Creativity #89 - A fun-filled Easter Party

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 05, 2016
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Parties are great fun but it can be so hard to organise one, especially if it involves a big group of kids, right? I totally understand that.

Last month, we went for a Easter party organised by one of Angel's kindergarten classmate's mum and it was such an awesome session packed with fun-filled, kid-friendly activities that I thought I would share it with you in this week's Creativity 521. In other words, yes, I'm taking a break this week from doing any DIY stuff, ok? It's my birthday week yeah!

I always look on in awe when I see other mums who can bake and craft. For me, I see it as one or the other and given the time and brain juice I have, I can only manage one. Obviously, my passion lies more in crafting with the kids. Anyway, this fellow mummy is a great baker and she always graciously offers to bring along homemade cupcakes when we invite her over for the girls' birthday parties, how sweet!

Here's a look at the activities that we did at the Easter party that day.


Favours and goodies

Firstly, we were greeted with sweet treats and party favours displayed neatly on the dining table. The kids could pick out bunny ears, candies, chocolates and each of them could bring home a pretty egg, which reminds me of a matryoshka doll, filled with goodies too.

Besides cupcakes, brownies, sandwiches and even bubur cha-cha, one of the most creative sweet treats that day was this - a pot of 'soil' decorated with cute chocolate eggs and hearts and chicks! Well, the 'soil' was edible and it was made by crushing Oreo biscuits, how creative, right?

Cookie decoration

The first activities we did was to decorate the cookies! I love that the cookies came in various shapes and the icing in various colours for the kids to choose from!

The egg-shaped biscuits had a layer of base cream on them so it made it easier for the little ones to decorate these by drawing lines, dots, borders or any pattern they liked. Ariel had a little difficulty trying to squeeze out the icing and hold the piping bag at the same time, but after she got the hang of it, she managed to do a couple of biscuits too!

Egg painting

Next, we got our hands sparkly, sticky and colourful by doing egg painting! We were pleasantly surprised by the efforts made to cook these hard boiled eggs and dye them in all these pretty colours!

There was also a range of art supplies for the kids to use - including googly eggs, paint, stickers, markers, coloured pens, ribbons and other decorations,

Isn't it great that the kids had the chance to use their imagination to beautify their eggs? Angel said she wanted an egg called Snow White and Ariel decided she wanted a Little Mermaid. In fact, each of them did two because they had so much fun with the first one!

Tata! Presenting..... *drum roll* yup, Snow White and Little Mermaid. Well, not too bad, right? The most important thing was they tried their best and I gave them full marks for effort!

Egg Hunting

Since kids love to go outdoor, our friend also planned an egg hunting game which took place at the playground and she even prepared buckets for the little ones!

The eggs had been hidden all over the playground but let's just say that the majority of them were in plain sight so they were picked up by the children who reached the playground first.

It didn't matter to me that my girls picked the least number of eggs, just one each, because I saw how they held hands while walking to the playground and I knew they were looking out for each other. Even though they were a tad disappointed when they held up one egg each while their friend had 13 eggs, it was yet another chance for me to remind them to be contented in life and voila, each egg opened up to three sweets and that was enough to cheer them up!

Bunny Hop

The finale game we played was Bunny Hop where the kids had to take turns to compete with each other by hopping across the common corridor. To make it more fun, each of them had to hold on to a bucket filled with sweets and they were not supposed to let the sweets fall out. Awww, isn't it amazing just how much joy a simple game can bring?

We truly enjoyed ourselves that afternoon and were so thankful that we got to be part of this wonderful Easter party. The girls kept talking about the games and everything they did up till this day so it goes to show that they made some lasting memories and had a fabulous time.

Cheers to parties and great friends! We'll be back with more DIY activities to share soon!


  1. Great work, I really loved this very much. Such interesting creative works can definitely improve students skill and they can do something unique.

  2. EssayWriting.educationApril 17, 2016 at 5:52 PM

    This looks so much fun! I'm such a sucker for Easter egg decoration and it warms my heart to see kids enthusiastically decorating eggs in their favorite characters.



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