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Posted by ~Summer~ on May 18, 2017
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I grew up using a coffee table as my study table.

Right, it probably didn't work out too badly considering how I miraculously managed to ace my exams up till university. Nonetheless, I remember those days of bending my back till it ached, dozing off on the sofa, being distracted by the TV and burning the midnight oil whenever exams were near. Admittedly, on more days than one, I wished that I had a proper study area, a small space which would belong to me and a place where I would feel motivated to do my revision.

Well, since I couldn't really make this wish come true in time for myself, I wanted to make sure that it came true for my kids. In our previous home, the girls would do their homework on a kids' table or use the dining table from time to time. We didn't really have space to dedicate to them to use as a study, so when we shifted to our new nest, I was over the moon that I finally had the chance to fulfill that childhood dream - set up a dedicated area that has minimal distraction, is quiet and has all the equipment, space and furniture for the sole purpose of studying.  If you haven't read about the tour of our study, be sure to check out our self-designed, custom-made library tree with a handpainted backdrop here.

Thanks to our kind sponsor Gracious Treasures, who waited patiently for over half a year for us to shift into the house, we now have two lovely ergonomic study table and chair sets. In this post, we will be sharing our review of the ErgoStudy T100 set and to thank you for your support in the A Happy Home series, I also have a full set (worth $688) to give away to one lucky reader!


Review of ErgoStudy T100 set

We've all heard of the word 'ergonomic' but what does it really mean? The word ergonomics is derived from two Greek words: ergon (meaning work) and nomoi (meaning natural laws). It is the science of fitting the work to the individual instead of forcing the individual to fit the work. Ergonomic furniture thereby refers to furniture that helps to provide the user with greater comfort than traditional furniture and in doing so, makes him/her more effective and able to accomplish more.

Source: Cambridge Dictionary
If you are looking for ways to help your child promote good posture, reduce back and neck aches and aid in concentration, a good ergonomic table and chair will be the way to go. We've never owned any piece of ergonomic furniture until now and having let the kids try out the study tables and chairs in the last couple of months, I have to say that we are loving the experience and thankful for the invention of ergonomics.

To share with you something which I find quite unbelievable, while the girls still love to play in their spare time, they've also taken the initiative to suggest that they would like to read, do homework or do their assessment books on some days. I mean, like seriously? Well, of course, I'm just too happy to let them and I'm glad that these two actually look forward to doing school work for now. I think a lot of credit has to go to their functional, appealing and cosy study area - which will not be possible without the ergonomic tables and chairs. Here's sharing why we love our ErgoStudy T100 sets.


1) Adjustable height

If you see the table dimensions above, you might notice that the everything comes at a fixed length except for the height - which has a range of values. Yes, this is a table that grows with your child! The height of the tabletop can be adjusted from 55cm all the way to 75cm, which can even fit a grown up over 1.7m comfortably.

To adjust the height, you just have to insert the handle - which is actually an allen key - and turn. It works as a lever to bring the table upwards or downwards and if you think great effort is needed, think again. The girls could easily fit the key in and do the turning all by themselves (not that we need to adjust the height too often)! As you turn and adjust, you can see the recommended heights clearly labelled on the leg of the table, so this makes it easy for you to match the table height to that of your child.

Besides the table, the height of the ergonomic chair can be adjusted too. To accomplish this, you just need to loosen the knob at the back of the chair, pull it outwards and adjust the height before tightening. Likewise, the height markings are clearly visible so it makes for easy reference. In addition, you can also adjust the seat depth and height of the backrest to find the optimal sitting position. This essentially means that every table and chair can be customised to suit your child and his/her growing needs along the years, which I find rather incredible and value for money.

2) Tiltable table

Depending on what activity your child is doing, the table top can be tilted at different angles to best suit it. For the T100, you can tilt the table top from 0° all the way to 60°, so for instance, writing can take place at 0°, reading at 30-45° and painting at 60°. Yes, the table top doesn't have to be flat all the time now, I mean, unless you really prefer it to. To tilt it, all you need to do is pull this lever, which sits just below the table, outwards and then you can either lift the top up and push it down. 

Personally, I like that the kids can angle the table top slightly when they read because it means they don't have to bend over so much and can focus on sitting upright in a relaxed, comfortable position. For the record, Angel lovvveeesss to read - she can finish a Geronimo Stilton book in a day - and thus, I'm really glad that this comes in handy for my little avid reader. While the tilting part is easy and she can do it herself, the only thing is that in order to be tilted, the table must be cleared of all your books, stationery, reading light and stuff. Well, I guess that just gives us all the more reason to keep it neat and tidy, right?

3) High quality laminate

I did my fair share of research on laminates when we were doing the renovation plans for the new house, and I fully well understand that a good laminate makes all the difference to the lifespan of a piece of furniture. The T100 features a formica laminate which is imported from Europe and meets the stringent European E1 safety standard. It has a non-reflective surface and is relatively easy to maintain. What makes me relieved is that it can also be easily wiped clean, which is I do on a regular basis considering how the toddler likes to doodle all over our furniture.

