Viva La Fiesta with Dora and Friends - Angel is 4!

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 27, 2013
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The much anticipated day of my big girl's birthday party finally arrived. This might not be the party that I had spent the most time in preparing but it was by far the one I had put the most thought and creativity into.

Decorations. Cupcake stand. Games. Craft. Story telling. Costume. Prizes. Party favours. Add one whole day of spring cleaning and setting up, half of the time with a baby on my chest, and you can probably understand why I felt proud to have accomplished it all.

The night before the party, I was so thrilled that I couldn't even sleep, just like how I felt on my wedding day. Every time I closed my eyes, all I did was to envision what would happen the next day, the big smiles on the guests, the incessant chatter, the lively atmosphere, the look of euphoria on my girl who was going to turn four.

A million things ran through my mind and I was also asking myself: How should I display the food? Have I packed all the craft materials? Is there enough prizes for everyone? Have I briefed the hubby (who stayed overnight at a chalet retreat and only returned on the morning of the party) on his role? Are the games all set? Did I send out reminders to all the guests? Have I printed out the directional posters to guide the guests to our house? Are the tent cards for the food ready? Do we have candles? Where is that lighter? Is there, anything, anything at all that I might have forgotten?

How about the party favours? Do we have enough? Are they all ready? Well, of course they were, because they were all neatly packed by the birthday girl herself this year, which really heartened me to see her doing such an awesome job at it.

When I could safely tell myself that I had done everything possible, it was then I drifted off to sleep even though I really couldn't wait for the sun to be up.


The Big Day

So, I pretty much jumped out of bed the next morning and went around the house to double check that everything was in order. The hubby returned in good timing and since he was going to be the villain of the party, read on you'll see, he was either going to make or break the party. Deep down, I had absolute faith that he would rock it but nonetheless, I gave him specific instructions and even sent an SMS so he could easily remember what he needed to do.

Rise and shine! The birthday girl was all set for the party in her cute little Dora dress that we bought for her in Australia. She was one lucky girl who got her helium balloon just in time the previous night, five seconds later, the party shop would have closed.

I might be a crafter but I am totally not a baker. So, I was so glad that we had goodies sponsored by Bud of Joy for the party that were as wholesome and as organic as can be. Zero artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives. In fact, it felt good on my part that as a fellow parent and party host, I was offering healthy food to my little four-year-old guests. More to come on these goodies in an upcoming review and giveaway post.

Our favourite pick from the goodies had to be the organic cupcakes - which were personalised and had the girl's name on them, much to her delight. I think my DIY cupcake stand fitted these perfectly, don't you agree?


Let's start the party!

Once the guests arrived, they were each given their very own personalised Explorer Badge to make them feel welcome and special. I heard from a fellow mum that her girl loved this badge so much that she wouldn't take it off for a week.

One tip for a birthday party is that you can start off with a craft activity. That way, it helps to keep the kids occupied and entertained while waiting for everyone to arrive. I personally don't like guests to play with toys in separate groups, so I had them seated at this table and had every one of them decorate their own photo frame using Dora stickers, beads, gems and also let them spell their names using foam alphabets.

When the craft session was completed, it was time for storytelling! You know, I kind of forgot how awesome it felt to tell a story in front of these adorable, innocent kids ever since I left Berries. They can ask the most amazing and unexpected questions, and little funny things you do or silly faces you make have the power to make them roll in laughter. Again and again.

Remember Hoppie, our Wallaby friend from Lillydale Farm in Australia? Since Angel loved it so much, I decided to let Hoppie be the theme of our party games.

First, I told a story of how Hoppie gave birth to not one or two, but 12 cute little babies. Through the story and a quiz session, they learnt about how kangaroo and wallaby babies are called joeys, how they look like, where they live and what they like to eat. Of course, we also hopped around the round pretending to be Hoppie and her babies.

You can imagine the look of dismay on their faces when I said that the babies had disappeared one day when Hoppie was looking for food. When I asked who was brave enough to be Explorer for the day and help to rescue the joeys, naturally all seven hands went up into the air.

So, who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? Don't be surprised, every one of them could sing the map jingle and shout "MAP!" at the top of their voices.


 The Station Games

Our first stop was in the house where we played a game of blindfold and let the kids attempt to stick their joeys onto Hoppie's pouch. It involved pair work where they had to partner up and give verbal instructions to guide each other.

Of course, some tried to cheat, including Angel, who got into a little meltdown when I told her she shouldn't peek. I was as calm as could be and carried on with the game, so much so that it astonished the fellow mums, while she tried to resolve her own emotions in a corner. Sorry, darling, even if it is your birthday, you don't get special treatment and a game is a game, it is okay if you lose. I don't want you to be scared of being blindfolded, I want you to learn to trust, to venture, to achieve.

