We found love right where we are - Asher is 15 months!

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 23, 2017

The kids have been looking forward to their growing up videos and let's just say I've really been lagging in this because of the move and trying to keep up with my A Happy Home blog series. Well, frankly speaking, I am very clear of where I stand and I still owe them a few videos over the past years. Yet, I'm quite determined that by hook or crook, I will get them done one by one.

Yes, this is not for you, not for any blog reader (though you are most welcome to view the clips), but for me and my kids. A good friend once told me that I should see my blog as my business if I were to grow it from there, but I adamantly refuse to because I still see it as a hobby and this blog is ultimately still for myself and my family.

So, perhaps the videos are a way for me to keep on reminding myself of that. And even when these posts receive barely even a fifth of views as compared to my giveaways or popular posts, they are an important part of what makes me ME. My life, my passion, my kids, my joy, my sense of achievement, my way of loving them, my form of eternal memories.

Here's presenting the latest video, which is of Asher in his 13th to 15th months.


Dearest baby Asher,

Gosh, I guess I can't call you baby very soon, even if I really want to keep calling you that my whole life, right? You are growing up so fast that I lose track of where the days go. All I know is I am so blessed, so happy to be able to wake up beside you every day, have you crawling into my arms saying "Mama" (it's the only word you say for now), witnessing your every milestone and spending every minute of my day with you. Yes, that is despite the fact that you still wake up every two hours in the middle of the night to look for me, that you scream incessantly over small little matters and that you make me realise how exhausting having three kids can be.

Weekday mornings belong solely to you and me, you know that? That is when your sisters go to primary school and half day preschool, which gives us a good three hours of time to bond, play, laugh, talk and sometimes just idle around. You have been such a gem, waking up in the early mornings and going out with me to send or pick your sisters to and fro school, and I actually think you really like going gai gai with me, right? I know I know, you have to sit in a pink stroller but that's one of the things about having two sisters who are older than you, in addition to having to play with dolls or realise that you have hair clips on your head.

That brings me to my next point. Isn't it so wonderful having two loving jiejies who are always there to protect, love and guide you? I see the love and care that they shower on you and I am just so, so thankful that you have them. They are the ones who look after you when I am busy with chores, they sing and read books to you, they play games with you, they keep you out of trouble, they hug and kiss you nearly every hour of the day. Yup, guess they share my affection for you, little boy.

Although you don't really like to talk, you have been growing up well, especially when it comes to eating. You love to feed yourself, you protest when I try to feed you, you can hold a spoon very well and you can even eat a bowl of udon all by yourself (even if you use your fingers as chopsticks instead). In addition, we also call you 水果王 because you like to eat fruits a lot! Honeydews, grapes, watermelons, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, mangoes, tangerines - you love them all. Seriously, which baby eats a whole slice of watermelon and doesn't like it to be cut into small cubes? Yup, you.

Daddy and I thought you would be an early walker given your strength but it turned out that you didn't wanna walk - not till you were absolutely ready. Then you showed us how you could stand when you were 13 months old, followed by how you could move around on support, walk pushing a chair, and at 15 months old, you finally took your first steps! Big, steadfast, confident steps. Yup, you were ready then and you marched on strongly, never looking back or backing down in fear. I love, love, love how you would always walk towards me with that wide grin on your face,how you would tumble into my chest before pushing yourself up to keep moving again. You are my pride and my joy, you know that?

Now that we have a new, beautiful place to call a home of our own, I'm looking forward to creating even more lasting memories with you, my darling. This will be the place where you will grow up and I am hoping that your childhood will be one filled with lots of laughter, fun and awesome memories.

No matter how old you get, I hope you will always have a positive outlook on life, be daring to jump into the water, have hope in life, enjoy the simple moments and remind yourself that it's the little things that make life truly worth living. Happy 15 months old, my darling.

P.S. Yes, I think I will still call you my baby. For a little while more, yeah?


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