4) Strong and durable

The table and legs are made from medium carbon steel which is durable, lasting and rust-free. When the furniture first arrived at our doorstep, I was also impressed by how sturdy the tables and chairs felt. The design is robust, the construction is solid and there is nothing flimsy or fragile about them. While we've only had these sets for a few months, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can last us for years and years to come.

5) Large storage space

I was initially choosing between a couple of models and what made me decide on the T100 eventually was the fact that it provided ample storage space. It comes with a bookshelf that also has drawers, pigeonholes and pen holders. The layers of shelves make it easier for your child to be organised and he/she can feel free to display ornaments, photo frames or anything to make the table personalised.

This is one of my favourites - the hidden drawer below the table that gives you so much space for all your stationery! It's nicely tucked under the table so most people don't even realise it's there; but once you pull it out, you realise that you have easy access to all your commonly used stationery like pens, pencils, erasers, markers and so on. This is particularly useful to Ariel, who isn't tall enough to reach high tables or cabinets, and it also teaches her to be more organised and keep her things neatly after using too.

6) Child-friendly design

An ergonomic table and chair designed for usage by children has to firstly be child-friendly in design. The T100 comes with rounded corners (we are very scared of sharp corners ever since Angel fell and had her ear stitched when she was two), secure mechanism and the hand gaps on the table top and drawers help to ensure that your little one's fingers will not get trapped. The table also comes with a black rubber stopper at the ledge, which has markings to act as a ruler, and helps to prevent things from slipping off too.


On top of the table and chair, here are two accessories we've been using too. The first is an ergonomic foot rest that comes with adjustable height and angle, and a non-slip design. By letting your child rest his/her feet, this can lead to improved blood circulation and better sitting posture which in turn helps to prevent backaches.

The second is one that we cannot do without and that is a task light. Even though we installed daylight bulbs - which were the brightest we could find - for the ceiling track light in their study, I still find it extremely crucial for them to read and do their work in a brightly lit environment. Thus, they both have their own task lights which they would make sure to turn on whenever the house gets too dim.

So far, we have to say that our ErgoStudy sets from Gracious Treasures have been working great for us and even though they cost much less than those ergonomic ones that are produced in European countries - which can amount to hefty thousands of dollars, they have met, and in fact exceeded, all our expectations of a good ergonomic table and chair.

I'm hoping the study will always be one of our favourite spaces in the house, one that we look forward to studying, learning, writing, reading and bonding in.

To find out more about ergonomic products from Gracious Treasures, visit their website or Facebook page.


Good news! I have an awesome giveaway for you and yes, I'm giving away an entire ErgoStudy set above! To participate in the giveaway, leave a comment in this post with your name, email address and tell me what you love most about the T100 after reading this. Indicate on the Rafflecopter widget that you have commented and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options.

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This post is part of the "A Happy Home" series where I share all about our new Scandinavian-themed house, the renovation process and some tips and thoughts. Moving is never easy but it comes with an indescribable sense of joy in building up the house of your dreams. Remember, home is where the heart is and nothing is more important than being able to build memories with the people you love.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. We received two sets of ErgoStudy T100 from Gracious Treasures in writing this post. All opinions are our own.


  1. I like the large storage space that comes together with the table! helps me to separate my 5 year old son's toys from his stationery set/s

    1. Name: Shawn Quek
      Email: shawnz79@yahoo.com

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  2. Replies
    1. Such a wonderful and very unique idea of making a study table & table chair for the. It looks such a stunning and comfortable for kids. Thanks for sharing a pictures & gif which gives an exact idea of the design of this table which has Adjustable height, tiltable table, high quality laminate and strong, durable large storage space and child-friendly design. I must say that every parents have to buy this awesome table and I am also going to share with my friend who has worked with many best professional UK essay writing companies and have a good experience in providing essay writing services to students, and also a father of two cute daughters, he might love to buy it.

  3. Felvira
    I like that we can adjust the table according to our needs. How many tables can do that!

  4. I love ErgoStudy T100's adjustable height for my growing children and tiltable table top for various activity. Its large storage space is also an additional plus point!
    Name: Noorsyahidah Jumat
    Email: syasya101088@yahoo.com
    FB: Ajeek Syasya
    Twitter: syasyapinklady
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  5. Name : Valerie
    Email : cloudiey@gmail.com

    I love how the ErgoStudy T100 have a lot of storage space and also its very child friendly. Hope to win this for my kids :)

  6. Name: Pauline Chen
    Email address: pauline_ctt@hotmail.com

    I love the tiltable table feature as this flexibility will allow my girls to do the various activities with more comfort. My girls also love to read and colour in their free time. Currently, they would tend to end up sitting on the bed or lying on the floor to read and colour. With this T100 ErgoStudy set, I'm sure they would love to 'camp' at the study table to complete their activities happily!

    Hope to win this set for one of my four princesses. I'm sure the durability would allow it to be passed on from my eldest to the youngest. :)

  7. I like the large storage space for all their school barang barang and the fact that it's super adaptable for the children!

