Our 8 favourite things to do at LEGOLAND Malaysia {Halloween Brick-or-Treat Party Night}

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 22, 2015
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So we've visited LEGOLAND theme park in Malaysia at least half a dozen times and have had the annual passes for the last two years. Even though we still prefer the original LEGOLAND in Denmark which was the first one we visited, we also like the Malaysia one because it is pretty convenient to drive to and makes for a wonderful, quick weekend getaway.

Now that Ariel is turning three at the end of the year and has finally grown a little taller so that she can enjoy more of the rides and activities, I've picked out our top 8 favourite things to do at LEGOLAND Malaysia to share with you. (Awww, some of these pictures are taken nearly two years ago and bring back such fond memories!) If you have not had a chance to go there yet, or if you are thinking of how to celebrate Halloween in a family-friendly and fun-filled manner, here's what you can find at the Halloween Brick-or-Treat Party Night too!


About LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGOLAND Malaysia is Malaysia's first international theme park that has opened in Nusajaya, Johor, in 2012. It is the first LEGOLAND theme park in Asia and sixth in the world. offering seven themed areas of attractions and over 40 interactive rides and shows for all ages.

Themed Attractions

-> The Beginning
The adventure starts here! This is the home of The Big Shop, the largest selection of LEGO toy products in Asia.

-> Imagination
This is the place for the LEGO fans - build and race LEGO cars or test your structure on the earthquake table.

-> LEGO Technic
Brave the razor sharp turns of Project X and dodge water blasts on AQUAZONE Wave Racers. This place is also home to LEGO Mindstorms, where you can build and program LEGO robots.

-> LEGO Kingdoms
Conquer The Dragon coaster, romp through the Forestmen's Hideout and take a gallop on the Royal Joust.

-> Land of Adventure
Fire laser blasters at targets to protect an ancient treasure and plunge down into a tropical jungle at Dino Island.

-> LEGO City
Get your Driver License at Driving School, captain your own boat, pilot an airplane or take a train ride through LEGO City.

See Asian landmarks which have been recreated using more than 30 million LEGO bricks. This is an interactive world on a scale of 1:20, where people, trains and aeroplanes come to life at the touch of a button.

The thing about having young kids is that they never get tired of doing the same old things. At least for now, my girls will always look forward to driving LEGO aeroplanes, steering LEGO boats or boarding LEGO trains, even if they have done it for umpteen times already. And you know what's the most amazing thing about it? They make us look forward to the rides too because we know this will make them happy. It also makes us realise how fast time flies and how much they've grown every time we go on the same ride, which is all the more why we should treasure such precious family moments.

For MINILAND, even though the kids don't recognise most of the landmarks yet, they love to press every button they see and watch how the people and vehicles move. The one that gets the most squeals and thrills has to be the Merlion which will spurt water whenever you press the button!

The fact that the whole park looks so colourful and vibrant helps to brighten up the day and lift up your spirits. You can't help but feel happy stepping into this kids' paradise and for the next few hours, all worries seem to vanish. The kids get really excited whenever we spot a LEGO mascot and they will always grab the chance to take a photo with him. They also like to pose with the LEGO figurines or anything that they find cute around the park!

Given that the weather is usually hot and humid when we visit, we also indulge in some cold drinks and ice cream treats which obviously delight the kids. With six restaurants and three food kiosks in LEGOLAND Malaysia (for the list and locations, go here), you can easily find a spot to hide from the scorching sun, take a well-deserved break and tuck into some Western or Asian cuisine. If you are an annual pass holder, don't forget to flash it to enjoy a discount!


So, we love the park, that goes without a doubt. But what are our 8 favourite things to do in LEGOLAND Malaysia? Here is our list, in no order of preference.

1) Junior Driving School

This has got to be the first stop we always go to because Angel loves it so much. Here, the kids can take control of their own battery-powered car and drive around a circuit all by themselves. This ride is meant for kids aged 3 to 5 only and the good news when we visited this month, Ariel was allowed to go on it too and even though she needed the help of the crew whenever she got stuck (which happened several times), it was the first time the sisters did it together and that was definitely a moment to remember. Once your child hits 6 years of age, he/she can proceed to the Driving School where they can explore a bigger, true-to-life traffic circuit.

2) Live shows and LEGO Studio 4D

You do know that we are moviegoers and bring the kids to the cinema quite frequently, right? Yes, which also means we have developed a love for shows and the kids are pretty good at surviving the whole experience. In LEGOLAND, we like to catch the live shows especially if they involve singing and dancing because this would definitely engage and excite the girls. I remember on my 31st birthday last year, Angel even went onto the stage during a Kids Karaoke session and sang me a "Happy Birthday" song. Awwww. This month, we also watched the LEGO Ninjago which is a live adventure that involves a combination of 4D special effects, puppetry and video mapping.

In addition, we also like to take short breaks and enjoy the air-con by watching the 4D shows including LEGO Racers, Legends of Chima, Clutch Power, Spellbreaker. Yes, we've seen them all, some more than once, and love the 4D effects like wind, water and even snow! The show runs every 45 minutes during weekdays & 25 minutes during weekends or public holidays.

3) Fishing Game

This has got to be the one game the girls cannot resist and since it is a sure-win game, they always get to bring home at least one stuffed toy. Yes, tell me about it, we are running out of space to store these toys but somehow we can't bear to reject their requests to play whenever we pass by. On our last visit, the girls had two tries each and guess what, Angel fished the two highest scores of 20 and 12 out of so many (the rest were all 1s and 2s)! Yes, she was that lucky and the lady even asked if we had cheated.

