Creativity 521 #17 - My book of bears

Posted by ~Summer~ on March 05, 2013
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Do you fancy books and bears? Well, Angel loves them both.

She received a bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop recently and the box was filled with bear drawings that were so cute that it would have been a waste to just chuck it. So I decided to turn it into something that she could keep - her first handmade book.

What we used:

1) Box from Build-A-Bear
2) Crayons
3) Glue/Double-sided tape
4) Scissors
5) Thick paper (I used matt photo paper with grammage 170g/m2)
6) Brad paper fasteners

Firstly, cut out the pictures that you wish to use for your book.

I chose the bears who were doing a particular action so that Angel could have a story to tell later. We had a total of 10 cute pictures!

Next, with her crayons, Angel took charge of of making the bears colourful.

I helped her to make a simple little book by folding three pieces of paper into halves, then I made two little holes in the middle and secured with paper fasteners.

Now, with everything in place, she was ready and excited to make her book.

She chose where to place the bears and stuck one onto every page. Following that, we came up with short sentences to describe every picture and of course, I had to be the one to help her write them out but hey, at least she could be the storyteller!

Ta-dah! Here is Angel's very first DIY book. Simple, yes. Plain, maybe even a little. But it was her pride and her effort, and for that, I give her a pat on the back.

So now, we have one more book to add to her library, which I have already lost count how many books she owns at the age of three. Well, reading is a good habit and it is something we do together every afternoon and night.

Dear Angel, you did a great job and I hope you will cherish your beary lovely book!

Do you and your kids love reading too? 


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  1. what an ingenious way to reuse the box! well done Angel :) can Lil Pumpkin come over to share your books? :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Neat idea! Nice will do this next time when there's something to recycle. It makes them feel accomplished when they create their own book too :)

  3. This is such a cute idea. Perfect for a bear loving girl :)

  4. LOL was about to throw out that box! Good idea about cutting it down in size! I'll see if Layla's willing to cut hers up.

  5. Looks like she was having fun with making her own book :) Oh, you have really nice handwriting.... :)


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