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Posted by ~Summer~ on October 02, 2013
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Not one who likes to stay at home all day, I like to bring the girls out to the streets or shopping mall at least once every two days. That is not saying that I am always so adventurous as to take the MRT or bus to explore different parts of Singapore, but even wandering around in our neighbourhood gives us great joy and pleasure.

One of our frequently visited place has to be Compass Point. After coincidentally meeting JJ Lin, one of my all-time favourite local singer and composer, here last month, I realised that there is always a plethora of activities and fairs happening at the mall. Well, for good or for bad, I am not one who does my research and plans on where or when to visit a place. Not a planner when I was single, not when I was without kids, and not even when I have two now. I just like to take things as they come and if we bump into something exciting, that is a surprise and a bonus.

So yesterday, we were at Compass Point again and the big sister was in for a treat.

We are not fans of Winx Club but she sure loves fairies. With just $10, we purchased two kids magazines which came with a goodie bag and a free fun pass that allowed her to participate in all the booth activities. Check out what we did!

1) Face Painting
Remember how she became a bunny, thanks to ahem my artistic talent, on her 3rd birthday? Well, that is how long since she did any painting on her body. When asked to select a picture and part of her body, Angel chose the fish and wanted it to be on her arm.

2) Bouncy castles
Kids never get tired of this, do they? If space permits, I will gladly have one in my house, but too bad I don't even have space for a see-saw now. So, you can probably imagine the thrill on her face as she slid down time and again, I wonder if she even remembers how many of these she has been on back in Sweden.

3) Cupcake decorating
This reminds me of the Play-Doh bakery playset we have at home. But it is always more fun to do things in a class with people more or less your age, isn't it? She was so proud of her creation and ran up to me, saying "The teacher says we can bring our cupcakes home, Yay!"

4) Colouring and Sand art
She coloured a rainbow fairy patiently all by herself and we also made a sand art piece of a, erm, another rainbow fairy which reminds me of Sailor Moon. See, told ya I don't know much about Winx. Still, looking at the pure look of ecstasy on her face, it was definitely a happy day for us.

If you are wondering what to do on Children's Day, come to my neighbourhood for some fairy fun and if you do so, drop me a note and we could hang out for coffee! =)  Be warned, it's going to get pretty crowded this weekend with all the stage shows and performances!

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored review but written out of a will to share with you snippets of our life and kid-friendly activities in Singapore. Yes, that $10 was from my pocket! =)


  1. Looks like the kids had loads of fun! Like the way you're so spontanous to go with the flow without planning :P

  2. o wow! You met JJ at compass point! boy, i frequent there to but never ran into him or you (and the kids). Brought my girls to to the fair for 2 consecutive days and my girls love it. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. JJ was having an autograph session there to promote his upcoming concert, just so happened that we were there too. Haha. Great to know your girls love the Winx experience! =)


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