    Name edel Ling
    Email edelweiss (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Jasmine Tan
    The adjustable height that grows with the kids!

  9. Debra
    I like how user friendly it is. Even a child can adjust the table and chairs easily. This set provides a dedicated space for the child to concentrate on his studies. Love it!!

  10. Is a dream table set for my 6 yr old girl. Is adjustable and she can draw or study on it at different ages with different heights. Really hope that her wish will come true before she enters P1...thks

    Lim Annie

  11. I love the storage space and the adjustable height! Kids grow up fast! With this, i can adjust the height and ensure a good sitting posture!

    Fb chengling tan
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    Instagram huiling280

  12. Liked to Shared
    Hope to win for my younger daughter. I think this table suit her height for her to do her schoolwork, most important it can help her sitting position.
    FB: KaRen Ong
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    Hope to win.

  14. Eileen Khoo. khooyanzhi@gmail.com
    I actually like the footrest the most. Not many tables are designed with a footrest and it reminds me so much of those traditional Singer sewing machines with the foot pedal! But that aside, I find footrests a great comfort for those fidgety, dangling feet to settle on, especially for children. When they spend time there to do writing or drawing or even just doodling, the footrest helps their feet to find a footing (no pun intended!) and hopefully settles the body and mind down. My eldest will be heading on to Primary One next year, and this table will be a great start for her if we win it.

  15. I love adjustable height of the table & chair. This is important because my 5 year old boy is taller than others. I find his existing table and chair are too short for him. So hopefully to win one for him.

    Name: Lai Siew Ling
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    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. Name : Ng Ching Ting
    email : nctgrace@yahoo.com
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    I love all the functions especially the adjustable height which definitely can last a few good years and is a real good investment for a study table. Tiltable table which enable multi-tasking of either reading, writing and painting which definitely save space for our study room where my girl can do at her most comfort position. And lastly of course it is strong n durable whic i can pass on to my nephews when my girl outgrown it.

  18. Name: Kathy Quek
    Email: kiahti@yahoo.com
    I love that the table can adjust for the height and table top as my girl loves to draw and read. Hope she develop a good posture with a good table.

  19. I would like to have the ErgoStudy sets for my boys. They are in N2 and K2 this year, growing up and needed them anytime. ErgoStudy will definitely provide a good seating posture when studying and writing. The part I like best will be the adjustable heights to suit them. Another one will be the trendy colour that will motivate them to use the study table by their own.

    IG: zanebobby6868
    FB: Toh Shir Nie

  20. Omgosh!This seems to be the solution to keep them focus! Proper height, space to work, with individual compartment for the files n books, specially love the hidden drawers. I can't tell you how much we need this! After SA1 my house is in warzone condition with books n stationary all over my dining table! Hope to win this!!

    Name: Kathy Woon Tan
    Email: prectitude@yahoo.com

  21. name: jessica lim
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    would like to win this for both my boys..

  22. Name: Stephanie Goh
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    Love the fact that this table promotes good posture that my daughter is struggling with. Drawing & painting are her favorite pastime therefore having a table with a tiltable function really aids her to have an even more enjoyable experience.
    Hope to be able to win this table for my daughter in our new house :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Name:Katherine Tan
    Email : katherine_ly@yahoo.com.sg

    The first thing that attracts me to read this post is actually the price. I have checked out a few stores before and most of the ergonomic table and chair sets starts from thousands. I can't bring myself to commit for something which I am not sure whether my daughter will like it or not, or whether she will use it. Will it become a white elephant? However with a price starting from $688, I am willing to give it a shot. My girl has mild special needs, so the adjustable height of the chair, spinal support, height of the table, whether the table can be tilted or not and the step stool, all these affects her focus and concentration, and are things that I am looking for.

  24. Would love to win the Ergonomic Table for my little girl, Super love how the tabletop can be tilted for different activity

  25. Name: Serynn Guay
    Email: serynn.guay@gmail.com

    I just happen to be re-decorating my boy's bedroom and this will be perfect! Love that it has adjustable height so that it can be used for a long time, and this ergonomic set will help my boy who has hypotonia (Low tone) achieve a better posture in his growing years. Helps that it's a good looking set too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I love that the height of the table and chair can be customised to suit the child as he or she grows taller. Really value for money !

    Poh Ai Ling

  27. I love most about the ErgoStudy T100 is the adjustable height where the table can even fit for adults to use means we can use it for very Long time ��

    Name: Ada Thong
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  28. I love that the table grows with my children! Cost savings in the long run and save the future hassle of shopping for study tables as my girls constantly grow taller with the years.

    Name: Gina Toh
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  29. I love the adjustable height feature and the foot rest. I love that this ergonomic chair and table set will correct my girl's posture and can easily adjust to the correct height. The foot rest will prevent her from shaking her legs. And she can also tilt the table for drawing. I am so looking forward to win this awesome giveaway for my 3rd princess....

