sooner! I'm envious of all your happy moments :)


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