Creativity 521 #59 - A gift for my little one {DIY Frozen jewellery}

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 21, 2014
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So, I had been thinking hard about what to get for Ariel for her 2nd birthday. Since her party was going to be a sponsored one, that meant that for the first time, I did not need to rack my brains on the games and decoration but instead, was given the chance to make a really nice DIY gift for my precious.

Given that the party is going to be a Frozen themed celebration, that she has been absolutely obsessed with Queen Elsa recently and that she is starting to love wearing girly accessories when we go out, it was pretty easy to think of what to make for my girl - DIY Frozen necklace and bracelet!

What we used:

1) Beads in turquoise, pearl, white and silver colours
2) Jump rings
3) Clasps and loops
4) Extender chains
5) Fishing line
6) Single hole punch
7) Scissors
8) Craft knife
9) Printable shrinky dink plastic sheet
10) Colour printer
11) Toaster oven
12) Flat-nose pliers

Firstly, I designed some charms on Photoshop using Frozen and snowflake graphics. Then I printed these onto the shrinky dink plastic using an inkjet printer. To cut out these charms neatly, you will to use a small, sharp scissors or a craft knife for the tricky edges so as not to tear the plastic.

Make sure you remember to punch a hole in your charm before putting it into the oven or you will not be able to attach it to your necklace or bracelet later on. As mentioned in my first shrinky dink tutorial, place the charms on baking paper and once they start to curl up in the oven and then flatten out, remove them within 5-8 seconds. You can press on them lightly to ensure that they stay flat before cooling.

Ta-dah! Our charms are all done! Which is your favourite?

To attach the charms, you will need to use jump rings and if you have one at home, a flat nose pliers will also come in handy. You know, after so long, I'm glad I finally took out my jewellery making craft supplies again and have the chance to put them to good use!

Next comes the fun part - it's time to string the beads using the fishing line! Don't these beads look so pretty together and match the Frozen theme perfectly? Well, I thought so and was glad that I managed to combine my own bead supplies from Sweden with some that I bought here from Spotlight.

After that, I got the girls to help me with the stringing! Of course, Ariel didn't really have the patience to complete one whole string of beads on her own but Angel, she really concentrated hard and even thought about her own design when she was choosing the beads. I had to stop myself from giving her any unsolicited opinions but instead give her the freedom to create and the respect she deserved.

After a couple of hours of hard work, we were nearly there! To finish off the necklaces and bracelets, I tied the ends of the fishing line securely onto the clasps, hooks and extender chains and hid the loose ends inside the beads. Finally, attach the charms in the desired places and we were all done! Woohoo!

So, this was the set of matching necklace and bracelet that I specially made for dearest Ariel. I chose a picture of Elsa and Anna for her not just because they looked cute, but also because I wanted them to be a reminder to her on how blessed she is to have a sister who loves and cares for her this much.

Since I had more than enough charms and necklaces to spare, we did a few more of these pretty necklaces and bracelets so that the big sister wouldn't feel left out too. She personally loved the silvery snowflake necklace which was my favourite of the bunch too. Now, don't you think these DIY jewellery can be great party favours too?

There, meet Queen Ariel-Elsa in her Snow Queen get-up complete with tiara, wand, dress, hair and now, jewellery too!I think she is going to look fabulous on her birthday, do you think so?

Dear Ariel, this might be a very simple gift from Mummy to you, but I hope you know how much love goes in there and how beautiful you will always be in my eyes. Stay my happy and lovely baby always! Happy turning 2!

Till more updates on her Frozen birthday party!

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  1. Lovely jewellery! I am sure these would be great for party favours, especially girls who likes Frozen! Personally, I love the silvery snowflake too! haha...

    1. Hehe thanks! I wish it was as easy to come up with party favours for boys! They are always more challenging! Yeah I thought the silvery one looked most beautiful and sophisticated. Lol. Thanks for linking up! :)

    2. Me too! I always had to "scratch my head" when I get presents for my nephews! LOL...


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