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Posted by ~Summer~ on December 23, 2014
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All of us might be familiar with Sentosa but did you know that the name Sentosa translates as "peace and tranquility" in Malay (derived from Santosha in Sanskrit)? If there's one word I would use to describe Sentosa, it would surely be FUN. Visited by twenty million people a year, Sentosa is an island resort filled with a variety of attractions, museums and facilities to provide recreation and entertainment for the entire family.

This month, we were invited by one of our favourite brands - Canon, for a family bloggers photo shoot out event on the island. Oh yes, do you remember our first TV commercial we did with Canon earlier this year? I have yet to write about some behind the scenes moments but I will. Today, I'm sharing with you about some of the fun-filled and family-friendly attractions we visited in Sentosa and hopefully you might consider them for your next visit too!


When it comes to outdoor events, there is nothing that dampens the mood more than a heavy downpour. We were not in the best of luck that day as it was raining when we arrived and this persistent rain had no sign of stopping even after hours. Nonetheless, we were determined not to let it ruin the fun and so decided to continue with the games as best as we could.

Firstly, every family was given a set of clues and just like a scavenger hunt, we had to solve the clues, make our way to the different attractions, take pictures as stated and as a bonus task, we had to upload our pictures onto our social media platforms.

It might sound pretty easy and straightforward for bloggers like us who are quite accustomed to sharing snippets of our personal lives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, you have to understand that I have never done it instantly on the go using pictures taken from a camera! I mean, I don't have a laptop with me, how am I going to upload the pictures from the SD card and bluetooth to my phone? Wait, how about I take the pictures with my phone and upload them directly? That's easy! But that's cheating. Uh oh. So how?

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Thanks to Canon, we were introduced to the concept of WiFi cameras and were glad to have the chance to test it out using the Canon Powershot N2 -  a sleek, compact camera with a new all-round release that makes it almost too easy to trigger the shutter.

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With the built inWiFi, what that means is that photos and movies can be instantly transferred from the camera to compatible mobile devices via the Canon CameraWindows app.That greatly enhances your connectivity on the go and it means that you get to share high quality pictures with your readers, friends and family. Using this free app, you can also view all the images on your phone or use it to perform remote shooting too. Check out some of the pictures we took!

You know, we might have visited Sentosa umpteen times but this was the first time we took the Sentosa Express as a family of four and also the first time we were exploring more of the island on foot. Definitely a moment to snap and remember! Thank to the Powershot N2's touch screen LCD which can be tilted 180-degree upwards, taking a wefie is not so challenging after all.

Our first stop was the majestic Guardian of Prosperity - The Merlion. Did you know? The legendary Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body – which personifies Singapore’s history as an important seaport.While you might spot a few Merlions when visiting the Lion City, this is the one that stands out from the lot at 37-metres tall and the only one where you can discover treasure within.

Yes, I do mean treasure! After watching a clip of how Sang Nila Utama founded Singapore and how the Merlion evolved as a symbol of our land, we came face to face with the Gold Merlion statues which are affectionately known as the Mercubs. Using the cards given at the entrance, we slotted them into the lucky statues in exchange for limited edition Prosperity Coins, which totally delighted the kids when they fell out from the Mercub's mouths.

No visit to the Merlion is complete withing ringing the Prosperity Bell! I must say it can get quite alarming when you use too much force so we preferred to do it the gentle way while still wishing for peace and luck for our loved ones.

Our task was to take a view of the island from the mouth of the Merlion and this was what we saw. The overcast sky might still be dull and gray-looking but our moods were definitely lightening up as we braved through every new experience and relished these moments as a family.

You gotta do this when you are at the Merlion. ROAR!! I must say it was a great first time experience for us and we were glad we finally managed to scale this impressive landmark of Singapore.

