For the stylish mum {Review and Giveaway of Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in denim blue}

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 25, 2014

Ever since I became a mum, there is something that follows me whenever I go out. Oh, the kids do stick to me but sentient beings can't be called things, right? Well, I do call them creatures from time to time. Anyway, the thing I am referring to is a diaper bag.

Gone are the days when I can carry a clutch bag, purse or leathered satchel. Okay, I can still do it but if I am out for long periods with the kids, I still need a diaper bag. If you are a mum, you would know what I mean. Milk bottles, diapers, nursing cover, baby wipes, changing pad, extra set of clothes, snacks, water bottles - these things just become necessities and it can get quite catastrophic if an item is missing when you have a dire need for it.

For me, I like to remain faithful once I find a trustworthy diaper bag and my first relationship lasted me for over four years where we travelled to many parts of the globe together. In my view, a good diaper bag has to be:

1) BIG
2) Has many pockets
3) Easy to sling or carry
4) Can be hung on a stroller
5) Made of safe material
6) Durable and resistant
7) Funky, chic and stylish
8) Does not look like a diaper bag  

When I read that the Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in Denim Blue has received the coveted top award in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 - one of the world’s largest and most renowned product competitions, I was really curious to find out what made this nappy bag rank among the very best in terms of product design. For it to stand out among the 4,815 entries and be one of the top 1.5% to win this accolade, there must be something groundbreaking and exceptional about it.

So, I'm really thrilled to have the chance to review this award-winning bag on A Happy Mum, plus I am going to give one away to my readers too!


Features and Functions 

Like I said, I like my diaper bag to be functional and come with many different compartments, preferably in different sizes. Considering the number of things I have to put in the bag, I would still want it to be neat, not overly neat but just not messy, so that it remains convenient for me to reach for anything when I need it.

One amazing thing about the Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag is that from outside, you can't really tell but when you look in, voila, it has more pockets than you can wish for! In addition to the main, huge compartment, you can also find the below:

1) Key holder
Snap your keys in place and you never to have dig around for them anymore.

2) Accessory compartment
A place for you to store your mobile phone, shades or other small accessories.

3) Insulated pocket
Perfect for bottles and snacks.

4) Front and back pockets
These cannot be fastened but are so deep that your items will not fall out. In fact, I no longer have milk bottles or Hello Kitty water bottles jutting out as they can be completely concealed.

5) Water resistant pocket
Have stained or wet clothes to keep but no extra bag with you? You'll be thankful for this.

6) Detachable jar holder
This fits two jars nicely but I tend to use it for keeping a small packet of wipes and diaper rash cream.

7) Wet wipes holder
This is my favourite and I love how it comes with a hole in the middle so you can grab the wipes easily.

This is how my bag looks on a typical day. I love that it fits all my things nicely and even has room for more! Yet, from the outside, it does not bulge and still presents a sleek, modern look without letting anyone guess the inside contents.

Additional Accessories

I don't know about you but I kind of dig denim and this being my first jeans bag, which is made out of 93% recycled polyester, it even comes with some pretty cool accessories. These include a changing pad, insulated bottle holder, zip pouch, hooks for stroller and adjustable shoulder strap.

For me, I find that the changing pad comes in really handy at times, the stroller hooks help me go hands-free when we are out and the shoulder strap ups the attitude factor of this bag so that even the husband has no qualms carrying it around.

Style with Sustainability 

Wonder where the bag gets its name? Its unique shape resembles that of a summer neckholder top which is why this bag is an eye-catcher on the street. The yellow faux-leather straps and loops provide accentuated contrasts and give it a funky, contemporary look. I am definitely impressed by how the Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in denim blue has seamlessly combined style with functionality, making it not just a practical nappy bag but a fashion accessory as well.

Check out more pictures of us with the trendy nappy bag!

I kind of think my new bag relationship will outlast the previous one. In fact, I think I will be more than happy to keep our bond going even after the kids outgrow the need for diapers and milk bottles and call this a bag of my own. 

The Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in denim blue retails at S$269. This award-winning bag will be celebrated and displayed in the Red Dot Museum in Singapore for a special one-year exhibition from 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2015. All Lässig products are free from nasty chemicals such as PVC, nickel, azo dyes, cadmium, phthalates and phosphates. For more information, visit


Now, if you are interested to get your own Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in denim blue, here's your chance to win one on A Happy Mum!

This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore only and note that the prize will have to be self-collected from Compass Point. If it's any bonus, you'll get to meet me and my kids! To participate, leave a comment in this blog post with your name and email address. Indicate in the Rafflecopter that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you can carry out the rest of the options. Good luck, everybody!

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Disclosure: I received a Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in denim blue for the purpose of this review and requested for a second to give away to my readers. All opinions are my own.


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