Keep our loved ones safe, 'Do the Mozzie Wipeout'

Posted by ~Summer~ on March 31, 2016

 Just because something hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it won't.

Since becoming a newly minted mum of three, I have had much less time for household chores and the newborn usually takes priority over the many things on my to-do list.

However, one thing that I will not compromise on even if I have to live with a messy house, dirty dishes and overflowing laundry, is to keep my family safe and healthy.

For now, we have embarked on doing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout on alternate days to prevent mosquito breeding at home. Just the other day, an NEA officer came knocking on our door and informed us that our neighbourhood was a dengue cluster with one of the highest number of dengue cases reported in that period. That shook me up and I was reminded that we should never take things for granted or live with the hope that bad things will not happen to us.

The number of dengue cases in 2016 is expected to hit 30,000 - higher than the record in 2013 when 22,170 cases were reported, unless immediate measures are taken to suppress the Aedes mosquito population. The high number of dengue cases expected this year is due to warmer temperatures, a high mosquito population and change in the main circulating virus. With three dengue deaths thus far this year, the threat is real and we need to be on our guard against mosquito breeding at all times.

In January 2016 alone, NEA has uncovered more than 1,900 instances of mosquito breeding and most were found in homes. With the recent threat of the Zika virus, which is also transmitted through the Aedes mosquito, it is even more crucial that we control and reduce the mosquito population by removing stagnant water regularly.

Being a homemaker, I realise that incorporating the Mozzie Wipeout steps in my daily household routine go a long way in ensuring the safety of my family and community.

Firstly, I make sure that the pails are turned over and their rims dry when not in use and stagnant water is removed from all possible areas (especially in the bathroom and kitchen), including bath tubs, toy containers and even the making sure the toys themselves are dry.

Next, I also spray insecticide in dark corners where the Aedes mosquitoes love to lurk, such as under the bed, sofa and behind curtains. This will help to kill any adult Aedes mosquitoes that may bite and transmit dengue or breed more of these pesky insects.

As much as possible, I also let the kids be dressed in long-sleeved pants and shirts to prevent mosquito bites. Otherwise, we make it a point to apply mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Note that this can be done not just outdoor but indoor as well.

Last but not least, I also remove stagnant water from flower pot plates and on top of hardened soil in the potted plants along our common corridor. It is also important to ensure that the scupper drain is not blocked, allowing water to flow through easily.

Here’s a complete list of the 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout to ensure that your home is free of mosquito breeding:

• Change water in vases/bowl on alternate days
• Turn over all water storage containers
• Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
• Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use
• Clear blockages and put Bti insecticide in roof gutters monthly

I believe that all of us want to protect our loved ones and keep them healthy. We can play a part and contribute to the nationwide efforts to prevent mosquito breeding by removing stagnant water in our homes and curb dengue transmissions. Now that you know the 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout, practise it regularly to safeguard your home and our community against dengue, starting today!

To find out more about dengue fever, get the latest updates or read about the 'Do the Mozzie Wipeout' campaign, visit or

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation between National Environment Agency and A Happy Mum. All opinions are my own.


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