  30. Name Julie tan
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    Hope to win for my kid

  31. Love the adjustable height and the best is it us able to correct my kid posture..

  32. I love that this ergonomic chair and table set will correct my girl's posture and can be easily adjust to the her height. The foot rest will prevent her from shaking her legs. She can also tilt the table for reading. Hope to win this awesome giveaway for my princess.
    Sharon kang

  33. I love this ErgoStudy table...and how the height is adjustable to suit the kid's height. Really hope to win this for my boy.

    Thanks for this give away.

    Name: Eunice Wee
    Email: nikki_wee@hotmail.com

  34. I love most is that this ergonomic chair and table set comes with adjustable height that develope good sitting posture for children as well as adults too.
    Serene Choy

  35. I love most is that this ergonomic chair and table set comes with adjustable height that develope good sitting posture for children as well as adults too.
    Serene Choy

  36. We will love to have this ergonomic chair and table set. We are in the process to revamp our kids' bedroom cum study area. This will definitely be one of our shortlisted item. Also, we love your study room decoration. It's a good inspiration for us.

    Pauline Lim

  37. Love the table adjustable height features and that it can correct the kids sitting posture.

    Diana Wee
    Ig: iam_mswee

  38. Love the adjustable height as my kids are so petite size.
    The bookshelf allows my boy to organise the books and stationeries so that he doesn't need so many different holders to keep them.

    Pamela Lee
    Email: lpamelajh@gmail.com
    Ig: pammielaaa

  39. I love the adjustable height features which mean it can last a long long time for my three kids!

    Ranice Wu
    IG : mamarannnn

  40. Hi Summer,
    This would be perfect for my boys! :) They are currently using the dining table as well, just like you used to!
    I like the fact that the table height is adjustable so that their posture will be ideal when using the table.

    Jane Chia

  41. Name: Liang Yishan
    Email: liangyishan@hotmail.com

    Love this table because of the adjustable height and its big storage space!

    Hope to win this for my girl to have correct posture when doing homework.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  42. Name: June Chan
    Email: lovebluesky23@hotmail.com

    I love the tilted table and adjustable height. It is definitely going to help their posture as this is important to protect their development! Hope to win one for my son who need to have his study time everyday.

  43. Serene Chen

    I heard good feedback about ergonic table but never really buy to try. If i can win, it will be great for my p1 elder to do her daily homeworks.

  44. Name: Tricia Yeo
    Email: yeopltricia@gmail.com

    I love these table at first sight. Been wanting to get for my kids! My elder son has a bad writing posture n I hope by getting the table will help him n also keep him focus. He can then set a good example for the rest of his siblings .

  45. Poh Liang Seng
    Love that it's adjustable as the child grows. Value for money.

  46. Ergostudy T100 able to Adjust the height and its child friendly design!! We just moved into our new home and T100 is a great gift for my 7years old son!! My baby no2 coming soon in August! I believe T100 can stil be used when Baby2 enter school �� Hope to win for my darling son!

    Name: SHALNY ONG
    Email: shalnyong@gmail.com

  47. Name: Jasline Chan
    Email: jasline_77@hotmail.com

    I love the big storage space and adjustable settings as it can grow with my kids.

  48. Name: Geraldine Lim MH
    Email: sheriethan@gmail.com

    Loved that the table has tiltable and adjustable height functions so that my two kids can share the table and can also tilt the table for reading and drawing purpose. Hope to win for them.

  49. Rykiel Goh

    I love the large storage space. Be it little toddlers or school children they will need lots of storage for their little erasers, bits and pieces of paper and all their stuff!

    Thanks for the giveaway! 😍

  50. Netty Lie

    Hope to win this for my 4 year old boy who has just started to learn reading and writing. I'm dedicating one hour every day to teach him and I hope he can have a better study table, so he can focus more! :)

  51. Name: Adeline Tan huixiu

    Liked and shared!

    I love the adjustable height functions to suit my kids' heights and the big storage area to store their books and stationaries.

  52. My primary one boy is also doing his homework and revisions on the dining table which isn't a good option as it makes him hunch over and thus, blocks whatever light onto his way. Thus I really like that this table is adjustable accordingly to the kid's height! Hope to be able to win it for my son so he is able to do his work in comfort! Qiu Xian qiu_xian@yahoo.com.sg

  53. Love how the table is adjustable and will "grow" along with my kids. The big storage area is perfect too!

    Deborah Li, deborah.william@gmail.com

  54. Khor Lee Ling
    I love this ErgoStudy Table especially the adjustable height and the foot rest feature. Very suitable for my 3 kids.

  55. Mabel Chua

    Love it as come with tiltable table function which allows my son to adjust it accordingly to the activities he's doing. It can help to tackle bad posture issue and can deliver more well being! My elder son is entering primary one next year, a good study table is definitely what he needs to kick start his new milestone.

  56. Phyllis Tan
    I love this ErgoStudy Table for the adjustable height and storage space to organise his stationery. He is going to embark on his Pri sch journey next year and this table will definitely make his study area more conducive.

