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Posted by ~Summer~ on January 12, 2016

Time flies and before I realise it, the baby is going to turn full month soon and it means I've survived being a mum of three for nearly four weeks! Woohoo! While I know we have a long way to go and there will be many more challenges to come in my motherhood journey, I'm also getting myself psyched for the road ahead.

It might sound quite bold but I think I can safely say I'm ready to bring all three kids out on my own! In fact, I've ventured out with them when the hubby was not around, just to see if I could survive with three. As some of you probably know, my confinement style has not really been the traditional type and as a family of five, we've watched movies in the cinema, gone for strolls in parks, visited River Safari, went to outdoor playgrounds and had fast food for breakfast. Next up, I plan to bring the kids to KidsFest 2016 so we can catch our first theatrical show together!

While the hubby and I are avid moviegoers, I'm glad to see that the girls thoroughly enjoy theatrical shows and so far, every show that we have watched has never failed to amaze, thrill or delight them. They love the singing and dancing, they love to interact with the cast, they love to ask many questions about the plot and they even notice details like the background settings or use of props. So, this year, I'm quite determined to continue to bring them for such shows, to assure them that the arrival of the baby will not change things and to enable them to learn through such theatrical experiences. The way I see it, KidsFest will definitely be a great opportunity for me to have a bonding session with my kids.

In its 5th season, KidsFest 2016 takes place from January 20th to February 14th to captivate young theatre-buffs with the stage adaption of stories from six well-loved children’s books. Held at the SOTA Drama Theatre, ABA Productions presents the most anticipated theatrical adventures for children. Below is the lineup of the shows for KidsFest 2016, do have a look and see which interests you most! Click on the titles for more show information, show schedule, cast and sneak peeks.

Recommended for families with little ones aged 3 and up 

Snow Child (February 5th to 7th)
The first snow falls. Watching the village children play, a lonely couple yearn for a child of their own. They build a small figure from the ice and snow, and wish very, very hard… until the strength of their longing brings the magical snow child to life before their eyes!

As she dances in the wild landscape and talks with the animals, she brings joy, fun and laughter to the whole village. But it's not easy, bringing up a wild daughter of the blizzards and the wind. As the seasons turn, and winter gives way to spring and summer, will the Snow Child and her parents find their "happily ever after"?

Aliens Love Underpants (February 11th to 14th)
Aliens love underpants, of every shape and size
But there are no underpants in space
So here's a big surprise

This zany and hilarious tale based on the best-selling children's book is wonderfully brought to life on stage for the very first time. With stunning effects, madcap action, original music (and lots of aliens of course!) this fantastically fresh and funny production will delight the whole family.

Little Red Riding Hood (February 11th to 14th)
From the creative team behind the hugely popular Hairy Maclary Show, Little Red Riding Hood is a fun, original musical for children, with live music and loveable characters. Join Scarlet and her side-kick Stanley the Squirrel as they try to outwit Walter the Wolf and discover that it's not just the enchanted forest that has magical powers... A forest full of family fun, this show is a joyous new version of the classic fairy tale.

In addition to the new shows, there are also two shows back by popular demand and they are The Gruffalo (January 21st to 24th) and Room on the Broom (January 28th to 31st). If your kids are fans of Julia Donaldson's books and you have not watched these shows, it's now the perfect time to do so!

Recommended for families with little ones aged 6 and up 

I Believe in Unicorns (February 4th to 7th) 
Olivier Award nominated Wizard Presents brings best-selling children's author Michael Morpurgo's treasured story to life. This is a tale of the power of books, and the bravery of a young boy called Tomas. Tomas hates reading and school, but his world is turned upside down the day he meets the Unicorn Lady in his local library... An enchanting and interactive production, I Believe in Unicorns, which won an Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence at Brighton Festival, sparks imagination in both young and old.

So, which is your favourite of all? For us, we are looking forward to Little Red Riding Hood because it is such a classic fairytale and the kids are always thrilled by the wolf. If you have some time to spare during this period and are thinking of what to do or where to go with the kids, why not consider a theatrical experience at KidsFest 2016?

For more information, visit or their Facebook page. To book your tickets, go to SISTIC's website here or call the hotline 6348 5555. Prices range from $42 to $62.

Disclosure: We were invited to attend KidsFest 2016 and received complimentary show tickets in writing this post. All production images and synopses are provided, all opinions are our own. 


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