Creativity 521 #60 - DIY Party Eye Mask

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 05, 2015
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Amidst all the gatherings, partying, vacations and day trips cramped over the festive season, there was one thing that I did not forget - Creativity 521!

Wanna make a guess at what we made this time round? Hint: It's something you can wear at a party! The inspiration came because I knew that we would be counting down to New Year on board the ship so why not make something that will make the kids happy, that can fit easily in the luggage and best of all, that are easy to make and look so pretty too?

So, just the day before we departed for the cruise, the kids and I sat down together to make this very simple craft and hohoho, we finished it within 20 minutes! Here, check out our very own DIY Party Eye Masks!

Materials we used:

1) Metallic corrugated paper (You can use foam paper too)
2) Alphabet foam stickers
3) Elastic string
4) Single hole puncher
5) Scissors
6) Glue
7) Pencil
8) Bead stickers and decorative butterflies (You can also use ribbons, sequins, beads, stickers or any other supplies you have at home)

Firstly, draw out the shape of the eye mask on the corrugated board and cut it out neatly. It would be much easier if you have an existing party mask at home so you can simply trace it out. Make sure that it is a kids size mask and fits your child nicely.

The next part is simple - just DECORATE! All I did was to provide the girls with the decorations and helped them to spell the words "Happy 2015" from the foam stickers. They were then free to choose their own stickers or sequins to jazz up their eye masks.

Before the mask got too cluttered, I also punched a hole on each side and tied a elastic string. The string should be of an appropriate length and fits the child's head snugly above the ears when put on.

Lastly, both of them wanted some butterflies and we glued these onto the sides.  Don't they look really beautiful? If your glue is not strong enough to make the decorations stay in place, you might need to use hot glue instead and that was what we did for the butterflies.

TA-DAH! We are all done! Easy peasy, right? How do you think they look in their new party eye masks? I told ya, 20 minutes! If I were to do them myself, I could have probably finished a couple in under five minutes but that would have killed all the fun, don't you think so too?

So, we spent our New Year's Eve on board the ship while dancing and partying as a family, and best of all, we were able to admire the beautiful display of fireworks and floating lights in Phuket. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

I sure hope you had a great start to the year too. Happy 2015, people!

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  1. How cute! They must have had super fun wearing those on the ship!

  2. Simple but awesome! Thanks for sharing, Summer!

  3. oh this is so cute! i have been thinking of making masks for them and kept putting it off because i kept thinking ah fabric is so troublesome etc. i never thought of cardboard! great idea!!


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