A Family Japanese Restaurant {Review and Giveaway of Restaurant Hoshigaoka}

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 11, 2015
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Did you know that I learnt Japanese for over a year when we were in Sweden? Not that I remember much of it, but my love for the language, the country and the food remains strong over the years. Yes, Japanese food! Does anyone not like it at all? I seriously doubt so. 

One good thing about returning to Asia means that I can introduce my kids to some delicious Japanese dishes and their current favourites are udon, soft shell crab and chawanmushi. Yes, even Ariel loves all of them! Angel would cutely pronounce it as cha-luan-nu-shi but we all know she is referring to that appetising steamed egg custard which is a must-have every time. That said, at times I do wish that I know of more family-friendly Japanese eateries on the island other than the common ones that we visit.

Do you smell what's coming up in this post?


When we were invited to go for a food tasting session at Restaurant Hoshigaoka in SAFRA Toa Payoh, a place that we frequent because the kids get to swim and play, we were delighted to find out that not only have they recently launched a redesigned menu with five signature dishes, they have also introduced a KID'S MENU! This means that parents can get to savour yummy Japanese dishes while the little ones tuck in and enjoy a hearty meal.

With more than 40 years of rich history in serving only authentic Japanese cuisine, Restaurant Hoshigaoka strives to be a top-notch traditional Japanese restaurant in Singapore and its cuisine embodies traditional Japanese cooking, sumptuous dishes and signature Japanese hospitality.

The setup of the restaurant, with its warm colours, wooden walls and Japanese-styled decor, provides a cosy and homely ambience for all the patrons. Don't you love how the staff at Japanese restaurants are usually prompt to greet and serve? Those friendly greetings and wide smiles will hopefully help in making the little ones feel more at ease.

What was the first thing we were excited to see? Why, the kid's menu, of course!

There are a total of four sets (S$9.90++ per set) to choose from and each of them comes arranged in kawaii tableware. Angel chose to go with the Yoko Airlines airplane (Set D) which offers a variety of treats such as crispy prawn coated in breadcrumbs, cucumber rolls, mini udon and French fries. If your kid is like mine and prefers crab stick rolls over cucumber, you can request for a switch.

As for Ariel, she tried the Panda Bento box (Set C), which features omelette sushi, octopus balls and chicken wrapped with seaweed. I really love that cute-looking panda box, don't you? One thing you should note is that for every kid's meal, it comes with jelly, Yakult and a snack. If your child will likely go straight for these instead of the mains (my kids finished all the Hello Panda biscuits before they even started the meal proper!), you might wish to keep them for later. While my kids couldn't finish the veggies or meat, they did gulp down the udon and even asked for a second bowl!

Once the kids were happy with their orders, it was time for the hubby and I to sit back and relax (no, that's quite impossible with two animated kids around).

The first dish we tried was the Mentai Potato Salad - which consists of assorted vegetables, potato salad, spicy cod roe mayonnaise with sesame dressing. I must say it tasted better than it looked and was somewhat refreshing and appetising too!

My favourite dish of the day was the Goma Beef Houba Yaki - yes, we are quite the beef lovers! Served on a magnolia “Houba” leaf with sesame sauce and garlic marinate, the beef slices (so called "30 days Aged New Zealand Rib Eye Beef") were surprisingly tender and flavourful. A must-try in my opinion.

For our main dishes, we were served with the Hoshigaoka Zen which comes with appetiser, sashimi, salad, tempura, gindara teriyaki, beef misoyaki, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi and matcha ice cream. I have to say that the gindara teriyaki was a little too salty for my liking and the sashimi was not as fresh as we expected. Even though this was touted as the iconic set dish, we found it a little too commonplace.

In comparison, I much preferred the Black Pepper Gindara Teishoku which features a tender codfish drizzled with homemade black pepper sauce, served with asparagus, sliced onions and carrots. If you are thinking "Oh, codfish! Good for my kid!", you might wish to think twice because this particular fish is well-seasoned and bursting with flavour. The black pepper taste might get a little too overpowering for the little ones so keep this for your own taste buds. Oh, you might wanna share the deep fried chicken and chawanmushi instead!

