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Posted by ~Summer~ on December 18, 2014

Like most of you, I don't just own one single brand of baby care products. In fact, I like to try out various brands of products and then stick to what works best in that range to meet the needs of my family. So if you were to visit my house, you would realise that we actually have different brands of baby products that we really like and support. However, there are names that are bigger than the rest in my household and one of them is Tollyjoy.

Started in 1971, Tollyjoy has become one of the most prominent baby care brands in Singapore and I'm sure many of us have come across their products in one way or another. Today, I'm sharing with you about some of the Tollyjoy products we have been using recently, plus to celebrate the season of giving, I am also giving away hampers at the end of the post.


Look at how happy the toddler was to receive a Tollyjoy hamper that was as big as her! That really made our day and I don't know about you, but there's an indescribable sense of fun and joy for us in opening up a hamper and discovering the hidden surprises.


-> Toiletries Travel Pack and 250ml Baby Lotion

After staying in Sweden, I developed a habit of applying baby lotion on the kids to prevent dryness of the skin. Nowadays, the kids make it their own habit and I can see that they like to use this baby lotion which helps to retain moisture and feels light and non-sticky on the skin.

I'm the kind of mum who makes sure I bring my own toiletries (for the kids, not for myself) when we go on holidays or even when we visit the beach or swimming pool. You just can't be certain if the hotels or public toilets provide any shampoo or soap, and even if they do, they might not be suitable for the sensitive skin of children. So, I really do love the toiletries travel pack which is easy to carry and comes with everything you need - baby bath, hair and body wash, lotion and powder.

-> Squeeze Toys

Although we stay in a cosy HDB flat in Singapore, from the start, we decided that we would like a bathtub considering how Angel loved to play in it when we were in Sweden. And when you have a tub, you would need toys that are safe for the kids to play, including biting and chewing. I love the cute designs of these squeeze toys that come with a squeaking sound but one thing I wish was that they could squirt more water too!


-> Baby Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser (900ml)

This liquid cleanser is one of those indispensable things in my house since I became a mum. I don't understand how the husband can wash milk bottles without using this but for me, I make sure I clean the bottles and give them a good scrub daily with the cleanser so as not to leave behind any milk residue. It also comes in handy when washing utensils and can even clean vegetables to ensure healthy eating. 

-> Training Cup with Straw

This is suitable for babies who are learning to use a cup and for Ariel who somehow spills water whenever she drinks from a real cup, this is quite useful for the time being. It also functions as a water bottler when we go out and the only thing is that she requires my help every time to open the lid when she needs a sip.

-> Heat Sensitive Spoons

To help gauge if the food is too hot, the pink coloured portion of the spoon fades if the food temperature is above 37°C. Interesting, right? This is the first time we are using such spoons and though Ariel has started feeding herself, I have taught her to check the colour and determine whether she needs to 'blow' more onto her food before eating. See, even the big sister thought that was pretty cool and fun too!


-> Baby Indent Pillow and Bolster

This pillow has a hollow shape to prevent the "flat-head syndrome" and microfiber material to keep baby comfortable. The bolster acts as a support and companion for the baby too. I have to say that Ariel is the type who likes lying on the pillow and hugging the bolster for just a split second before she finds another comfortable position, usually on or beside me. Still, a nice and comfy looking bed can't do without a good pillow and bolster, right?

-> Baby Face Towel and Bath Towel

My kids take a bedtime bath everyday and the two things I look for in face and bath towels are that they must be 1) Gentle on skin and 2) Absorbent. So, I was glad to see that Tollyjoy understands these needs and helps to keep our babies clean, dry and comfortable.

-> Unscented Baby Wet Wipes 70s

Well, this should be in the Hygiene section but you know, I used baby wipes so often - during meal times, diaper change, at the playground and sometimes even in the house - that I am thinking seriously thinking that whether I have become too dependent on it. Anyway, we prefer to use wipes that do not come with any fragrance and these unscented baby wet wipes which are delicate on skin suit our needs.


-> Nursery Bag 

Although you can find this bag under the Mom's Needs category on Tollyjoy, the moment my kids saw it, I knew that it was more to meet their needs than mine. This nursery bag comes in many adorable animal designs (the animals even have three-dimensional heads!) and although the pockets are quite simple, the bag will come in useful when you go on a family outing or quick getaway.

Doesn't it look good on the five-year-old? She was totally in love with the bag when she saw it and if your child likes to sling it on the shoulder instead of carrying it, you might wanna get a strap padding just to make it more comfortable.

Now, I think there is a reason why Tollyjoy remains as one of the big names in our house. And hopefully it will continue to be too!


If you are a fan of Tollyjoy, here is a giveaway to celebrate the season of giving!

A Happy Mum is now giving away TWO Tollyjoy hampers (each worth S$100) with the following items:

1) Unscented Baby Wet Wipes 70s
2) Antibacterial Baby Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser (900 ml)
3) 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash (750ml)
4) Baby Lotion (250 ml)
5) Baby Hooded Towel
6) Baby Face Towels (2pcs)
7) 5 Pcs Feeding Set
8) Nursery Bag

*Note: Items are subject to availability and may not be the same model/design as illustrated.

This giveaway is open to all readers residing in Singapore only. To participate, leave a blog comment with your name and email address. Remember to indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you may follow the rest of the options. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We received a hamper of goodies from Tollyjoy in writing this review. All opinions are our own.


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