My lucky charm - Asher's 3rd month

Posted by ~Summer~ on March 30, 2016

It's such a blessing to be a mum, isn't it?

That is what I keep telling myself, especially on days when I feel jaded and downhearted. It's my fortune, something which I probably don't deserve, to have these three lovely kids in my life and I can never thank my lucky stars enough. In the blink of an eye, Asher has turned three months old and every time I look at this happy baby, I can only smile and feel the gratitude overflowing in my heart all over again.

Dearest Asher,

Happy three months old! Awww, you really are my bundle of joy and the best thing is you spread joy wherever you go! That is because you are such a happy and smiley baby that people, including friends, family and even strangers, can't help it but smile when they see you. In fact, I was looking through all your clips this month when doing this video and I realised that you were smiling in almost every one of them, to the extent that I found it hard to include any other expressions of yours!

Your smile gives me great strength to keep going, you know that? So, never ever let anyone take away that precious smile of yours and even if the world comes tumbling down, let's promise to try our best to stay happy and make the most of each day that we get to be together!

Just the other day, I brought you to my friend's house and a few of them were playing with you and they were all surprised by how responsive you were. Yup, even though it was already midnight, you couldn't stop blabbering and making all the oohs, aahs and coos. Besides that, every now and then, you would flash your lovely, infectious smile that melted all our hearts too. Sssshhh, tell you a secret, though I didn't say it out loud, at that moment all I could think of was "I'm so glad he's mine".

You've also grown taller, bigger and heavier and Daddy and I both agree that you grow so much faster than your sisters! We met up with your god brother Eden who is six months old and is a big baby for his age according to his PD. But guess what? You are almost the same height as he is! Which means you are a big, BIG, baby! Oh well, that just means Mummy will have to endure all the backaches and shoulder aches from carrying you but I promise I will keep you close every single day till the day you don't need me, ok?

There were two sweet surprises you gave me this month - the first one was when you slept for a whole, continuous 6-hour stretch at night! I woke up and was startled to realise it was past 5am in the morning but you were sleeping peacefully beside me even though you had not drank milk since last night. Awwww. My sweet, sweet darling. That's your way of letting Mummy rest so I have more energy to take care of you, right? The second, which is included in the clip, was how you would talk to me every day and yes, we heard you say "Ma-ma". It might be a fluke or just my good luck, but considering that you have done it a few times already, I think Daddy will have no choice but to accept his fate. Haha. Oh well, we will work on "Pa-pa" and "Jie-jie" very soon, okay?

Look forward to you waking up in a bit so that I get to see your lovely smiles again, my dear.



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