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Posted by ~Summer~ on April 09, 2016
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Remember my birthday last year and how I was so thankful for being able to lead a better and more fulfilling life than I ever could have asked for? Yup, the one where I said it's not 老了, but 到了. I had reached the point where I feel blessed, fortunate, loved and happy beyond words.

Little did I know that another little miracle was already growing in my tummy and on 7 April this year, I have my two beautiful girls and a lovely 3-month old baby boy to celebrate my special day with me. Yes, I am just so thankful and happy to be a mum of 3 as I turn 33. Haha, that's quite a mouthful of 3s.

Life just keeps getting better, right? As long as you learn to be contented, see the simple joy around you, stop grumbling and start appreciating, and make effort to cherish the loved ones around you, I do believe that life is awesome and every day is a gift.

Dinner and simple birthday celebration with the people whom I brought into this world and the people who brought me (and my beloved hubby) into this world. Thank you Mums and Dads!
We have a roof over our head, even though it might be a messy, cramped 4-room flat which our in-laws stay in too. We have a second hand 7-seater car which serves our family well and we just renewed the COE for five more years. Our kids go to school and while these might not be the 'best' or 'elite' schools, they enjoy being with their teachers and friends. We have food to eat, toys to play, clothes to wear; we are able to go on holiday once or twice a year; we might not be rich but at least we are debt free. And thanks to blogging, we get to go for staycations, getaways, attend media previews, receive sponsored products and earn some pocket money too. Right, even if it means I have to diligently keep track of my income and expenses and file taxes from now on, I am still very grateful to be a stay at home mum blogger. Very.

On the evening of my birthday, we had a celebration at MOF and indulged in Japanese food, ice cream and a chocolate fondue!
To all the family, friends and readers who dropped in messages on Facebook, WhatsApp or left wishes on the blog, thanks much and I really appreciate each and every of them. We might not be able to meet up like before but I sincerely hope that life is good to each of you and please know that I am thankful for your friendship and how you have touched my life in one way or another. Here's a special shoutout to my fellow mum bloggers Mabel (Amazingly Still), Serene (Xavvy-licious) and Lin Ying (Bumble Bee Mum): Thanks much for the awesome company on my birthday morning and for the surprise cake!

DIY birthday cards from my girls. Awww, I'm gonna keep these for as long as I can!

The big girl initially wrote one line "I love you Mama because you take me to really nice playground." I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to say to me and she thought for a few days but eventually wrote all these. Love it and love how she decorated the card too!

The lil one couldn't miss out on the action too and so she did her own version. She even wrote her name (several times) herself and drew all the hearts and coloured them in on her own. Sweet!
So, I have a feeling it's gonna be an awesome 33 for me. Thanks to the hubby for being the first to wish me at the stroke of midnight even though he wasn't home; thanks to my parents who never forget my special day and always give me red packets; thanks to my in-laws for getting me a gift; thanks to the many friends who sent their wishes and thank you to my dear kids for making Mama feel extra extra special and extra extra loved on this day.

Sweet kisses from my dears. I secretly hope they will never stop kissing me. Ever.
 33 as a mum of 3. I'm so gonna rock it.


  1. Happy birthday Summer! May you have an awesome 33 with your 3s! :)

  2. Happy birthday Summer! May you have an awesome 33 with your 3s! :)


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