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Posted by ~Summer~ on January 27, 2016
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Since Asher was born on 20th Dec, we were pretty much busy with Ariel's birthday, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, and Angel starting primary school when we got home. Things were a little chaotic initially as expected but as soon as we settled down a little more, we started to plan for our baby boy's full month party! Yup, since the sisters both had a full month celebration, it was only natural that we did so for our third child too.

However, we didn't want to make it overly elaborate so we decided to keep things fairly simple. Together, the hubby and I did up the guestlist, sent out an e-invite, counted the numbers and started sourcing for the venue, food, cakes, tables, chairs and other equipment. We panicked a little after selecting our buffet dishes with our usual caterer, only to be told that they were fully booked that day and couldn't accommodate our timing. So three days before the event, yes very last minute I know, we stayed up late to search for an alternative caterer and thankfully, everything went smoothly from there.

For the venue, since our house was much too small to fit all our guests which amounted to near 80 people, we approached Town Council to rent the use of a nearby sheltered pavilion for a day. I must say it was really a good choice because for merely $50, we had a good location just beside our house which was cosy and spacious enough to accommodate over a hundred people.

The hubby also rented tables, chairs, electric fans and guess what, even a portable toilet! Yes, we had to consider every guest's needs and since we had both the elderly and young, we'd better make sure everyone was well taken care of.

For me, I was in charge of the entertainment. For the kids' corner, we set up our colourful tent and placed toys inside for the little ones to play with. The good thing about this venue is that there is a playground and a fitness area right beside it, so with a little bit of luck, the weather that day was breezy and cool, perfect for the kids to run around and have some outdoor fun.

Besides displaying Asher's 30-day collage and our lovely photoshoot album from Orange Studios for the guests to take a look, I also came up with the idea of renting a projector, screen and sound system so that we could blast some party music and showcase the pictures in a slideshow at the same time. I mean, it would be quite boring if the whole place was quiet, right?

I also played some Just Dance videos so that the kids could have fun dancing and moving to the beat! This turned out to be a hit with many and of course, the two sisters were ecstatic! This was a pretty good way to keep them occupied while we were setting up the place too! In fact, I played some new songs for them to learn and one of the soundtracks was Price Tag by Jessie J, after the party, the two of them kept singing "Yeah b-bling b-bling" which made me laugh out loud.

For the party favours, we gave out full month packages from Sweetest Moments and cake vouchers from Bengawan Solo. I chose the Classic Treats package which combines tradition with a modern twist and includes red eggs, glutinous rice, ang ku kueh, cakes, mochi, confetti donuts, and a customised card. For the vouchers, I roped in my little helper Angel to help and she was the one who inserted the vouchers and sealed all the envelopes.

So, what is one of the highlights of a full month party? Why, FOOD, of course!

We chose to go with Elsie's Kitchen this time round and to celebrate his son turning full month, the generous hubby decided to choose the most expensive buffet menu which was the Supreme buffet that consisted of 13 dishes and cost $22.36 per pax. I protested initially because I felt it was too expensive and there wasn't a need to, but well, I decided to let him have the final say in such matters instead of kicking a big fuss over it.

So, here were the dishes chosen.

1) Thai Pineapple Rice
2) Hong Kong Noodle
3) Superior Broth Poached Spinach With Egg Trio & Wolfberries
4) Honey Baked Chicken Drumlet
5) Steam Fish With Chef Sauce
6) Large Oats Prawn
7) Sambal Sotong
8) Slipper Lobster Thermidor
9) Golden Seafood Beancurd
10) Assorted Japanese Sushi
11) Fresh Fruit Platter
12) Honey Sea Coconut
13) Fruit Punch

Sounds not bad, right? Not surprisingly, the lobster thermidors were the most popular and were gobbled up very soon! Other than the rice and noodles, the rest of the dishes were also quite well-received and the wastage was not as bad as we feared, much to our relief.

My favourite part of a full month party is the chance to catch up with friends and family, especially those that you seldom get to see now that everyone is so preoccupied with life. It wasn't just a catching up session for me, it was a gathering for my friends themselves too as they talked about the latest updates like who just gave birth, who got pregnant, who's getting married and when, who just changed job and so on. I was particularly happy to see many of my friends turn up with their adorable babies! Yay for more kids and higher birth rate!

Here is a big THANK YOU to everyone who came down to celebrate dear Asher turning one month old and for being part of this memorable day. We appreciate all the ang pows, gifts and wishes we received, thanks so much for sharing our joy!

To my darling Asher, congrats on turning full month! Mummy is off to make your first ever video and I'll write more to you then! Love you lots and lots!


  1. Looks like fun! Happy 1st month Asher!

  2. Mummy made sure that Asher gets no less than a smashing party for his 1 month celebration :) Your parties are always so well thought of for all your guests.

    1. Awww thanks Susan! I just hope the guests, big and small, had a great time at the party! :)


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