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Posted by ~Summer~ on March 08, 2013
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Being a mum of two, I realise how important it is to give my children the best start in life. As a strong believer in the benefits of breastfeeding, nature's breast milk is one of the best presents I can give to my children from the minute they are born. Besides maintaining a positive mindset, it is also vital to me in finding the best way to prolong the breastfeeding journey and making every bit of it as enjoyable as possible.  

Recently, we attended our first media event as a family at the Philips AVENT launch of its latest product ranges - Natural range of bottles and Comfort range of breast pumps. Held at Studio 54, we were greeted by a cosy setup and homely ambience that instantly made us feel at ease, which is something hard to achieve when it involves kids.

Building on its history of innovation in design and commitment to the well-being of mums and babies, Philip AVENT's latest products target to help mums combine breast and bottle feeding in a way that is as close to nature as possible, thus making it possible and easier to breastfeed for a longer period of time. The World Health Organization recommends mothers worldwide to exclusively breastfeed infants for the child's first six months to achieve optimal growth, development and health.

Natural feeding bottle (left) and Comfort single electric pump

Comfort twin electric pump
Natural range of milk bottles
Since the birth of AVENT in 1984 where its first feeding bottle brought about a revolution, it now redesigns its classic bottle after nearly three decades. The new Natural bottle offers a wide, breast-shaped teat which helps to promote latch-on and its unique comfort petals provide flexibility and prevent the teat from collapsing. The bottle also comes in a more ergonomic shape, making it easier for even a baby's tiny hands to grip in any direction. By venting air back into the bottle through its one-way twin valves, the Natural bottle has also been clinically proven to reduce colic.

Comfort range of breast pumps
The name of the new range states what is most essential to a breastfeeding mother - comfort. The new breast pumps are designed to allow mums to express milk in a comfortable, reclined position which eliminates the need to lean forward. This helps in relaxation while stimulating easier milk flow and also prevents backaches. With its innovative cushion and silicone petals, this helps to massage the breast to encourage let-down in the most natural way. There are three pumping settings to allow milk to flow most comfortably and the small, compact design of the electric pump makes it easy to use, carry and store.

That evening, we had the rare opportunity to learn not only about the history of Philips AVENT but also took a walk down memory lane to see how the milk bottle and baby feeding has changed through the ages.

Did you know?

- Back in 200BC, it was believed that breastfeeding was too menial a task for the royalty, hence "wet nurses" - women who breastfeed and care for another's child, were employed.

- By 1700s, it became common for the poor to neglect their own babies as feeding those of the rich was more lucrative. A law was passed in France in 1762 that disallowed women as wet nurses until her own child is at least nine months old.

- Today, breastfeeding is perceived as the best source of nutrition for babies. Breast milk contains over 400 types of nutrients including hormones and disease-fighting compounds, thus often referred to as the 'gold formula' that sets newborns up for a lifetime of happiness and health.

More than words can say, I was thankful that the hubby was present for the event. Not just to help me in taking care of the girls, but more crucially, for him to realise the importance of breastfeeding and how he can play a role in the process as well. Yes, not having boobs doesn't mean you can't breastfeed or that you can't help out. Having the right pump and feeding bottle makes it possible for him to bond with Ariel in a way he never did before.

Although Angel did not take her afternoon nap that day and I was half expecting a cranky, moody girl at the launch, it turned out that she enjoyed the whole session from start to end. Thanks to the sweet touches of Philips AVENT, she played with toys, walked away with goodies such as a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop, did her favourite colouring and even presented me with a card that said "Mummy, I love you".

The buffet that followed came as a pleasant surprise. We were treated to a delicious array of food including salads, fish, chicken, chocolates and even these cute-looking cupcakes.

Thanks to Philips AVENT for the wonderful evening and the cherished opportunity to meet up and mingle with fellow mum bloggers. We all inspire and learn from one another and at the end of the day, we all want our children to have the best start in life. This is one of those times when I do feel that Singaporeans love having kids and in many of our cases, one is simply not enough. Way to go, mummies!

For breastfeeding is truly a magical experience and in knowing that nature is not that far away and we get to see those contented smiles on our children, that is priceless.


The new Philips AVENT products are now available at leading departmental stores, baby specialty shops and selected hospital pharmacies, with prices ranging from S$17.90 (Single pack 4oz Natural bottle) to S$779 (Comfort twin electric pump).

P/S: Stay tuned for my upcoming review on the Natural Bottle and Comfort Breast pump, plus be sure to look out for the Philips AVENT advertorial on MediaCorp TV where my family will make its debut appearance! 

Disclosure: This advertorial is part 1 of a series of sponsored conversations between Philips AVENT and A Happy Mum. The above event was attended due to an invitation and all opinions are my own.


  1. Hey I love the did you know portion! S nice to finally meet you :) gosh Angel looks sooooo much like you!

    1. Hehe I love that pic because I think we look especially alike too. Keke. Yeah it was so great to finally see you too, and Poppy!!

  2. So glad to finally meet you in person too! =)

    1. Thanks Made! Looking forward to more play dates!

  3. Hi, I followed your link on MBC. Your blog is wonderful. This post in particular resonates with me because I breastfed my children (long-term, until they weaned at 4 and 3.5 years, respectively) and am a breastfeeding volunteer and advocate. I am following your blog and looking forward to reading more! If you want to check out my blog, it's at :)


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