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Posted by ~Summer~ on June 24, 2015
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I've been wanting to share some happy news with you but have waited till now, just in order to make sure that everything is okay first. On 26th of April, which was our 7th wedding anniversary, the hubby and I received the best gift ever. Guess what?

This!! A positive pregnancy test kit. I did a handmade card for the hubby and wrapped the kit up, asking him to make a guess. His first guess was a pen, then a laser pointer, before he finally seemed to get the hint and got it right on his third try.

Was it planned? Yes, we've been talking about having another child since last year. Was it a surprise? You can say so, considering that we didn't hit the jackpot for months, this was a very joyous piece of news for us. Are we ready for it? Honestly, with one kid going to primary school, a toddler starting school and a baby arriving end of the year, plus a mum who still refuses to rely on third party help, I'm not really sure. All we can do is to take one step at a time and with some optimism, yes, I do believe everything will turn out great.

Do the kids know about this? Yes, of course! Angel is naturally thrilled to become the big sister and as for Ariel, she is also starting to grasp the concept that soon, she will not be the youngest in the house. The two of them have been really sweet and would talk, sing, pat, kiss and wish the baby good night without fail. I'm kind of thrilled that they are going to have another sibling to love and care for, even though some people say that three might be a crowd.

For the record, Angel has declared that she wants a baby sister while Ariel wants a baby brother. I guess only one of them is going to have her dream come true since I'm not having twins. *phew* I don't really mind either because after going through the loss of one baby previously, all I ask for is safety and good health.

This scan was done in mid of May when the foetus was just eight weeks old and I can't tell you how relieved it was for me not to see an empty gestation sac for a second time. Yes, thankfully, our little miracle is growing well! The baby will be due in end of December (yes, likely a Jubilee baby if he/she is born earlier like the two sisters) and as of now, I'm stepping into the second trimester already. Woohoo!

I'm fortunate that I don't get much morning sickness though the fatigue really hits me hard on some days. The good thing is life still manages to go on as usual (actually, it has to), like how we ran the 800m Cold Storage Kids Run, filmed the Scott's Momazing video, travelled to LEGOLAND and Hello Kitty Town, brought the kids to Jurong Bird Park, as well as explored nature reserves like Sungei Buloh and various parts of the island. Can't shortchange the kids just because there's another baby growing in my tummy, right?

So today, I count my lucky stars and feel thankful for this truly wonderful gift and the chance to have not one, but three babies. I don't think I deserve all this goodness in my life and will do my best to cherish every moment of being a happy mum. I believe our journey will only get more exciting from now on! Till more baby updates!

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  1. Congrats Summer!! Very happy for you! The girls will be amazing big sisters I know :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks, Ai! I really hope so too!! =) They are definitely thrilled for now!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kelvin!! =) Hope I can cope with three monkies too! =)

  3. Congrats summer!!! This is really good news! Good luck on the SBA as well!

    1. Aww thanks much Cherie! Indeed very good news! I feel like a big winner already, lol. =)

  4. Congratulations! You are a superb mum, I'm sure things will turn our great eventually;).

    1. Aww thanks PC, I hope I will figure my way out slowly but surely!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!


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