Let's go Organic {Review and Giveway of Bud of Joy}

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 04, 2013

December is a time to feast and it's all about food today. Not just food, but healthy, nutritious baked food! Remember the Dora party we had and I mentioned that we had organic goodies for the kids?

Organic food refers to food that is grown or made without the use of additives, colouring or any other artificial chemicals. Wouldn't it be nice if you let your child attend a birthday party and know that he/she will only be feasting on organic treats? Or how about as the party host, instead of offering food tainted with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics, doesn't it make you feel more at ease knowing that you are giving a healthier selection of food to your guests?

Today, I am introducing you to Bud of Joy - a down-to-earth organic bakery providing healthy baked goods to people young and old who want to eat nutritiously.

At Bud of Joy, all the goodies are baked from scratched, meaning no pre-mixes are used. Artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, bread improvers, corn syrup and trans fat are totally unacceptable too.

If you are thinking what exactly are the organic ingredients that go into the making of these baked goods, well, it is not just about the flour or the sugar. In fact, even the oil, the cheese, the butter, the milk, the meat, the nuts, the fruits, the vegetables and other main ingredients are all organic. In the case where there are no organic counterparts, Bud of Joy uses the best ingredients available including fresh garden-grown pesticide-free pandan leaves, pesticide-free mushrooms, hormone-free and GMO-free eggs.

Can you imagine the effort, care and attention to details that go into the making of every product? Well, that is partly why these healthier treats are more pricey too. Generally, we find that these organic goodies are not as sweet as the usual baked treats you find in stores or make at home, which is good news for the health-conscious but not-so-good news if you have a really sweet tooth. Let me share with you a little bit more on the goodies we tasted.


1) Organic Cupcakes

Wait a minute, did I say no artificial colourings are used? So how did they make these cupcakes so pretty? Interestingly, these light pastel colours come from the actual flowers and vegetables, for instance pink is from organic beetroot, blue is from pesticide-free pea flowers, as well as other plant sources are used such as organic cocoa for the brown colour.

Sweetened with a little organic raw sugar and using only organic butter, these cupcakes are definitely a healthy choice for the young children.

2) Organic Orange Chiffon Cake

The orange chiffon cakes are as fragrant and moist as can be and use hormone-free, GMO-free eggs and other certified organic ingredients including freshly squeezed orange juice, unbleached white flour, raw sugar, sunflower oil and apple cider vinegar. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they could rise so nicely even though no baking powder was used! These were one of my favourites in the party and despite that only 55g of organic raw sugar was used in one whole cake, they were surprisingly tasty.

3) Organic Peppery Cheese Cookies

Made from organic cheddar cheese as well as organic cayenne and black pepper, these cookies make a healthy, savoury treat for those who might want something different from all the sweet food.

4) Organic Cream Puffs

No pre-mixes. No custard powder. No refined white sugar. Only organic butter, milk and eggs are used in the making and even the cream is made from scratch. It doesn't matter that these are less sweet than the usual, cream puffs are still one of my all-time favourite finger food!

5) Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies and Organic Almond Butter

These cookies, with delicious dark chocolate bits, are made from 100% wholemeal flour which contains vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Whole grains help to lower the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers. In addition, zero sugar is used and the cookies are instead sweetened with organic blackstrap molasses, a sweetener which is actually good for health.

Last but not least, we also tried the organic almond butter which is made of freshly toasted organic almonds and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt. It comes out naturally sweet, thick and fragrant! Tip: If you spread some of this almond butter over the chocolate chip cookies, feel free to go as thick as you wish, take a bite and you will see how delicious and heavenly this combination can be!

Now, will you give a think about healthy eating and organic ingredients the next time you eat any baked goodies?

For more information on other goodies, visit www.budofjoy.com and discover more about the benefits of organic food. All the ingredients used in baking their goodies are clearly stated on the labels so that you know exactly what goes in. Nothing more, nothing less.


Since Christmas is just around the corner, we would like to give away some healthy, organic goodies to our readers! Yummy!

Terms and Conditions
1) This giveaway is open to readers in Singapore only.
2) Winners will be required to self collect the goodies at Bud of Joy located at Circuit Road. Alternatively, if you decide to order anything online and choose to pay the delivery charge of S$8.20, the goodies will be sent together with your orders.
3) Winners have three days to respond or a new winner will be picked. 

How to Participate
To join in the giveaway, simply
1) Leave a blog comment and tell me your favourite goodie from Bud of Joy's Bakery. Remember to leave your email address so I can contact you.
2) Like Bud of Joy on Facebook.
3) Click on the Rafflecopter widget to let me know you have done the above. Yes, it's that easy! To increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options.

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Disclosure: The lovely goodies mentioned in this post can be found at Bud of Joy. This is a sponsored review, no monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


  1. My favourite has to be the Organic Orange Chiffon Cake.
    Amie Chen

  2. It got to be the Organic Peppery Cheese Cookies. I'm a cheese lover.

  3. organic almond butter because u love almonds!

  4. I would love to try the organic almond butter! !


  5. My favourite is organic almond butter :-) Kaye (kayetky@gmail.com)

  6. Organic cream puffs sound awesome!

    Carol lim, Cmeilim@gmail.com

  7. Almond butter sounds interesting!

    Robert Sim, Robert_SIM@yahoo.com

  8. My favourite will be Organic Orange Chiffon Cake
    Ker Min, magixn@hotmail.com

  9. Organic Cup cakes are my favourite....Yum Yum......
    Arsheitha Ganesan

  10. My kids love cheese, Organic Peppery Cheese cookies will be our choice.


  11. I have not try their product yet but this is so awesome! Would love to try Organic Mushroom Quiche!



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