The Sentosa Merlion
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm daily (last entry: 7.30pm)
Admission Rates: Standard:  Adult - S$12, Child/Senior Citizen - S$9, Local residents: Adult - S$10, Child/Senior Citizen - S$7


So, it was still pouring after we completed our first station and not to be daunted, we went ahead to check out the rest of the remaining four stations. Alas, they were all closed for the time being due to the weather and risk of lightning. Therefore, while waiting for the rain to stop, we filled up our tummies with the delicious spread at Tastes of Asia.  

By the time we finished, the downpour did not show any sign of ceasing and sadly, it seemed like all the exciting plans had to come to a halt. To put a happy note to end the event, Canon announced their winners for the social media sharing using the direct WiFi transfer and thanks to my lovely kids with their lovely smiles, we were lucky to be chosen as one of the top 3! Yay!

Another piece of good news we received was that the admission tickets to the attractions were valid till the end of the day. So, with an unyielding resolution and patience combined with kids who did not need to rest or nap, we decided to try our luck at all the remaining stations again.


First up, we walked to Palawan Beach in search of Toyland, part of Sentosa PLAYcation 2014, to check out the giant inflatables. We were told that there was a 4-metre tall snow globe which would be perfect for a photo opportunity. Alas, the staff informed us that they had deflated it due to the rain and did not intend to inflate it again as the place would be closing early to make way for the ZoukOut event.

Nonetheless, the organisers were kind to think of alternatives for us and so our kids were contented with playing in the Kidz Zone area which had a ball pool, slides, bouncy castle and the sticky wall! Oh, one thing you should know, pictures from here onwards were taken with my own trusty Canon Powershot SX240. Yes, I have indeed been a supporter of Canon cameras since many years ago!

You know,  I would love to try the Sticky Wall one day because it's something I have only seen, not done. I just hope velcro suit is strong enough to hold me when that day comes! Here was Angel taking a leap of faith to try it out with XX and YH from Kids R Simple while Ariel was happy just jumping, bouncing and falling over again and again.

Sentosa Playcation 2014
Date: 15 Nov 2014 - 4 Jan 2015
Time: 11am – 9.30pm
Venue: Merlion Plaza, Beach Plaza, Palawan Beach
Price: S$6 per 20 minutes


After that, though the sun had set and the night had started to fall, the good thing was the rain had finally stopped! So, we made our way to one of the stations that we were most excited to try - Segway® Ride! Seriously, I had to google Segway to find out that it meant and even though I had seen people using this futuristic looking mobile device around the island many times, we did not have the chance to experience it for ourselves. Till now.

As the rain had just stopped, we stood and waited for a good twenty minutes at the counter after asking one of the staff to check if the station could be re-opened to the public. With much relief, the answer that finally came was "Yes!" and that definitely made the wait worthwhile.

First, we had to gear ourselves up! Since the minimum height was 105cm, Angel barely made it (she would have gotten rejected if not for our pleas) and Ariel, of course, was not allowed to ride at all. However, she was so enthusiastic about getting into the action too and was contented with just wearing the helmet and cheering for us at the sideline. For all kids below the age of 10, a guide will be there to assist and gathering from what Angel said, her guide ran all the way around the 300-metre circuit at full speed!

For us, it was definitely a thrill to have our first experience conducted at night on a muddy trail because guess what, you can't really see the course! Nonetheless, the segway was surprisingly sturdy and easy to maneuver, so we totally enjoyed the cool night breeze while whizzing past the track complete with twists and turns. 

If you have more time to spare, you can also take a 30-minute or 60-minute scenic ride along the beaches of Sentosa and explore more wonderful sights around the island.

Gogreen Segway® Eco Adventure

Segway Fun Ride
1 Round: S$12 

- Minimum height of 105cm
- Maximum weight 120kg

Segway® Eco Adventure:
(30mins inclusive of initial training): S$38 (Siloso or Palawan beach)
(60mins inclusive of initial training): S$80 (Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong Beach)
- Minimum age of 10 years old
- Minimum height of 105cm
- Maximum weight 120kg



On hindsight, I would say that the heavy rain was an ill wind that blew some good after all. Why? Because it allowed us to witness a breathtaking night view that we might have otherwise missed and we were reminded that we live in a beautiful, dazzling city of lights.