Well, I guess mums know best and in a matter of minutes, she was fine and ready to move on to the next game. For our second station, we played a game of hopscotch in the common corridor. Some of the girls were good at it, some were amateurs, what mattered was that we took turns and waited patiently for each individual to have a go and while one was at it, we looked on and cheered for our friend.

Now, is this the part you have been waiting for?

Yes, moving on to the highlight of the day - who else but Swiper came to gatecrash the party! Oh wait, was I going to be Swiper? Well, not if I had a choice, because I think I make a better game master and the hubby makes a better villain. *tsk tsk*

So, after he dressed up in the Swiper 'costume' and helped to set up the playground for our finale game, he placed the big blue box, which was supposed to house the missing 12 joeys, in a conspicuous spot. When I took the girls downstairs, I had told them that they needed to hunt for the blue box and rescue the joeys by bringing them home to Hoppie.

Joke of the day. Guess what? When the hubby was all disguised as Swiper with the tail, eye mask, ears and gloves, he was spotted by some passers-by who gave him the stare and even his navy colleague who shouted "SIR! What are you doing???". Well, I guess some probably thought we had a burglar in the neighbourhood. Well well, the things fathers do for their little ones, I am thankful we have him. Muahaha. Thanks, Dear, you were soooo awesome!

Anyway, back to the games, when the girls spotted Swiper's tail, they froze in their tracks. I had made great efforts to keep this a secret, so it was a big surprise to everyone, even the birthday girl who had absolutely no idea Swiper was going to appear.

So, Swiper snatched our blue box, gave an evil laugh and shouted "Now you will never find your joeys again!" before he scurried away.

The little Explorers, though surprised, were absolutely delighted by this special segment, especially when they got to shout "Swiper, no swiping!" till I was sure even our neighbours could hear. Then, I told them that the joeys were now all over the playground and it was up to them to save these babies. Of course, first, they had to put on their cool-looking Dora Spy Glasses before they could spot the joeys!

For this last game, they were divided into two teams and had to run around the playground, search and retrieve a joey before running back to tag their team mates. Oh, if you can tell, the three games I came up with had a common theme but different concepts -  involving pair work, individual performance and teamwork.

We were lucky that the sun was shining that day as there was a heavy downpour the next day. Phew. This was the most popular game of all, whaddaya expect from a bunch of energetic kids, and we even had to secretly stick back a few joeys just so they could go for a second, even third, round.

When we had saved all the joeys, it was time to sing the "We did it" jingle and of course, time to head home for a well-deserved break, yummy goodies and drinks.  


Happy Birthday to Angel!

It never fails to make me feel like the happiest mum when I look at my child during the cake cutting ceremony on her special day. I sang the birthday song with a big smile on my face and tears of joy in my heart. Four years. I mean, has it really been that long since she came into my life?

If this is how motherhood is like, birthday parties, night cuddles, goodbye kisses, bear hugs, heartwarming family moments, I guess I can survive it well and triumph over all the sleepless nights, tears of exasperation and ass-spanking-cum-heart-breaking moments.

Before we ended the day, Swiper decided to make a spontaneous reappearance and scared, or rather amused, the guests who stayed late. The girls hid behind kitchens, crept into toilets, ran around the house, and for most of the time, shrieked so loud that they could almost bring the house down.

Dearest Angel, happy 4th birthday! I am so glad you enjoyed your Dora party and it was amazing that all your friends showed up to celebrate this special day with you and leave behind such awesome memories. May you stay sweet, cheerful and smiling always! You know that I love you, right? Yes, you do but I still wish to say it.

I love you, my dear. 
For all that you have been, 
all that you are and 
all that you are yet to be.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the party and helped to make it a success in one way or another. Till the next birthday party!

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  1. This is THE MOST AWESOME party I've seen a Mom planned for any kid. So much love, so much creativity and the attention to details. The smiles on Angel's face really say it all - You are an AWESOME Mommy Summer. I feel so touched reading this post. The appearance of Swiper was an ingenious move, your hubby was so sporting too! Truly a Happy Home indeed! :)

    1. Awww thanks so much for the kind comment, Angie! Haha yeah I love the Swiper segment too, so glad we made it work! =)

  2. You're husband is soooooo cool being swiper, I bet angel went on and on about how she has the coolest daddy!

    1. Haha she didn't say that, she just kept pointing to him and said "You are Swiper!". It was so much fun though!

  3. Hello! Have been reading your blog on and off but I wanted to say your party sounded like a great hit!!! You should totally be a party organiser!!

    1. Thanks Edelweiss for the support! Haha, I think I shall be contented with just doing my girls' birthday parties, can't afford messing up the special days of other kids! =)

  4. WOW! that's alot of work! you're da MOM! super love daddy being such a good sport! What a very lovely family you've got! :)

    1. The work was definitely worth it and yes, the hubby did his part very well! Thanks so much for reading and popping by!


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