For the Frozen fan - Angel's 4th year

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 19, 2014

YIPPEE! This video has been taken me over half a year in the making but I'm glad to finally announce that it's done! *phew*

Why would it take so long, you might ask?

Firstly, I'm not a video making expert and know only the basic of the basics. Secondly, in a year, I probably captured thousands of pictures and hundreds of video clips and it takes me long, like super long, to go through them and shortlist the more memorable ones. Thirdly, for some reason, I need to slowly convert every single video before I can use them in Movie Maker and my laptop tends to shut down every time I do that due to overheating. Try to imagine me putting two huge fans to beside just to cool it down, yeah that happens. Lastly, okay I need to take part of the blame because there were days when I procrastinated and let other priorities get into the way.

Anyway, this is the longest video (21min 51sec) I have ever done for Angel and it contains precious milestones in her 4th year of growing up. This means she was only just three years old and yet to turn four when she did all these and I believe they will be precious milestones and loving memories for us to reminisce in the future. In fact, the hubby watched it and I could see it brought smiles on his face because like it or not, even things that happened just a year ago seemed to have slipped our minds somewhat.

Some mums like to make scrapbooks or Project Life, some prefer photo albums, some write letters on their child's birthday, for me, I just like to make these fairly simple but heartwarming videos for the loves of my life. Just so you know, not exaggerating in the least, the girls watch their own videos every single day! Yup, especially Ariel who just prefers to look at her past videos or jiejie's rather than Barney or Mickey Mouse, and she will always chuckle and laugh when she sees the 'baby' Ariel smiling or doing funny tricks. Well, at least I have some ardent fans in the house! Thanks for giving me the motivation to continue doing this, my darlings!


Dear Angel,

As you turned three, there were many big changes in your life. We moved back to Singapore from Karlsrkona in Sweden, which is the place where you were born and it is filled with so many of our happy, priceless memories. Shortly after, Mummy gave birth to your meimei and you know what, you became a big sister.

From the first day you laid your eyes on Ariel, I could see how much you love and dote on her. No matter what other people might say, I was secretly jumping for joy that I could give you a little sister because I think that's just about the best gift I can give to you. I saw how you tried to teach her things, how you did your crazy dances for her, how you would run to her when she cried and I was glad to see that you would never have to feel lonely again.

Some days, I have to take care of meimei so much and I know, I know that I had no choice but to neglect you. There were times where you had to play by yourself, look after meimie while i was cooking, drink milk on your own, do your writing exercises all by yourself and even our bedtime story sessions would get disturbed because she wanted to play a part by taking away all the books and crawling all over Mama. For that, Mummy felt more than guilty and I promise I will find more one-on-one time to make it up to you. 

Please always know that I love you two just as much and never for one second think that you are less special in my heart. I know how family and friends always praise meimei for being a happy and friendly baby and I make it a point to tell them that Angel is just as lovable and is always my good, good girl. Everyone sees meimei growing up day by day here but no one saw you growing up in Sweden. But I did, my dear. And I will always remember all the love, joy and wonders you brought to me as a mum. In fact, you are the one who showed me how rewarding this journey can be. 

Despite our many bad days this year, like the times when you wouldn't take "No" for an answer and would insist on "Yes", or the times when you threw some really terrible tantrums and screamed yourself hoarse in your room, or even the times when you talked back at me, rejected me and broke my heart, I keep telling myself that this is just part of growing up. No one said motherhood will be perfect and free from heartbreaks and tears. You will never know how much I am learning day by day to be a better mum, to be your better mum, too. Let's make sure we always end a day with a hug and a kiss, and hand in hand, we will overcome our fears and tears, and enjoy the sunshine and rainbows together.

I love you so, so, so very much.


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