What makes you beautiful - Ariel turns two and a half!

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 22, 2016
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So, I'm still determined to keep making videos for each of my kids. Which I now have three and that means a whole lot more work to do. I still owe Angel and Ariel one video each and with Asher turning full month this year, I need to remind myself to keep up my pace or these projects will just become part of those forgotten ones chucked somewhere and I will look upon them with regret years later.

Here's sharing Ariel's latest clip which compiles some fond memories as she turned two and a half years old. This girl will always be my gem and my bundle of joy because she somehow finds ways to make me laugh every day. The way she dances with a big smile, the way she sings with passion, the way she draws four eggs and says "My family", the way her face lights up when she gets an ice cream cone, the way she scoots like she's a pro, the way she tries to mimic her big sister, the way she gazes at me with her innocent, doe-eyed look, the way she hugs and kisses me every morning and night, these are the things that fill our days with love and happiness.

Of course, she has also started throwing some classic tantrums like whining over someone else opening the door instead of her, rolling on the floor because she doesn't get a lollipop or crying like no tomorrow when jiejie plays with a toy she was holding hours ago. The good thing about having more than one kid is that you kind of get used to all these scenarios and for me, well, I just learn not to be bothered by them. It's very much evident that because I don't fuss around her so much or give in to her pleas, this girl is becoming more independent as the months pass by and she sure is growing up real quickly.

Which makes it even more important for me to record these milestones so that we can reminisce and look back with fondness years down the road.


Dear Ariel,

Can you believe that you are 30 months old already? I still like to call you my baby girl because that's what you will be in my heart always. 

We have been spending all our weekday mornings and afternoons together, just you and me, when jiejie goes to her school and I really enjoy our one-on-one sessions, be it crafting, going to the supermarket or visiting the library. With you around, Mummy is never lonely and I sure will miss you when you start going to school when you turn three.

You've been a clingy one who likes to hug me to sleep and Mummy is happy that I managed to breastfeed you till you were 28 months! Actually, I wanted to stop when you turned two but you didn't really let me so I didn't want to force it too. That was until I discovered that I was pregnant awhile ago and after I explained to you on how a baby is growing inside of me, perhaps it was because you knew you were going to be a big sister, you succeeded in drinking formula instead and Mummy stopped nursing you. I will always remember and treasure that experience though I bet soon you won't remember a thing.  

In the past months, we've managed to explore new places and try out new things too! Remember how you went for your first 800m run and we did it together? You were a little scared at first and wanted me to carry you when you saw that there were so many other people in the run. However, you listened to me when I encouraged you to do it yourself and within seconds, you got down and we jogged the rest of the run together, hand in hand. You received your first ever medal and you were beaming from ear to ear! These are the little milestones that warmed my heart and remind me just how big you've grown already, my dear.

You also went on your first pony ride, yes, a real pony! I was so glad I managed to let you do it and you were so brave, you know? You didn't complain, grumble or show any signs of fear when it was your turn, but instead enjoyed the ride. And when it was your turn to feed the ponies with carrots, you used your bare hands to do it instead of the spade, just like your jiejie.

We also brought you close to nature on many family adventures, for instance we explored Sungei Buloh, Pulau Ubin, Pierce Reservoir, Pasir Ris Park and more! You are surely going to be a sporty one who isn't scared to get dirty and come up close with bugs and creatures. You know what? I'm secretly happy that my girls are not such girly girls after all because I want you to remember what it is like to let your hair down and sometimes, we all need to get a little wild and sweaty and mucky!

I love you more and more each day, my darling. Stay happy and be my bag of sunshine always. May you never lose that sense of wonder and always remember to dance like no one's watching.



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