Creativity 521 #46 - Yummy jewellery and a lesson on kindness

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 21, 2014
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When I first shared with the hubby on my Spread L-o-v-e initiative, though he merely gave a snigger and didn't spell it out, I bet he thought he probably married one of the silliest women in the world. "What? Wanna be a stay-at-home mum, don't wanna work, and still wanna fork out money to make presents to give away to people she doesn't know? What's wrong with her?"

Two and a half years later, I am still hanging onto the dream of bringing joy to people through simple handmade gifts. It is not about attracting readers because that part can be left to the sponsored giveaways. It's quite obvious that people are more attracted to a Cruzee bike or talking pen set than unprofessionally done amigurimis or christmas stockings. But, I am keeping the dream alive and will continue to combine craft with the joy of giving whenever I can.

Recently, we went to personally deliver the spelling LEGO Duplo set to the winner of our giveaway. I was planning to take the girls out for lunch and then go shopping at Daiso. Five minutes after we left the house, a heavy downpour started all of a sudden. I was messaging the mummy I was going to meet and she was so kind to offer to come to the train station so that I didn't have to go through the hassle of locating her block with two kids in the rain.

The moment we met, she was all smiles and the first thing she did was not to receive the LEGO, but to pass us some craft sets and a Math book as presents. It was such a kind and unexpected gesture from her that I almost wanted to tear. We wanted to give love but ended up receiving love too, I guess like what they say, what goes around comes around. We had a talk about primary schools, our girls and made a promise for playdates. From a reader to a friend, I was really thrilled to get to know her better and it fulfills my initial purpose of starting this project.

When she left, Angel turned around and asked me "Mummy, why did that auntie give me a present? Do we know her?" It was then I gave her a talk about how kindness begets kindness. I want her to know the importance of caring for others and giving whenever she can. It's not about big things like adopting a child, doing charity work, donating clothes and toys or things that not everyone can afford the money and time. It's about the small things like giving your seat to the needy in the MRT, holding the elevator door for others, helping an old lady across the road, giving up your candy to your friend and the little gestures that everyone, both young and old, can do in our everyday life. That, is what I wish for her to learn as a start.

Thanks Ker Min, for letting have the chance to teach my girl an invaluable lesson in life.


Ok, I really wanted to share that story but of course, it's time for Creativity 521 today so I just wanted to showcase what Angel did after we received that act of kindness. Today, I'm sharing about the POPS craft Yummy Jewellery that she made all by herself.

What is included in the set:

1) 8 x yummy stickers of candy, cakes and ice cream
2) 8 x plastic, gel-like stickers
3) 3 x coloured strings and metal fasteners for the necklaces
4) 2 x plastic rings

The thing about these ready-to-do crafts is that I don't need to spend time in helping her to cut out shapes or glue small items together. They are designed for kids to be able to take control of what they do and empower them to put everything together themselves. So once in a while, I do like to use these craft sets, as long as they are cheap, to keep Angel occupied when I am busy with the chores.

First up, she wanted to do the rings. She removed the protective layer on the ring to reveal the sticky part, peel off the sticker she liked and stuck it onto the ring.

You know, I love to see that expression of hers when she concentrates really hard on a task and lets out a smile when it is done. It was not hard but not that easy as well for her to place the stickers right in the middle, so it was a helpful session to improve her dexterity.

Next, she had to stick the thick gel-like stickers onto each of the jewellery she made and these helped to protect and create a 3-D look.

There, her rings were done! Next up were the necklaces.

These were a little more challenging because she needed to make sure that the stickers did not cover the hole for stringing. On a couple of times that she failed, I helped her to remove the stickers and told her to have the patience to keep trying till she succeeded.

Lastly, after we put in the metal fasteners, it was time to string.

I've yet to teach Angel to tie knots and I wanted her necklaces to have adjustable ones so this was the time I had to step in to help.

Ta-dah! All done in 15 minutes! We might see these as cheapo or simple looking jewellery but in her eyes, she was definitely proud of what she achieved and treated them like gems. She even made sure she kept them in a special drawer in her room and would happily choose one to match her attire when we go out nowadays. 

So, in addition to toilet roll cuff bracelets, we now have lollipop rings and cupcake/ice cream necklaces! Yummy!

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  1. Yes, Kindness begets kindness! Thanks for sharing this love around! Love the way Angel looks when she is concentrating doing her crafts.

    1. Thanks much for your very kind comment. Hehe yes, I love it when kids look so super focused! =)

  2. I was laughing when I read the first para. I can imagine how a normal husband (including mine) will think/say that! It's really nice knowing you, someone who really goes out to deliver the love around. Glad she had fun with the girly crafts. :)

    1. Haha yeah, men are men. =p Nice seeing you too, you are really warm, friendly and kind! Thanks so much for making Angel's day and bringing so much joy to her heart! Remember we should hang out for lunch or have playdate soon! =)


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