So, based on her own score, she could basically choose any toy she wanted, including those gigantic ones who are at least half her height and twice her width. Eventually, both of them decided to take two small ones instead which totally baffled the lady but secretly pleased me. Firstly, I didn't know where to put a gigantic stuffed toy. Secondly, I was happy to know that they understand contentment is bliss.

4) Beetle Bounce

The first time we sat on this ride as a family of four, it was raining and even though we had ponchos and raincoats on, the staff informed us that these were not allowed on the ride and we had to remove them. So we did and took the ride in the rain, enjoying every bit of it while shouting at the top of our lungs and putting our hands high up in the air. Yes, that was one of the best ways to celebrate Ariel meeting the height limit of 90cm and since then, there was no turning back and this became one of their favourite rides in every amusement park.

5) Imagine and Explore

We also like to take time to just let the kids run around, explore and be creative, be it at DUPLO Playtown which consists of an interactive playground or at Build and Test, a creative corner where they can make use of their imagination to build their own LEGO models.

6) The Dragon

My big girl is a fan of roller coasters. Yes, you heard right. The first thing she would say whenever she goes to LEGOLAND would be "I wanna sit on the roller coaster!". And usually, she not only does it once, but at least twice, and she would wanna sit in the first row. For the past two years, she could only sit on The Dragon's Apprentice but enjoyed it every time nonetheless. Now, she has grown a little taller and is allowed to go onto The Dragon which has many thrilling twists and turns and I wonder why they only make her laugh most of the time.

7) Royal Joust

Another of our favourite rides is the Royal Joust which is the nearest thing you can find to horse riding in LEGOLAND. Well, to be able to sit on the saddle of a LEGO horse which can move and neigh, that was probably something I wish I could have done as a kid. So for my little animal lovers, it is not surprisingly that they love this ride. Oh wait, Ariel is not allowed to go on it yet as she is below 92cm but I know for sure she will love it as much as the big sister once she tries it (hopefully on our next visit!).

8) Browse and Shop

Lastly, we also like to look around the The Big Shop to see if there are any toys or souvenirs to buy. Other than pretending to be pirates or warriors with swords and shields, the girls also love to push the mini trolleys around. We don't usually get anything extravagant unless it is for their birthdays but we do like to walk around and see the latest additions or just let the kids wind down and have their last bit of fun before we make our way home.

What are your favourite things to do at LEGOLAND Malaysia?


Halloween Brick-or-Treat Party Night 2015

For all families with kids aged 2 to 12 years, if you have not made any plans to celebrate Halloween, you can join in the party at LEGOLAND Malaysia happening next on 23-24 October and 30-31 Oct! Enjoy the kid-friendly Brick-or-Treat Party Nights at LEGO Kingdoms every Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 8.30pm.

I have to say that we were lucky to be there by chance on a Friday night and I was so glad for that. I mean, to celebrate Halloween in such a kid-friendly and happy way without having to spend any extra money, I think we were smiling that night despite being surrounded by bats, ghosts, vampires, mummies and even Frankenstein.

LEGO Kingdom is where most of the Halloween activities take place - don't you just love the decor with the cobwebs and giant spider?

Kids can look forward to the Halloween Brick-or-Treat trail which is one of the highlights at the party. By showing your annual pass or admission ticket, every kid will get a Halloween bag to collect the treats. There are altogether six stations and the kids will have to visit every station and perform a task before they can receive the goodies. These tasks include laughing like a witch, balancing like a scarecrow and giving your loudest screams, which are really quite easy and funny to watch. Just so you know, at every station, there will be a costumed station master who will interact with your kid. So if he/she happens to be scared of this kind of thing, it is better for the parents to stick close and assure him/her just in case.

Once the trail is completed, you get to bring home a limited edition Halloween Duplo commemorative brick! I thought this was really a sweet touch and I love the pumpkin design on the brick.

Now, the good news is parts of the park will be extended and will stay open till 8:30pm so guests will have plenty more time to play and explore. Another highlight of the Halloween party will be the Count-the-Bats Maze in Lord Vampyres Ballroom. Even though the maze is quite simple and not at all scary, the kids still get a thrill out of it somehow. We were a little disappointed to see that some of the bats were broken into pieces and scattered here and there, so it was practically impossible to get a correct count. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience to go through it as a family.

If your kids are like ours and love stage shows, then don't miss the Castle Stage Halloween Show where Frankenstein makes his debut appearance! What is fun about this show is that it is interactive and the performers will pick out a handful of kids to go on stage, join in the games and receive some lovely prizes too. At the end of it, there is even a mass dance session and kids can get to dance with Frankenstein!

Last but not least, kids and even parents can also get to do face painting (for free!) and choose any Halloween design they like. Both the girls and the hubby wanted a spider design whereas I did a pumpkin one. Considering the queue for this booth, the staff usually takes a very short time to finish one design and even though it it not too elaborate and doesn't come with the sparkles and glitter, the kids still loved the final look and as long as they were happy, we were happy too.

So, that marked the end of our fun-filled visit to LEGOLAND during the Halloween Brick-or-Treat Party Night! I'm guessing that when we next return to this place, it will be as a family of five. One thing is for sure, we will be back!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Yes, we have been invited to LEGOLAND Hotel for staycations but this is not part of the review and was written out of my own accord to share our experiences. All annual passes were bought and all opinions are our own.

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