This girl is on fire - Ariel's 19th to 21st months

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 07, 2015
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It's done! Better late than never, right?

Here's sharing some fond moments from Ariel's 19th to 21st months and the little things that she does to brighten up my day and remind me just how fulfilling motherhood can be. Well, this video has been sitting in my computer for weeks and weeks and I'm glad after all the holidaying and partying, I am finally back in action and it's time to do some catching up on making these videos of their growing up.

I really, really, really don't wanna give up on documenting these precious moments and so even if they might take me a while to churn out, I hope I can keep them coming. Good luck to me!! Oh, and enjoy viewing, I hope this brings a smile onto your face too!


Dearest Ariel,

Happy 21st month to you! In the last three months, Mummy witnessed so many of your milestones and it warms my heart to know that you are growing up well and learning things by the day. Remember how you couldn't really utter words just a few months ago? Now, your vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds and you can say words like "Cold", "Flower", "I Love You", greet all the members of the family and even make very cute animal sounds too! My favourite is the way you try to snort like a pig and sound like the cutest piglet ever.

I get very amused by how the way you would say "Please" as "Bleagh" every single time and that is just so endearing whenever you try to request for something. Oh, another thing, you have an extremely keen sense of smell for a toddler and every time we walked past the rubbish chute or if anyone passes out gas in the room, you will be the first to say "臭臭" and cover your nose. It never fails to make me chuckle when you do that, you know?

Just the other day, I was bathing you and you suddenly went "Hot hot" when the water sprayed on you and I realised you are picking up words and learning new things much faster than I imagined. It's good that you are starting to express yourself well, isn't it? Because that means soon enough, we will be able to have a proper mother and daughter conversation. Though it might make my heart ache to know that you are a baby no more and will soon outgrow the toddler phase too, I am looking forward to seeing you bloom and I promise I will be here with you every single day of your growing up. 

If I haven't said enough, you will always be my baby, my gem and my miracle. And I cannot be thankful enough for how blessed I am to have such a wonderful kiddo like you. 


P.S. Now that you have learnt to sing Firework (which amazes everyone whenever you do so), 庆祝, 爱你 and many other songs I have used in making your and jiejie's videos, here are two more great songs for you to learn and I'm sure you will do so in no time at all. Remember, I love you just the way you are, always and forever.

For a complete list of Angel and Ariel's videos, visit my gallery here.


  1. Nice! Actually Ariel is one month older than my boy! I can see they have similar experiences over the months, going to River Safari, Punggol Promenade, Airport playground!! Keep the videos coming! :)


  2. It's nice to remember all these little moments right? Nice to know they share similar experiences!! Yes i will keep the videos coming for sure! Thanks much for viewing!! :)


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