Giggle gaggle - Ariel's 5th month

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 10, 2013

The first time she made that loud, long string of laughing sounds, I said to myself "Was that her? No, it was Angel, right? No wait, jiejie is not in the house? You mean, my baby just laughed?"

Then I proceeded to tickle her non-stop just to hear those cute guffaws once again. And I did it every day, every afternoon and every night. Yes, I forgot how awesome it felt. Those moments were magic.

So, not only do I get to see those gorgeous smiles on her face every day now, I get to hear that infectious, heartwarming, can't-get-enough-of laughter too. Ain't I a lucky mum? In fact, when we go out, I get so many smiles from strangers on the streets and on the MRT only to realise that it was because my baby was saying "Hello" to them with her big smile.

Here is a video of my girl in her 5th month. I love you so much, darling Ariel, and I hope you will stay such a happy baby always!

For a complete list of Angel and Ariel's videos, visit my gallery here.


  1. Gosh how I miss their innocent belly laughters!Cutness to the max.

    1. Hehe yeah I actually forgot it felt this awesome. =) Thanks for watching!

  2. Very adorable!! Ariel's really very cute! I miss having a baby in the house. Thank you for sharing this and for reliving the happy memories. :)


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