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Posted by ~Summer~ on June 23, 2015

If there is one thing on my face that I am exceptionally proud of, it has to be my teeth. When I was a child, the dentist would always tell me that my teeth were in very good condition and our checkups never had to take long. I consider it quite an achievement and blessing that I have no cavity, decay or filling at the age of 32 and naturally, one of my biggest wishes for my children is that they can have good, strong and healthy teeth for as long as possible too.

So, I do take toothbrushing quite seriously at home because I believe that good habits have to be cultivated since young. As parents, most of us can probably identify with a struggling child who refuses to open his/her mouth and squirms at the thought of toothbrushing. It was pretty much the same for me too when I had my first child and it was with experience that I've learnt to handle such situations and better still, prevent them from happening.

Toothbrushing Tips for Children:

1) Start early
I begin as soon as the first pearly white appears and use a small toothbrush with very soft bristles. Use a fluoride-free toothpaste (or just water in the early days) because we do know that it can be toxic if large amounts of fluoride are ingested. Teach your child to gargle and spit water out once he/she is ready do so.

2) Set a routine
Good habits do not appear overnight so it is better to be consistent in our routine when it comes to toothbrushing. Make sure that the kids brush their teeth at least twice a day - once in the morning and once before bedtime.

3) Involve the kids
If they want to try brushing on their own (even before they reach the age of 6), allow them to do so before you brush a second time, especially on the back teeth, to make sure they are clean. Most children like to play a part and are more willing to join in when they have a role to play. You can also let them squeeze out the toothpaste, fill their cups with water and wash the toothbrushes on their own.

4) Be a role model
As always, parents have to set good examples for their children so make sure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Do not do it in a haphazard manner or take shortcuts, if not they might assume that it is okay for them to do so too.

5) Make it FUN!
Nobody likes a mundane affair, especially when you are talking about lively, enthusiastic kids. So, try your best to engage them and pique their interest during toothbrushing, for instance by singing "This is the way I brush my teeth", doing a silly dance or pretending to be animals opening their mouths wide.

6) Have the right tools
Having the right tools can make a world of difference and we need to ensure that we provide suitable toothbrushes and toothpastes which can cater to the needs of our kids, especially if they are in different age groups.


Introducing the new Aquafresh Kids range

Some of us might remember the popular Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste which ran out of stock previously. Well, guess what? It is back on the shelves and now boasts a new look but remains the same product that parents have trusted for years.

This year, to cater to the needs of a child’s oral care needs in different age groups, they have expanded the children’s range to include Aquafresh Little Teeth and Aquafresh My Big Teeth products for bigger children aged 3-5 years and 6+ years respectively.

Before I introduce you to the three different product ranges, here is a look at what Angel and Ariel have been using. It is not a surprise that they totally love their new toothbrushes and these are the reasons why.

1) Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste (3 – 24 mths) / Milk Teeth toothbrush (0– 2 years):

Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste and Milk Teeth toothbrush are specially designed by dental experts to gently care for precious first teeth – just for 0 years to 2 years children. Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste provides gentle cleaning with no abrasives, artificial colours or flavours. It is fluoride-free so it is safe to swallow* (*when used as directed).

2) Aquafresh Little Teeth products (3 – 5 years):

Milk teeth aren’t practice teeth, so taking care of them means helping to ensure that when the time comes, children's big teeth that are waiting in the gums come through straight, healthy and strong. Aquafresh Little Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to encourage healthy brushing habits and protect precious first teeth – just for kids 3 years to 5 years.

I like that the Little Teeth toothbrushes have handles that are shaped to make it easier for little hands to grip on to, while their flexible necks help to absorb pressure and protect gums too. Not only that, they also feature fun animal characters on the protectors - Curt the Croc, Bella the Bunny, Tilly the Tiger, Sammy the Shark - that Ariel loves and it is yet another way to help make brushing teeth fun.

3) Aquafresh My Big Teeth products (6+ years):

Their new adult teeth may look big and strong but the enamel on their new teeth doesn't develop as quickly and so the teeth are still vulnerable to decay. Mixed adult and first teeth also create awkward gaps which are hard to clean, creating “plaque traps”. Aquafresh My Big Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to protect mixed teeth while you begin to encourage them to look after their teeth for themselves – just for kids 6+ years. Aquafresh My Big Teeth is a toothpaste with foaming action to help it get around the mouth whilst actively targeting softer enamel to keep it strong.

While Angel is still trying to get used to the mint flavour, she is loving our toothbrushing sessions and especially likes the soft bristles, easy grip and suction feet on her toothbrush. It is comforting for me as a parent to know that both Aquafresh My Big Teeth and Aquafresh Little Teeth ranges have the latest improved formulation with sugar acid protection and fluoride levels of 1450ppm to help children’s teeth grow healthy and strong. 

Good toothbrushing habits go a long way towards growing healthy teeth and protecting against cavity, so we are definitely going to do our utmost to cultivate them and make brushing teeth a fun and enjoyable activity at home.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation between Aquafresh and A Happy Mum. All opinions are our own.


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