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Posted by ~Summer~ on November 12, 2015
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Remember how I used to churn out Angel's growing up videos pretty much on time before she turned three? I would do one video monthly in her first year, one quarterly in her second year, one biannually in her third year and following that, it became one every year. It all seemed natural and logical to me because the big, rapid changes happen when they are infants and toddlers and after that, it becomes more of milestones and precious moments.

Anyway, I was quite sure I would be able to keep up since the videos were fairly simple. That was, until the little sister came along and suddenly I had double the work to do. So, nowadays I have to keep track of whose video should come in the pipeline next and then in my rare free time, I have to search through a hard disk full of pictures and videos to select, convert, edit and create. Well, I'm trying to imagine what will happen when the baby arrives next month. Triple the effort and time needed!

Nonetheless, it's still my dream to compile a series of growing up videos for each of them so that they can remember all the fond moments of their childhood and the fun things we did as a family. These videos not only let us reminisce the good old times; they also bring warmth to our hearts and smiles on our faces.

Here's presenting the video for Angel's 5th year and all the priceless, memorable times we had in that year with my big girl. I can't publish it in high definition as I did for my previous videos and sometimes, it drives me nuts trying to resolve these technical issues. In any case, I guess this version will suffice for now and I know Angel loves it because she was so engrossed when we watched it together and she would excitedly tell me all the little details she remembers from every of these precious moments. That's all that matters, right?


Dearest Angel,

Happy 5th year, my darling! While we keep calling you the big girl and the elder sister, I hope you know that deep in my heart, you will always be my baby too. This year has been such a great one, hasn't it? Meimei has learnt to walk and you have a playmate waiting for you when you come home from school every day. Even though the two of you still get into bickers at times, it's plain to see how closely bonded you are and you show me how sisterhood can be truly awesome. 

I know, we always ask you to give in to her because you are older and sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair. Life's like that, you know? It will never be fair but if we learn to give and take and to be more forgiving, happiness will come our way. I hope you know how wonderful you have been and I couldn't have asked for a better daughter to be my big girl. Remember how you fed meimei her milk and let her lie on your lap? How you surprised me by trying to blow dry her hair when I was in the bath? How you would hold her hand and keep her in sight when we go out? How you tried to help her take her first steps? How the two of you take afternoon naps together every day? How I would wake up on some mornings and see the two of you cuddling in a tight embrace? How you would try to teach her new things and read stories to her? How you would try to help me feed her at mealtimes when she kicks up a fuss? How you would hug, kiss and dote on her every night before we went to bed? Awwww. It's all the little things you do that never fail to amaze me.

You were also a brave girl this year who didn't give up in the face of difficulties or fear. I was so proud of you for completing two runs this year, one of which was a 1.8km run, and I still don't know how you did it but you endured the long run and crossed the finishing line without stopping! Hooray! Daddy and I are both pretty sure you are going to be a great runner in the future. Whatever happens in your life, same as in running, remember to persevere and never give up easily. You don't have to be the champion in everything you do but you must always give it your best shot and try your hardest. Nothing is impossible and with faith, strength and determination, you can achieve more than what you think you can.

We were also very lucky to go on two sponsored holidays this year and I know you totally enjoyed our holidays in both Club Med Bintan and Harris Batam Waterfront! I was extremely proud to see you overcoming your fear and you conquered the trapeze and the tightrope in Club Med. That was really courageous of you, you know that? I could see how scared you were when you broke down and cried during your turn on the trapeze but it wouldn't be right to let you cave in to your fear and quit. So, I was really glad that you listened to me and was motivated by my words, eventually, you yourself found the willpower to climb up that long ladder and take the swing. Well done!

You are also an animal lover and when it comes to all these living creatures, you just seem to treat them as your friends and are never frightened to go near them. Remember when meimei was afraid of feeding the horse at the Animal Resort and you showed her how to do it? Or when she didn't dare to feed the geese using her palms but you did? It is also because of you that she now loves the beach so much because you are always so keen to find all the sea creatures and you get really fascinated by them. Crabs, sea stars, fishes, snails, it seems like you are not scared to touch or hold anything and I think that is pretty cool of you.

You've also started sleeping in your own room this year and that is definitely a milestone too. Thank you for being able to sleep on your own after the lights go off so that I can focus on looking after meimei. I always like to tuck you in and we will whisper sweet exchanges like "I love you so much", "Always and forever", "I love you to the moon and back", "I love you from head to toe" and so on and you have no idea how much I treasure these moments. It's because of you that being a mum is such a privilege, a blessing and an absolute joy.

Of course, we also had our share of bad days this year but I think that is part and parcel of growing up and Mummy will never stop caring, worrying or trying to teach you about the rights and wrongs of life. No matter how much I might reprimand or how harsh I am on you, I hope you will understand that it's not because I don't love you, it's because I love you so, so, so much that I wish for you to be a better person in life.

Thank you for being my gem, my joy and my sunshine. I love you always and forever.



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  1. Awwwwww she's grown so much!! Next year P1 liao! Sniff sniff. Big girl already, but will always always be mummy's little darling :)

    I totally LOL-ed at Mr X in the dinosaur ride. It looked like such a squeeze!!

    1. Yes, sniff sniff sniff. I have no idea how she grew up so quickly. Haha. Oh yeah, I laughed at how he enthusiastically waved to me and meimei too. Muahaha. Thankfully he still can fit in or I will be one with them on all the parent-accompanied rides!! =) P.S. I quite cherish the times we still get to do this with them before they get too big and can do every ride on their own! =)


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