Happiness is... discovering places and things about people you love

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 30, 2013
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No matter how old you grow, there are always things that you can learn about yourself, or at least, that is what I think. You discover new likes, new dislikes, new fortes, new weaknesses and come to realise that living is a lifelong discovery journey of exploring new places, trying out new ventures, learning about the people around you and understanding yourself.

Ok, there will still be days when I don't know why I behave the way I do and say the things I say. But as the months and years pass by, I slowly but surely have a grasp of who I am, where I am, and what I wanna be.

In the month of September, I made some new discoveries and so did my girls.


Happiness is...

... discovering that I can ransack every box in the house, that making a mess is fun, that not everything I put in my mouth tastes yummy.

... learning to hold a pair of chopsticks, attempt to pick up small pieces of food and shout "Hip, hip, hooray!" when I succeed in picking them up and holding them. Even if for a while.

... trying out ways to tie my baby's hair, learning about what she likes and doesn't like, which hairstyles suit her face shape and which will make her hair stand the longest.

... attempting to be a chef for a day, baking my first apple crumble and sharing the goodness with the people I love (recipe and more pics to come next month).

... discovering that I can pull to stand on my own, move along the sofa and and even do squats. Up, down, up, down, up down.

... seeing Angel pick out her favourite stuffed toy, this little crocodile from Bali, which she now has to hug when she sleeps and can't go to bed without.

... teaching my elder girl to write her English and Chinese name, watching her do it by herself and then seeing how the little one also loves to hold, or rather eat, the 'pen'.

... visiting a museum for the first time as a family, watching a 3D short film and learning all about penguins.

... knowing that my girl who was previously terrified of mascots now requests for photographs to be taken with them. And even gives them high-fives and hugs.

... learning about our nation, our history, our achievements and being proud of our unique Singapore story at the Singapore Discovery Centre.

... discovering what we can do, what we like and who we are as a family.


Presenting a short clip from that fun, learning day at SDC, you wouldn't wanna miss this!

As out of the blue or emotional as this may sound, it is moments like this when I watch the hubby do the most unexpected things that make me laugh, and I realise this is the one person whom I wanna be with all my life. Despite that he cannot count our monthliversaries, that we don't see eye to eye all the time, that we sometimes throw sarcastic comments at each other, that we always bicker over where to go or what to do, I know deep down that he is not the perfect husband, I am not the perfect wife, but put these two imperfect beings together and somehow we are just perfect for each other.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and a journey of learning, discovering and accepting your partner for who he/she is. When I saw him doing the dance, I knew this was the same person I fell in love with 10 years ago. He is also the one who in his own ways, makes me discover more about myself, about true love, about parenthood, and about life in general. So thank you dear, and oh, just so you know, I say you were a pretty good dancer! =)


What are you HAPPY for this month? 

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  1. Lovely pictures of the kids. My eldest too loves to use the airfyer. :)

  2. Thanks, Dom! Yes, the airfryer is so cool, I love that it takes just a couple of minutes to heat up!~ Thanks for linking up once again!

  3. LOL at "which hairstyles suits Ariel best": she's a BABY!!! Every hairstyle suits her! Haha. And your hubby! So sporting. Hey we are also celebrating 10 years this year! (gulp)


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