Lastly, for dessert, we gave the Tempura Ice Cream a try. Crispy on the outside, cold on the inside, something which I thought was quite unique but no, I wouldn't be able to finish one of this on my own unless I wanted to have a bloated stomach.

All in all, I can't say that we were blown away by the whole experience but it was definitely an enjoyable first family session at Restaurant Hoshigaoka. While the food might not be the best Japanese food we've tasted, given its affordable menu pricing, pleasant environment and good service, this place is definitely value for money.

The way I see it, we will be back again. Many thanks to Restaurant Hoshigaoka for having us!

For more information on Restaurant Hoshigaoka, visit its website or Facebook page.


I don't always get to do any food-related giveaways but here's one if you are keen! 

This giveaway is open to all readers residing in Singapore only. Three different winners will be randomly chosen. To participate, leave a comment in this blog post with your name, email address and tell me which is your favourite set in the Kid's Menu. Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have commented and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Good luck!

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Terms and Conditions
- Valid at any Restaurant Hoshigaoka outlet (see all four here), dine-in only
- Voucher is not exchangeable for cash and is valid for 3 months
- Extension of voucher is not allowed
- Not valid on eve of/and on PH and festive occasions
- Not valid for use with Diners Club / Jack’s Place cobrand credit card
- Subject to any additional changes and conditions by JP Pepperdine

Disclosure: We were invited to a food tasting session at Restaurant Hoshigaoka in SAFRA Toa Payoh. All giveaway prizes are kindly provided by JP Pepperdine. All opinions are our own.


  1. Kawaii!!!! I likes Restaurant Hoshigaoka kid's menu all looks so Kawaii!!! My favorite kid's menu is Panda Bento box (Set C). I'm sure both my gals will enjoy the kid's menu if we go Restaurant Hoshigaoka.

    FB name: KaRen Ong
    Email: karen_opk@yahoo.com

  2. My kids would love Set A
    Fb name :Dominique Goh
    E-mail : dominiquegoh(at) gmail.(dot) com

  3. My kids love aeroplane & train! So it's Set B & Set D!

    Katherine Teng

  4. FB Name: Sonia Yong
    Email: sonia_ysf@yahoo.com
    Udon & fries are my kids favourite. They will definitely choose Set D.

  5. Set A because my kids are 'rice buckets' (饭桶)! Lol

    Fb name: Ai Lee

  6. My boys love aeroplane! So set d!
    Adeline koo

  7. Name : Jenluvsbaobei
    Email : cheeriblue@hotmail.com
    Fav set : c
    She loves sushi

  8. Tay Siewlan
    Set D

  9. Name:jia jun
    email: jia2x@yahoo.com.sg
    fav set: D
    they love aeroplane!

  10. Name: Sharon Toh
    Email address: mantingtoh@hotmail.com
    Favourite set from the Kid's Menu: set B

  11. Set C or D would bring a smile for my girls! Lovely!
    Email: olengjuz@yahoo.com.sg
    Name : Michelle Ng

  12. Name: Stephy
    Email: colourfull333@gmail.com
    My gal fav set would be panda Set C. She loves panda and would go crazy over it. With that, we can have our meals peacefully as she will sure enjoy it. 👍✌😍😊

  13. Thank you for the chance...my youngest would love set D comes with mini udon her forever favourite.
    Name : Shirley Chia
    Email shirleychialp@gmail.com

  14. Name: Leong Yee Ming
    email address: leongyeeming@yahoo.com
    Set B, my kids love Shinkansen!

  15. My girl like set D coz she simply adore aeroplane

    Name : grace ng
    Email : nctgrace@yahoo.com

  16. My son loves plane so I guess Yoko Airlines airplane is his choice

    Diana Bok

  17. Set D!!!! For sure!! Jap + Fries!! My kids' favourite :)
    FB Name: Rachael Joel-Tan
    Email: rachael02@gmail.com

  18. Name : June Lee

    Email : junelee_1980@yahoo.com

    I choose Set B cause my nephew loves train so to present his meal in such a way will surely delight him =) And he loves his noodle! Just like me so the cha soba is a great addition to the meal.

  19. Jessica Tham
    Favourite set wld be Set D as my daughter loves udon and fries; best of all, seved on an aeroplane!

  20. My kids love the aeroplane & train (Set B & Set D).
    Name : Belle Ng

  21. Wenqi

    I would choose Panda Bento Box. I can so imagine my boy going after the yakult first.

