Creativity 521 #20 - Apple of my eye

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 21, 2013
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So, I crocheted a pair of baby booties for Ariel this month. Angel saw me doing it, got fascinated and even picked up the hook and yarn to try to make her very own version. Which, obviously, didn't work out.

Then, she started to ask me who the booties were meant for and I said "Meimei". I asked her if she also wanted the booties, she said "No, they are too small, Mama." Something about it tugged at my heart and I realised that it was not really fair to the big sister that I spent hours and hours working on this present for the little one and yet had nothing to give to her. Ok, I do give her my love and time, but I just didn't want to make her feel left out or that Mummy was being biased.

Thus, we made a trip to Daiso and I asked her to pick out her favourite buttons so that I could make her a really simple gift - Crocheted hair pins

What you need:

1) Yarn
2) Crochet hook
3) Bobby pins
4) Decorative buttons
5) Needle and thread

I learnt to crochet these flowers from this video tutorial and the great thing is these flowers can be embellished onto hair clips, beanies, sweaters, shawls, cushions, booties and so on. I have to say this was pretty easy to follow and I made the two hair pins within half an hour. *phew* After the flower was done, I sewed the button onto the middle of it.

Next, I simply turned it over, wrapped the loose ends around the top part of the pin and secured them by tying. This was probably not the smartest way to do it but it sufficed for me. Another option would be using hot glue.

Yay! Angel, LOOK, you have presents too!

You know what, she was thrilled beyond words and wanted to put them on immediately. It actually didn't matter to her how much time or how much effort I spent on making it, as long as it was a gift from me to her. That's what we love about kids, right? It's what all of us should be even as we grow up, to learn to see the happy things and be easily contented in life.

Yes, you are beautiful, my dear Angel. Like the buttons you chose, you will always be the apple of my eye and Mummy loves you so much.


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  1. So sweet! Love it! You're right! Kids love it as long as it is from us to them! :) Doesn't matter if it is new or old, self-made or bought! :) Will link up soon! :)

    1. Thanks much, Pamela! =) Oh yeah, that's what I love about kids!

  2. So sweet! Kids are really no frills when it comes to presents so long it makes them happy!

  3. Hahaha! I'm here to join your party!


  4. Cute - you would need very nimble fingers to create a tiny piece like that, so well done! Was going to link up but I think I missed the party.... wahhhhhh....


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