  57. Drey Yeo

    This table is very child friendly! Kiddo can go and adjust the table all by herself without help from adults.. so i guess, that will give me more time to spend on my 2 younger kiddos.

  58. Name: Tan Bee Chin(joyce)
    Email: joyctansg@gmail.com
    I had been eyeing this since last year. But being a stay home Mom and hubby is the sole breadwinner is pretty hard to convince him how much I hope to get this ergonomic table and chair for our kids. But after reading your blog I will try my very best to convince him as much as possible to know the benefits, usefulness and reliability that this table can benefit our kids.
    I love the feature that the height of table and chair can be adjusted according to height which can be cater just right for my 2kids whom are totally different in height due to their age difference. They are now 3 and 5 and for my elder Son it's getting more academic and plus he loves to draw and read so I really love the fact that the table is able to tilt according to the angle that is cater for reading and writing to prevent straining and poor posture. Now I had been suffering from prolong strained neck and shoulder as I am like you study and writing on coffee table or dining table.
    Hope my kids won't be like me a protruding tortoise.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!! And hope lucky star ⭐️ shines on me.

  59. Name: Celine Lim
    Email: pinky_celine@hotmail.com

    Hope to win this as super love the adjustable height function! This is going to be perfect for my girl who love to read and write!

  60. Name: Weng Zuanyan
    Email : esprits81@hotmail.com

    Hope to win this for my boy who will be entering Pri 1 next year. Love the ergonomic design, the functionality and the quality of the table. Love the idea of being able to adjust as they grows and the storage area that was incorporated in the table.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Name: Gunawan
    Email: gunawan@tylin.com.sg

  62. Yvonne

    I love the adjustability of the T100, meaning that this study table can grow with my ever growing girls.

    I'm sure many from our generation grew up slouching over coffee table or such and hope it doesn't have to be this case for my little girls!

  63. Name : Hwei Min
    email: hweimin@rocketmail.com

    have own a set of ErgoStudy Basic previously bought from Gracious Treasures. Hope to win this set with new features for my younger girl so she will not fight with her older sister anymore when doing homework. Thank you for the giveaway and the great review.

  64. Chris Lee

    I love all the functions especially the adjustable height for my 6yo who is extremely tall for his age.
    And being adjustable means we can keep this as he grow!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. Name : Chang Ai Min
    Email : aiminchang@gmail.com

    I love how the ErgoStudy T100 have a lot of storage space and also its very child friendly. Hope to win this for my kids :)

  66. Name: Gunawan
    Email: gunawan@tylin.com.sg

    I love and would like to have this ErgoStudy Table for my 5yo son. He always unable to sit quietly on table and chair we have brought for him during study and doing his homeworks.

    This Ergostudy T100 table is very child friendly with benefit to toddlers:

    1. The adjustable height fixture for both table and chairs, the height of table can be adjusted according to height of my son. The table is able to tilt according to the angle that is cater for reading and writing. It can help to avoid bad posture for kids

    2. Storage space which big enough to organise his stationery and store his books and bags.

    Thank you for this giveaway and hope can win this for my son.

  67. Hope to win this ErgoStudy T100 for my kids to use, so they can have good posture when doing homework and artwork. This is a worth and awesome giveaways for parents like me to my 3 kids age 12, 9 & 8!! <3 <3 Thanks for organizing this giveaway!!!

    Name : Koreen HONG
    Email : badylon@hotmail.com

    Best regards
    Koreen Hong

  68. My children are growing up and we have started to think about doing up a study room for them. Really hope to win this giveaway!

    Email: missbean_25@yahoo.com.sg

  69. Name: Wenli
    Email : flowerie123@gmail.com
    I love that it is ergonomic and grows with the child! Definitely something worth investing in.

  70. Name : Evon Low
    Email : siew_fong82@yahoo.com

    I love most about the T100 for its child-friendly design. I can leave my kids in the room doing their homeworks without worrying any accident that will happen and love the ergonomic foot rest!

  71. Ding Zhen Xin

    I like the adjustable height. So the table can grow with my child. :)

  72. Name: Shirlyn Tok
    Email: shirlyn55@hotmail.com
    I like the huge storage space as well as the adjustable height!

  73. Name : Susan Lim
    Email : baby5tulip@gmail.com

    I like this ErgoStudy T100 ergonomic table and chair sets as it can adjust the height and kids friendly. Spacious enough for the kids to do their school work and keep their things neatly. Definitely hope to win this giveaway as an awesome bday gift for him.

  74. I love the adjustable height of the study table. My boy who is in Primary 1 is currently using the dining table to do his work and I feel it's too high for him to be comfortable in that position. This awesome study table would be a best present for him to help him in his studies and have better sitting posture!! ����

    Name: Sharon Ng
    Email: sharonnwt@gmail.com

  75. I would love to win this ergostudy table as i have been aiming for it for a long time. Its too pricey though i know all the benefits. I even check out taobao but still not convinced its the real product. Hopefully i can win it for my kids to alternate using it. It definitely helps alot in the right posture and make it comfortable for studying!