Yes, I'm talking about Singapore's tallest observatory tower - the Sky Tower. Offering panoramic views at 131 metres above sea level, the Sky Tower is suitable for all ages and is a distinctive landmark on the island.

With a capacity for 72, guests will be seated in an enclosed, air-conditioned cabin which gradually rises and and revolves to a viewing height of almost 50 stories above the surrounding natural greenery. We were excited to spot Resort World Sentosa, a giant Christmas tree in VivoCity and even caught a glimpse of the laser, water and fire effects from Wings of Time.

Sky Tower
Opening Hours: Daily from 9am to 9pm (Last ride at 8.45pm)
Admission Rates: S$15 per Adult,  S$10 per Child (under 12 years of age)


Last but not least, we were not going to give up on this one final station that everybody was looking forward to - Skyline Luge! A three-wheeled cart that is part go-kart and part toboggan, the Skyline Luge is an unique adventurous activity and promises a thrilling ride for all ages and abilities.

First in Singapore and Southeast Asia, this ride has been on my to-do list for the longest time and after being unable to attend the media preview, I was really looking forward to my first experience on this fun-filled gravity ride. For the Luge, children have to be at least 6 years old and 110cm or taller to ride it alone, so that meant we got to ride tandem with our kids. Yesh, even the toddler could ride! *phew*

The Luge carts come equipped with a unique braking and steering system, providing the rider with full control over speed and direction. All you have to do is use the handlebars to steer left or right, push to accelerate and pull to brake. Easy peasy, right? All it took was a matter of 15 seconds for the staff to explain that to us before we were zooming down the tracks.

There are two trails for you to choose from - the 688-metre Dragon Trail or the 628-metre Jungle Trail that are specially designed with hairpin corners, long straights and exciting slopes. It might be dark but with the flashing lights and vibrant illumination, it was quite a thrilling experience to try the Luge at night. I vividly recalled how Angel and I went "Woooooo...: and "Yayyyyy..." for the entire descent as we enjoyed those precious mother-daughter moments. On the other hand, the hubby, who could go at a faster speed yet would try to stay by our side, created some great memories there with brave little Ariel who enjoyed every bit of the ride too.

To end off our day at 9pm, we hopped aboard the Sentosa Skyride - a 4-seater chairlift for a bird’s eye view of Sentosa and Singapore skyline. For first timers, do take good care of the smaller kids and be careful that they do not slip or slide off. Also, as the chairlift cannot be stopped, you have to exit swiftly and go to the side. Angel fell off when she was getting down and risked getting knocked by the oncoming chairlift, so I really don't want that to happen to anyone else.

The Skyride greatly reminded us of the Ice Flyer we took in Mount Titlis, Switzerland where we witnessed an awe-inspiring view of the Alps with its snow peaks and glaciers. Although what we saw was vastly different this time around, we really appreciated the chance to do this as a family of four this time round.

Skyline Luge and Skyride
Opening Hours: 10am - 9.30pm daily
Admission Rates: Luge and Skyride - S$15 person; Child Doubling - S$3
(children under 6 years or less then 110cm may ride in tandem with a full paying adult) 
*Children need to be at least 6 years old and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone
 Four ride family pass: S$39
(Share 4 luge rides & 4 skyrides, at least one family member must be aged 15 years or below.)


There, so we made our way to VivoCity for dinner at 9:30pm feeling exhausted but happy. That sense of accomplishment was indescribable and judging from how my kids had stayed till 1am to party in Universal Studios the night before, I could only say that they never fail to amaze me with their abundance of energy and unwavering determination. Yes, some traits really do run in the blood!

Many thanks to Canon and Sentosa for organising this fun-filled family day out and giving us so many dear memories to keep for life! We will definitely be back for more adventures!

Disclosure: We were invited to the Family Bloggers Photo Shoot Out event jointly organised by Canon and Sentosa. Admission tickets to the attractions were provided. All opinions are our own.


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