Creativity 521 #78 - Fun with magnet painting

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 21, 2015
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Just the other day, the kids won a couple of magnets from playing those 20cents ball games that you see in some stationery stores. So we started a conversation on magnets and I asked my soon-to-be six-year-old "What kind of materials do magnets attract?" It was then I realised she didn't really have the answer to that.

Well, she would shake her head when I said things like rubber, wood and glass, which was a relief because at least she knew that magnets only attracted certain types of materials. So, in order to demonstrate to her on how metals such as iron can be magnetised and attracted to magnets, we decided to conduct a simple and fun MAGNET PAINTING session for this week's Creativity 521.

Did you know? Most metals are not attracted to magnets, these include copper, silver, gold, magnesium, platinum, aluminium and more. They may however magnetize a small amount while placed in a magnetic field.

What we used:

1) Thin plastic trays
2) White paper
3) Paint in assorted colours
4) Sticky tape
5) Magnets
6) Small metal objects such as paper clips, staples, coins and safety pins

Firstly, cut the paper to fit the tray and use tape to stick it in place so that it doesn't move around.

Next, squeeze paint of your desired colours onto the paper. If you find that the paint is too thick, add a bit of water to dilute it.

After that comes the fun part! Simply experiment with the different metallic objects, place them onto the paper and move the magnet underneath the tray to paint! It might be easier if you have a magnetic wand but if you don't, most other magnets can work too if they are strong enough!

We realised that heavier objects like coins had a tendency to get stuck after some time while lighter ones like paper clips worked best. You will need to wash the objects after a while to get rid of the paint which will obstruct the magnetic field, so it would be handy to keep a small bowl of water nearby.

If you do not have any plastic trays at home, you can try using paper plates too! I personally prefer using paper because I think the paint patterns looks nicer and the best thing is I can laminate them as keepsakes.

The key to making a nice pattern is that you have to be slow and steady, which calls for plenty of patience. Well, this might be a little tough for toddlers but I think it makes a fun challenge and good practice for the preschoolers.

Anyway, the hubby and I also decided to join in the fun and this was his final artwork.

I used mainly paper clips for mine and chose to limit the number of colours. How does it look? I must say it was quite a therapeutic experience for me!

At the end of the session, my big girl decided that she wanted to make hand prints and use the objects as stamps instead. Seeing how she can be creative and come up with her own ideas at times, even if it was past her bedtime, I guess I should give her that freedom and imagination to do whatever she likes. And I'm pretty sure we are going to keep this piece for a long, long time.

Now, would you like to have a try at magnet painting with your little one too?

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