    Name : Tricia Tan
    Email : siyuntan@gmail.con

  76. I love the adjustable height of the table to create a good posture for my girl who is currently p1 when doing her homework. The table is also spacious enough to contain her sch books, stationaries etc.

    Thanks for such awesome giveaway and hope to win it for my girl.

    Name: Jolyn Khor
    Email: jolynkhor@yahoo.com.sg

  77. I would love to win this engostudy table for my son. Absolutely love the T100 that it can tilt the table top from 0° all the way to 60° which creates the flexibility for the different activities used.

    Name : Karen Tan
    Email : karenthk@gmail.com
    Twitter : karenhktan

  78. Name: Jas
    Email: bimbotica@gmail.com

    Love the tiltable table top as it allows for great flexibility in different activities. Little one doesn't need to strain her eyes/neck on it! :)

  79. Name: Karen Lim
    Email: Karen.lim83@gmail.com

    I hope to win this for my lovely girl who is entering P1 next year. I have always wanting to get her an ergonomics table and this gift will be perfect as her birthday present as her birthday is in June! Thank you for the giveaway!

  80. Name: Jennifer Ng
    Email: jenn2106@yahoo.com
    What I really like is that it is adjustable! In this way, both my girls of different age can get to use the table.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. Debbie Png

    Love that it's adjustable and it's ideal for both my girls that's different age! Been eyeing this for a while! Hope to win this :) thanks for the giveaway

  82. I love how child friendly and user friendly the table is. When I was young, I remember I used to study at the dining table and always ended up having a backache as the height of the table was too high for me. Hope to win this for my boy and I'm very sure he will enjoy his learning journey using the table! :)
    Email: Baobao618@yahoo.com.sg
    IG: brenbren81
    FB name: Brenda Tan

  83. Ergonomics is not adults privilege only, kids need the correct posture to prevent future problems as well.
    ErgoStudy T100 had the features to help solve this issue. The adjustable height and tilted table allows the kids themselves easy to diy. Storage space and reachable stationary drawer allows them to keep the working desk neat and tidy. T100 looks very stable and durable, allows long usage.
    Hopefully these creates the interest for the kids to work even harder.

    Name: Priscilla Ng
    Email: p_eeyore@hotmail.com

  84. Love the adjustable feature and storage space. Hope to win this for my twins to embark them to enjoy the journey of comfort studying.

    Name: Kellie Choy
    Email: kellie82@gmail.com

  85. Name: Jazry Chan

    my 6yo loves to bend over her small ikea table to do her craftwork (or whatever she's tinkering on) - hope that this table will suit her better!

  86. I like that this is definitely one of the best investment to encourage a child to embark on their learning journey as it can "grow" with them. And the best part is the child can take responsibility and ownership of this piece of companion and effortlessly adjust it according to their needs, be it tilting the table or adjusting the height.

    Name: Wendy Ng
    Email: newdyme@hotmail.com

  87. Name: Jennifer Ng
    Email: jenn2106@yahoo.com
    What I really like is that it is adjustable! In this way, both my girls of different age can get to use the table.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  88. I love the fact that the study table is adjustable according to height - Comfortable & develop good posture . No more hunchback ! Plus , able to use from young all the way to teenage . Superb duber value for money ( can save money ) !!!

    Name : Alice Tan
    Email address : alice_twj@hotmail.com
    Facebook Profile Name : Alice Jun
    IG : @iamalicetan

  89. Name: Hazel Lian
    Email add: hazel_lian84@yahoo.com

    I love how the height of the table and chair can be adjusted according to the child's height. Definitely feasible for long term usage and it's value for money!

  90. Name: Cindy Koo
    Email: koocindy@live.com

    What I love about the T100? This is built for kids and everything they have is what the kids will love. It grows with them and create wonderful memories while study and make learning fun.

  91. Name: Evelyn Hu

    I love how easy it is to adjust the table and chairs to the kids' height and needs, they thought of everything, including storage spaces. The perfect study table!

  92. name: xiao wei
    email: little_angel2311@hotmail.com

    What I love about T100 is the feature that allows me to adjust the height easily. So we could share the same table for the whole family.

  93. Elvinia Tay


    I love T100 because my child can "grow" with it & does not need to suffer from fatigue due to poor posture during study/homework.

  94. Elvinia Tay


    I love T100 because my child can "grow" with it & does not need to suffer from fatigue due to poor posture during study/homework.

  95. To be very frank, I love everything about it! The size, the storage, the flexibility for adjustment etc. I think the only thing that I don't really like is that you have to have a separate knob to adjust the height of the table. It could be better if its adjustable like the office chair where u only need to press or lift up the lever. Nonetheless we can made do with that since there are so many advantages of it!

    Hope to win for my boy as my birthday present this May. As long as he is happy and healthy, it will be my greatest birthday present!

    Email : evette-jelly@hotmail.com
    FB : Evette Looi
    IG @evettelooi
    Tweeter @Mini_Wardrobe

  96. Yashi. Tiofti@gmail.com

    What I like about the T100 is that it's height adjustable and can "grow" with the kid. Having an ergonomic table encourage the kid to write,draw and read at the most comfortable position!