  22. Khor Lee Ling
    Set D

  23. My kids would love the Set D cause it's TRAIN =)
    Name : Stella Kwa

  24. My kids love Panda bento box. They love pandas!

    Serene Leow

  25. would definitely go for Set C
    Name : SHENNY FU
    Email: shenny@live.com.sg

  26. Hmm.. I have 3 kids so I would probably pick all three sets - I'm sure they would be able to pick and choose between the sets to see what they would like to eat! wahahah!!! Since kids are sometimes unpredictable, and you never know what they want right??? :D

    Name: Edlyn G
    Email: mailmummyed (a) gmail.com

  27. My kids will take set D with crabstick roll!
    Wendy Tay

  28. D as my daughther will eat all of it as its her fav...what more served on her fav aeroplane
    Jamie chaw
    Fb n IG : Jamie chaw

  29. Robert Sim
    Set D: who can resist food served on a kawaii aeroplane crockery???

  30. Both my girls love set C, panda bento set. Would love to win the vouchers so that we can go there for lunch after kids amaze play!
    Thanks a lot for arranging this giveaway!

    Janice Koh Sock Hoon

  31. Definitely Set B for both the Shinkansen and the maki sushi and chicken wrapped with seaweed. Yummers!

    Carol Mei Mei Lim

  32. My boy's favourite set in the kid's menu:
    Set B Train & Set D Airplane.

    Sandra New
    IG: summerscenz

  33. Yoko Airplanes Airplane Set D


  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. My gals will like the cute Panda Bento Set
    Lyn Teo

  36. My kids would love set A.
    Name: Tan Liujun Jean
    Email: jeantanlj@gmail.com

  37. Name Amanda Soh
    Email amandasoh@gmail.com

    Set D pls!

  38. Yoko Airplanes Airplane Set D! Michelle Ang, ma_smartgirl@hotmail.com

  39. My son will most probably go for Set B as he loves trains!
    Name: Qiu Xian
    Email: qiu_xian@yahoo.com.sg

  40. My girls will go for Set C, the Panda Set.
    Name : Valerie Quek
    Email : cloudiey@gmail.com
    Thanks :)

  41. My kids would love Set A
    Fb name :Jaime Chan
    E-mail : chueimei@gmail.com

  42. My kid will love Set D.
    I am Margaret Yap.
    My email is yap_margaret@yahoo.com

  43. Set D
    Garick Bay

  44. Set C - Panda Bento C


  45. Set B!
    Joanne Ho

  46. Ashley Tan
    Set D looks so yummy to my gal!

  47. Set D will be her choice. :)
    Ang Siew Tiang

  48. Our fave is set D, not my choice but the little gal's choice, she pointed at the pic!! : )

    My name is Andy Neo and my email is cardz_house@yahoo.co.uk

  49. Our face is set D, not my choice but the little gal's choice, she pointed at the pic!! : )

    My name is Andy Neo and my email is cardz_house@yahoo.co.uk

  50. Whoa so innovative! I love the cutesy table ware they provide with each meal!! :D I'm going with Yoko Airlines airplane (Set D) just because my little princess loves udon soup and battered prawn! :)

    Adelyn Khoo (adelynkwt@gmail.com)

  51. My daughter will love Set A


  52. Set D!
    Corinne Lee

  53. The favorite will be Set B!
    Paul Tan

  54. My daughter loves their airplane set, asked if I could bring it back after her meal lol

    Lorna Tan

  55. Set D cos my son loves aeroplane!

    KM Wong

  56. Set D because it has all my girl's favourite foods especially udon!
    Lin Meibing Sarina

  57. Set D
    Rosie Chua (FB)

  58. Yoko Airlines airplane Set D

    FB : Sean Ang
    Email: sean_sin@yahoo.com

  59. My favourite set is C. It comes with my girl's favourite Omelette and Beancurb Skin Sushi.
    Name: JingRong
    Email: lohjingrong@yahoo.com.sg

  60. Set D. Udon..my little ones fav food

    Rowena Lim

  61. Yoko Airlines airplane (Set D)

    Louis Lee


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