Creativity 521 #83 - New Year resolutions {Happy 2016!}

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 05, 2016
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So, we rang in the new year and although I foresee that 2016 will likely be a very busy, merry, noisy, crazy and topsy-turvy year for us at home, I'm also looking forward to the challenges, satisfaction, bliss and joy that it will bring. With the big girl starting primary school, the little one going for half day nursery and the baby who will be with me 24/7, I'm all apprehensive yet excited to know that I will be spending all my weekday afternoons with not one, not two but all three of my kids. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, to celebrate the start of a new year, I wanted the kids to sit down with me, reflect about the past year and have a think about our New Year resolutions. To make sure that we mean what we say and do our utmost to achieve our goals, we turned it into a craft session and wrote down our resolutions. Here's sharing what we did in this week's Creativity 521.


1) Coloured paper
2) Pencil and eraser
3) Markers/Pens
4) Scissors
5) Glue
6) Decorations like ribbons, sequins, glitter etc

Firstly, we drew and cut out face shapes using beige coloured paper. Yes, we were each going to each make a 'mini me' and write our resolutions on it.

Using different coloured paper, we cut out eyes, nose, mouth, hair and stuck them in place. We used markers to add in details like eyelashes and tongue. To make it more apt for the occasion, we added party hats for the little people and used number sequins to stick '2016' on it.

The girls were asked to write down their resolutions on a piece of paper and were free to decorate it any way they pleased. I have to say that I was very proud that Angel managed to come up with her three resolutions and wrote them on her own too! I couldn't have come up with better resolutions for her.

To complete her mini me, we cut out a dress, hands and legs and stuck everything in place.

Continue to do as many little people as you need to for everyone in the household! While Ariel was not able to spell or write her own resolutions, she did sit down and together, we discussed and came up with these three resolutions for her. I sure hope she will try her best to keep her word!

Now, of course we couldn't leave the little brother out of the action so we made a cute little baby and a simple resolution for him too.

Ta-dah! The little people for the kids bearing their new year resolutions are all done! And since parents are supposed to lead by example, the hubby and I also wrote down our own resolutions for the new year too.

I do have a few things that I wish to accomplish in this new year and most of it revolve around being a better mum. So after some thought, I decided on these three resolutions and I am determined to make them happen.

So, there you have it. We now have a set of cute little people to remind us on the goals we are going to work towards in 2016. It's always good to at least have a target, right?

Happy New Year once again to all my dear readers!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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  1. Great idea and craft for New Year resolutions just for the lil ones! Will be following your steps! God Bless your family in the New Year and all the best to your New born!

    1. Awww thanks much girl! Have fun crafting too, am always inspired by your ideas too!

  2. I am amazed you can still do all these with a baby! :) so inspiring!

    1. Haha I barely made it before the baby started crying. Just hoping I can keep up with these craft sessions! Thanks for hopping by!

  3. Awww this is so cute!! I'm going to do this with my kids tomorrow! Thanks for sharing :) And Angel's handwriting is so nice and neat!

    1. Cool, hope you all will enjoy making yours too! Haha yes, the big girl is a little perfectionist! =) Good and bad! =)


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