Tibby and Duckie {Book Review and Giveaway}

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 28, 2015

Bedtime storytelling is one of the best ways to bond with my kids. Not surprisingly, I am the storyteller on most nights but recently, I'm relieved and happy to see that big sister can now read to the little one and it's truly a heartwarming feeling to see them share these sweet moments.

So, I can never say "No" to a book that is not too easy such that a preschooler can read and learn in the process, yet not too complex or boring so that it will interest a toddler too. If it involves vibrant illustrations and cute animal characters, that will definitely make it a popular choice for our storytelling sessions.

Remember Tibby, the unusual bunny who has tiger stripes on his fur, likes to pounce and hop, and roar and squeak (read our review of the first book here)? I love how it teaches us that there is no need to try to change your appearance or behaviour just so you will be liked by your friends, and that you have to learn to accept yourself first before others can accept you.

In this second book titled Tibby and Duckie, it's not hard to guess that Tibby has a new friend! Meet Duckie - a little 'duck' who has clawed feet and is not really the swimming kind of duck.

She yearns to swim like the other ducks and together with her newfound friend Tibby, they determinedly try out various ways of trying to get her to swim, like using lily pads, cobwebs and wooden boards.

When all methods failed, Tibby consoles his friend and tells him maybe she is a land duck and challenges her to a race. It is then Duckie realises she has the power to flap her wings.... and fly!

The wind carries her higher and higher into the sky and she disappears into the clouds, leaving Tibby to wonder if his friend will ever come back to him. What happens in the end? I'll leave that for you to find out.

What I love about this second book is how it emphasizes on true friendship and keeps it simple yet succinct through the pair of friends. It teaches us that we should accept our peers for who they are and that true friends will help each other to realise their dreams and achieve the impossible.

It also reminds us that perseverance pays off, that life doesn't end when dreams have to end (sometimes, you just need a different dream to keep you going) and that kindness begets kindness. Just like the first book, we also love the striking and adorable illustrations that add life to the characters.

I have a feeling we'll be hearing about Tibby and Duckie aplenty during our bedtime storytelling, but seeing how it delights the kids, I really wouldn't mind.


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About the author
Emily Lim is an award-winning children's book author who was inflicted with a rare voice disorder and subsequently found her voice through her books. She draws inspiration from her coping journey and sees her books as small beginnings towards a larger purpose of inspiring both children and adult to find meaning in their lives. More of her story on her blog.
Disclosure: We received a copy of Tibby and Duckie for review purpose. All opinions are our own.


  1. Ooh..would love to know if Duckie came back for Tibby! Looks like a good read for my 3 year old!
    karen at kpigsy01@yahoo.com

  2. Would like to win this for my 2 kids and teach them the meaning of friendships and hopefully they both can get along like best buddies
    Jamie chaw

  3. A good read for the girls to share with their elder brother. Such bonding time is priceless. Joan / jalohon82@yahoo.com.sg

  4. Another good book to add to our daily bedtime reading! Thank you for the awesome giveaway :)
    Celine Oh

  5. It will be awesome if my boy gets to read this book and learn about friendships as he does not have siblings just yet. He will also get to learn about perseverance and hopefully helps to tweak a little bit of his impatient nature. Lastly, thanks for this great giveaway!

    Lin Chin

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  18. It's an awesome giveaway! Thanks Summer.
    Love to read to my girls on the importance of establishing friendship and it's true meaning.

    Name : Michelle Ng
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  19. Thanks Summer for the great giveaway!
    I'm sure my 3yo will be able to relate to Tibby since he loves to hop and pounce too! Being an only child, his friend(s) will play and important role in his life. Thus, to learn from young what true friendship is would be essential. Looking forward to reading this to him!
    Name: Janet Sin
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