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Posted by ~Summer~ on June 10, 2013
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The first time I heard of the name Barney, that was when I had already become a mum in Sweden. I was like "Barley I know. Barbie I know. But Barney, whassat?"

See, that was my ignorance about the widely popular, celebrated and much-adored-by-kids-around-the-world purple dinosaur. Anyway, so we bought some Barney DVDs and let's just say he became Angel's buddy, and my babysitter, for a good couple of years in Sweden.

So when we were invited to meet and greet Barney last Friday at City Square Mall last week, I knew my girl would be ecstatic about it.

When I saw the crowd gathered in front of the stage and all the way to the highest level, I was like "Ok, I have a preschooler, an infant, a bulky diaper bag and a stroller with me. Hmmm. Where should I even stand?"

Luckily, thanks to the folks at SPRG, we had exclusive first row seats reserved for us and our fellow blogger friends. Now, that's what I call really coming up close with Barney.

Throughout the show, my girl's eyes never left the stage as she sang and danced with Barney and Friends to the tunes of "If you're happy and you know", "The Baby Bop Hop" and of course the famed "I love you". Even though the performance lasted for a short 15 minutes, I was glad I decided to lug the kids and belongings here on a Friday night.

Well, the fact that we were the very first ones to take a photograph with Barney and Friends, this meant something to my girl and I know it will be a happy memory etched in her mind for a long time to come. As for Ariel, well, you will get to know the purple dinosaur soon, I bet!

Is your kid a Barney fan too?

Come Celebrate with Barney & Friends this June holiday at City Square Mall from now till 16 June. Kids get to sing and dance along with Barney through a live performance and get closer to the characters in an exclusive Meet & Greet session that shoppers can redeem with a minimum spending of $50. Details and show timings here

Disclosure: A Happy Mum received a media invite to the above event. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


  1. Sophie loved it too. And she was doing the boppy bob along with baby bop

    1. Hehe yeah wish Sophie and Angel were there at the same time! They could have danced together!

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