Kiss kiss - Ariel's 16th-18th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 18, 2014


That is probably the word I say to Ariel the most at this stage of her life. H-U-G might come in second but it won't even be close. Yeap, I confess, I can be really mushy and saccharine with my kids. After all, I face them 24/7 and I think a kiss and a hug can do wonders to what might be just another tough day in the motherhood journey. Plus, that is just our way of showing our love for one another.

Anyway, just before Ariel turned one and a half year old, she showed us how she got this gene of mine and that she was happy to shower others with cute kisses and sweet hugs. I am serious, you gotta check out her signature pout in this video that has won over the hearts of many relatives and friends. My mum and dad are always amused and delighted by this sweet little darling and like what many people say, she is just a cheerful pie who brings so much happiness to us and yes, for me, she is a dream come true.


Dearest Ariel,

You are one and a half year old already! Oh wow, time passes so quickly even though Mummy is here to see you grow up every minute and every day, right? You can now walk, run, hop, jump and you always try to imitate the things that jiejie does, like hanging from the handrail in the elevator which is one of your favourites. 

Every morning when jiejie is not home, we will have a couple of hours to ourselves, just me and you. Sometimes, Mummy feels so guilty about blogging or getting the chores done that all I wish to do is to chuck everything away and concentrate on the precious mummy-daughter time we have together. I always wonder if I shortchange you as my second child because it seems like we do less of crafting, playing and learning, and if I ever did, I am so sorry.

You know what makes you rejoice? It's when the clock strikes one and it's time to go 'gai gai' and fetch your dearest big sister. I don't know if it's the going out part or the seeing jiejie part that makes you so happy, but you sure are over the moon when you see jiejie and the two of you will give each other a hug and a kiss. So sweet, just so sweet. 

We brought you to many places including the Night Safari, River Safari, LEGOLAND Malaysia and even Disneyland in Hong Kong! Woah. Just like jiejie, you love all the animals, coloured bricks, fun rides and the cute Disney characters. I always remember Goofy gave you a scare when he held your face with his hands and tried to kiss you. Haha. That was your first encounter with a mascot but you soon plucked up enough courage to come close to all of them, hug them and even kiss them on their noses. Though you will never be as well-travelled as jiejie who was born and raised in Europe, I hope we will be able to take you to different parts of the world and have a great family holiday every year, okay? 

Mummy is really happy to have two lovelies in my life. I love going on 3-girls dates with you all and because of the two of you, life is never boring or lonely anymore. I hope you two can remember to be as close and as loving always - to laugh together, bathe and splash around together, sing together, dance a funny dance together, brush teeth together, hold each other's hand when we are out, give up your favourite sweet to each other, and always look out and protect each other. Remember that there's nothing more important than love in this world and you have a sister, a dad and a mum who love you so, so dearly.

Happy 18th months, my love, enjoy watching your video!


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  1. Aww this is such a sweet dedication to Ariel! Her pout is the cutest!! It's so wonderful to see the two little ones hugging and kissing right? My heart melts too when mine hug too when Jiejie is home. And any bad mood just fizzles away. Sisters are awesome. Babies are awesome!!

    1. Yeah man, we love her pout! Glad I managed to film it for memories. Haha. Yes, sisters are awesome and I love how they get mushy every day. Haha. Well, at least it's cute when they are still small. :) you are right, any gloomy day is made sunny with a hug and a kiss! :)


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