  97. Name: Pearlyn Neo
    Email: neoyting@yahoo.com.sg

    I like that the table is sturdy and it is child friendly. So easy to use such that our little one's can manage & do the adjustment themselves!

  98. Serene Leow (ACE Serene)

    I love T100 as height of chair and table are adjustable as my child grows taller.

  99. Name: Cheryl Ng BL
    Email: ling_boon@yahoo.com.sg

    For child benefits.

  100. Name: Sharon Ling
    Email address: shar0nhj@yahoo.com

    I like all the points that you mentioned, especially the adjustable height, tiltable top, durability of the table and the storage space.
    I hope to win this so my girl will a proper study table and hopefully have the motivation and initiative to revise her school work, just like your girls.

  101. I like how the study desk is ergonomically built in so many ways - height adjustable, table top tiltable, etc. Lots of room to cater to a growing child and to pass down to younger siblings too!

    Carol Lim

  102. CL Doreen Tan email: doreentan_34@hotmail.com FB: CL Doreen Tan ig: cldoreentanMay 19, 2017 at 1:25 AM

    Thank You for the awesome write-up and giveaway.

    My daughter is in P1 this year.
    Having an ergo table like T100 is definitely the best piece of furniture that we can add to the room.
    I love the fact that it's adjustable height for the table and chair that allows growth of my daughter; without having to worry for the next few years.
    The tiltable table that gives flexibility of the activities being carried out; be it studying, reading, sketching, doing art&crart...
    The strong and durable features of the table and legs that's not just durable and lasting but Rust-free, especially in such hot and high humidity weather.
    Looking at the blog post, the table legs are strong enough that can resist knocks of chairs/ sometimes bumps from vacuum cleaner.
    Last but not least, I love the storage space and the hidden drawers where we could stash away our loads of stationery which are clustering up our table right now.

    Hope to be #blessed to #win this #Awesome #Giveaway for my daughter which I am sure She will be over the moon to have this ergo T100 table to partner her through her primary learning journey.

  103. My fav feature is that this table is fully adjustable in height and grows with the child! This in itself would mean less strain and more comfort for the child when the table is at the right height for them, not to mention the other ergonomic features in its design. So one table can last them many years... works out to be worth the money!
    Right now our kids aged 6 and 8 are using their kiddy tables to do work but they are fast outgrowing these and the tables are always so cluttered, they prefer doing their work on the FLOOR ��!! Hope to win this to encourage them to adopt proper posture and better studying habits.

    Name: Lisa
    Email: lisackk2012@gmail.com

  104. Name : Lilian
    Email : ong.lilian@yahoo.com

    Besides the storage space and adjustable height and style, what I love most about the ErgoStudy T100 is that it's child friendly! The child can adjust the table even when mummy and daddy is not available!

  105. Hello,

    We recently re-arranged the house, emptied 1small room specially dedicated to our son's study room, so he has a proper study area as he will be entering P1 soon.
    He loves reading, writing, drawing and does 'works', so we want to support his interests the best we can.

    This table and the chair are exactly what we need to complete his study room. With the special feature of the adjustable height, this is perfect for our fast-growing child.

    Thank you for the giveaway, I hope I can win this for my son.

    Email: mer2i@hotmail.com

  106. I like the spacious table that allows us to adjust its height. There are also various storage compartments to keep the stationaries in a organised way.

    My boy keeps falling asleep when doing homework because he ususally does it lying down on his bed. And he always looses his pencils, rulers etc because there is no proper storage space currently.

    This table would be my prefect solution! Thanks for organising this fabulous giveaway!

    Email: lxtianz@yahoo.com
    Name: Lim Siu Tiang

  107. Name : elaine
    Email : elaine@bequtyarsenao.com

    ErgoStudy T100 is flexible and I love it so much... Hope to win it for my little girls.

  108. Thanks for sharing. The adjustable height is a spot on! Having the table that grows with the kid gives us much flexibility of usage..

    Name:jasmine lee
    Email: luv_ting@hotmail.com

  109. Name : elaine
    Email : elaine@beautyarsenal.com

    ErgoStudy T100 is flexible and I love it so much... Hope to win it for my little girls.

  110. Name: Carolyn Lim
    Email : carolyn_lim2004@yahoo.com.sg
    FB : Carolyn Lim
    IG : carolyn_lim2004

    Although there are many brands available in the market, it is not easy to come across one which has a bookshelf with drawers on it. What I love about ErgoStudy T100 is the large storage space which comes with the table, making it easier for the little one to organise their stationery.

  111. Name: JingRong
    Email: lohjingrong@yahoo.com.sg

    It's a tiltable table which allows sufficient light to fall on the reading materials which is very important for the pair of eyes :)

  112. Name: Hueyfang
    Email: hueyfang20@hotmail.com

    Everyone knows the benefit of ErgoStudyT100.
    Similar to most of the people here, we all grow up using dining table or coffee table as study table. For 6-21 years, from a little girl of 110cm to teenager 163cm, I am still using the same coffee table as my study table. The after effect is my back is hunch. I have 3 kids so a bit siong to buy ergo table for all three. I hope to win one for my big girl who is in P2 this year. No more wrong posture. Thank you.

