My little sunshine - Ariel is 2!

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 24, 2015
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They say that the terrible twos can be the hardest phase to handle when a child grows up. Mood swings, temper tantrums and frequent use of the word "no". Come to think of it, that can happen no matter how old your child gets, right? So, I'm actually pretty excited about my little one turning two and I look forward to the next year because this is also the phase where she's bursting with toddler cuteness and is super lots of fun to be with.

Opinions and meltdowns aside, this girl is an absolute bundle of joy and never fails to steal the heart of everyone she sees. Her animated laughter, bear hugs and flying kisses, the way she dances and does her booty shake, how she runs up and hides behind my legs, how she sings with her eyes closed, when she plants sweet little kisses all over my face, these are the things that fill my heart with love and remind me why being a mum is one of the best things ever.

So, here are some fond moments from Ariel's 21st to 24th months.


Dear Ariel,

Happy 2 years old, my sweet little princess! You looked so lovely as Queen Elsa at your birthday party and you amazed everyone by how you can sing the whole song of "Let It Go"!

It's been a terrific year with you and I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be your mummy. You have a big heart, you share your last candy, you smile to strangers on the streets, you dance like no one's watching and you give me endless hugs, kisses and joy. 

Watching how you play, bond and get along with jiejie also brings so much joy to my heart and I'm so grateful that you two are going to be sisters, and hopefully best friends, for life. It's easy to see how much you love your big sister from the way you call her name, the way you search the house looking for her when she's in school, the way you lean on her chest to let her dry your hair, the way you lay on her lap and amazingly finished one bottle of milk, the way your face lights up while listening to her sing, the way you two hold hands on the streets, the way you two squeeze into a pram, the way you hug each other and spin around in circles. Awwww. 

You are really my bag of sunshine and you have the power to chase away all the blues whenever Mummy feels sad or tired. It's like no matter what happens, as long as you and jiejie are here with me, Mummy will somehow find the strength, the joy and the determination to make everyday of our lives a happy one. 

May you continue to shine, laugh, dance, sing, play and cherish every precious moment of your childhood! I love you so much!



For more of Angel's and Ariel's growing up videos, visit my gallery here.


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