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Posted by ~Summer~ on February 20, 2013

I've been wanting to start a bank account for Angel but it didn't make much sense to get one for her in Sweden.

Now that CNY is here and she has received more ang pows than I did for the first ten years of my life, I reckon it is the perfect time to do it.

It's not about keeping her money away from the hubby and myself so that we won't touch it and claim to use it for 'urgent' matters. Ok, maybe partly. More than that, it's about teaching her the value of saving up and how she should be thrifty in her own ways, now that she knows money can buy you just almost anything. Like how she can choose not to buy that fanciful hairclip or yummy looking candy but instead save up her money for the future.

Then again, there are also many things that are priceless and can't be bought with any amount of money. Like love, bliss and a happy family. Dearest Angel, this is something you must know and be thankful that we are lucky to have them all.

P/S: Please build up your savings bit by bit so that next time when Mummy is old and frail, you will be able to buy breakfast for me and we can still have sweet Sunday mornings together. =)

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  1. we opened an account for Lil Pumpkin as a baby for her baby bonus stuff.. I think she's quite a rich young lady now! ahahah.. for ang baos, I usually tend to leave them until the pillows until hubby decides to put them in the bank ;p

    1. Haha I bet she's wealthy! =) We kept the baby bonus stuff separate and use it for her school fees etc. This is purely for her savings now and I hope it grows slowly but surely! =) Hee. I tried to put Angel's ang pow under the pillow on New Year Eve but she refused and took them out! =)

  2. For all the ang paos we keep it when the kids get it then E-tranfer the amount to the kids accounts while we use the cash to give to them for daily expenses :) You can say I dislike going to the bank and queuing up there.

    1. Yeah I agree the queues can be dreadfully long. I'm glad we can use the cash deposit machine now that she has an account. Lol. Just need to change $10 notes for all her smaller notes because they don't accept $5 and $2! I like the idea of her depositing her own money though!


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