Creativity 521 #16 - That's my buggy!

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 21, 2013
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It's probably not a surprise that Angel knows how to spell her name.

However, when we ask her what is meimei's name, she shouts "Ariel!" in the sweetest possible voice but when it comes to spelling, she goes "Errrr...."

So I decided to help her learn it through a fun craft session. We decided to make a stroller plate for Ariel! You know, those customised plates with names that you see attached on strollers. I'm not sure if they are a big thing in Singapore, but these sure are popular in Sweden and I'm glad I had bought an empty plate for Ariel before we came back.


1) Empty plate with letterings
2) Assorted stickers for decoration (We used animal and heart foam stickers as well as gem and pearl stickers)

The big sister can't wait to get started!

Firstly, I practised with her on the spelling of "Ariel" several times. Then she was told to pick out the letters one by one and stick them onto the plate.

Next, it's ALL UP TO HER! Yes, as much as I could, I refrained myself from stepping in to interfere even though that plate was pretty darn expensive and I wanted it to look as pretty as possible.

So, it became a gift of love from the big sister to the little one. Her design, her effort, her work, her love.

Ta-dah! How do you like the final look? It might not be the most beautiful plate ever but it's the thought that counts and hey, we learnt our spelling too!

Lastly, attach the plate onto the stroller (I sewed on mine) and your buggy is now one of a kind in the world!

Well, now I have not only one but TWO made in Sweden babies with their own Swedish flag plates. The next time you see this stroller on the streets, you'll know who it belongs to, so do come up and say Hi!!


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  1. Love these stroller plates! and Angel's absolutely enjoying the craft session for meimei :) Wish we can buy them here in SG too.

    1. Yeah I love the idea and can't seem to find a blank one here yet. It's so easy to make yet so unique! Thanks for popping by, Angeline!

  2. So nice!!!! What a great idea!! We hardly use our stroller but maybe should make one to stick on baby's bum on ergo!'n haha

    1. Haha I'm trying to picture that on Calla. Ohhh that means you carry her most of the time, *shoulder aches at that thought*! Kudos to ya, mummy Adora!

  3. What a fun session for Angel to do craft and learn mei mei's name at the same time! hehe love how the car plate turned out! hehe Angel got your creative genes babe!

    Fang Ting

    1. Hehe I love the plate too! I think she's going to be better than moi! =) Lol. I hope so!

  4. I love art and craft too! I wish to link up on 5th of next month. Other than grabbing the button, do I add the link now or later? Do advise. Sorry, is my first link party, am not familiar how it works.

    1. Hi Christina, great to hear you are interested! You can add your link in the next linky post (5th mar) when it's up, then kindly grab the button and put it at the end of your post. Thanks lots in advance! Can't wait to see your craft!

    2. Noted. Thanks, Summer! Hope to link up more often :) I will try.

  5. Such a cute idea! Hmmm now where do I go to buy the plates?...


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