  113. I love the tillable feature and it's easy for kids to adjust it on their own preferences instead of having an adult do it!
    Hope to win a set for my boy as he is also using a coffee table to do his work πŸ˜‚ as my hubby is the sole income earner as we have to save what we can.
    Name: tan ruoling Joanna
    Email: Joanna.tan.ruoling@gmail.com

  114. Thanks for the give away....
    Hope to win this for my little angel
    Name: Roger Lim
    Email ragelin@gmail.com

  115. Email: may_oct_me@hotmail.com

    I really hope to win this table for my 2 boys. We currently do not have a proper study table for my boy in P2 to do his homework on a proper table. He always end up doing his homework on either the dining table or the coffee table. With this table, it definitely can encourage him to maintain good seating posture when doing his work and hopefully, motivate him to sit on the chair for a long time. :)

    IG: Kris80

  116. name : Vincent Lee Wee Ping
    ig @wlee76

    i love this as this table will grow with my child

  117. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the adjustable height and tiltable feature for my girl!
    Name: Evelyn
    Email: fav22eve@yahoo.com.sg

  118. Name: Irna Ahad
    Email: irnaahad@gmail.com
    Love its child-friendly design and its functionality which encourages good posture for the kids

  119. We simply adore this ergonomic table with the adjustable height and table angle for easing to different activities.
    My p1 boy is currently still using the low-height toddler table to study. He tends to slump and I'm trying to get a proper study table for him.
    Hope to win this awesome sturdy ergonomic study table so he can be encouraged to sit for a long time and gets motivated to do his work.

    Name: Purlynn
    Email: purlynnheng@gmail.com
    Fb: plyn heng
    Ig: plynheng

  120. Name : kristy liew
    email : miyu_kris@live.com
    FB : kristy liew
    ig : miyu_kris

    Hope to win it for my toddler. I like:

    - adjustable height and angle, and a non-slip design.
    - rest his/her feet, this can lead to improved blood circulation and better sitting posture which in turn helps to prevent backaches.


  121. Name: CinCin Chong
    Email: cinthisgirl@hotmail.com

    I love the adjustable height because it means the table grows with our little ones. Instead of using a table with chair and/or stackable chairs of the wrong height which is bad for our child, having a table with adjustable height ensures good posture is maintained at all times.

  122. Name : June Lee

    Email : junelee_1980@yahoo.com

    I like it that ErgoStudy T100 is very child-friendly, well designed and caters well to all aspects for the kids to use. I personally have friends who bought it for their kids and was surprised by how much focused they are cause they enjoy using it.

    Will really love to win this for my nephew! He's turning 5 soon and now waiting for his new house to be ready. This is the PERFECT housewarming gift to him =)

  123. Name: Wong Wei Keng
    Email: wwkhm@hotmail.com

    I like ErgoStudy T100 because of its ability to adjust to different angle and height, in a way customized to provide good ergonomics for my child when she is at the study tabLe.

  124. I love the ErgoStudy sets being very strong, durable, stains resistant and children-friendly.
    It reduces the chances of straining eyesight hence protects the growing children's eyesight from myopia.

    Name:Sandra Kok

  125. Name : Jann Goh
    Email : april512@hotmail.com

    Wow thanks for the excellent review. It seems like a must have study table for my kiddo. I love the tiltable table feature which they can adjust it on their own when they are doing different activities plus the large storage drawer that they can keep all their barang barang in 1 place instead of throwing it all over the table way better than the current ikea table that we are using right now.. Hope to win it for my kids ..

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Name: Yvonne Ng
    Email: gekpuey@yahoo.com.sg

    I like that the table top can be tilted, so that it can be adjusted to best fit the positions of reading, writing and painting. I also like the "effect" that the study table could have on kids - to motivate to take the initiative to want to read and study. How wonderful and "magical" that would be! :)

  128. Thanks for your review. I would love to get this table for my 6 year old, as she enters P1 next year and most probably would be needing to spend more time on homework and projects :(

    Its ergonomic features sound so good and i'm hoping it will be more comfortable for her and help maintain a good posture.

    Name: We Lin
    Email: gtan11@ymail.com

  129. Name:Rebecca Chiew
    Email: star_tinggy@hotmail.com

    I'm not sure if posting here is correct coz I don't seem to be able to post with the 'Enter to Giveaway' tab on top. Anyway, I'll just give it a try.

    I love value for $ products. Fact that it has adjustable height to cater their growing needs mean I can use it for very long.

    This looks like a fantastic table for all my 3 boys. I believe a conducive environment is critical for their learning and that includes a good table. They're likely to need one each, but for now, would be good if I could have 1 for my oldest (5yo) boy to try first. Hehe!

  130. Love the tiltable table function at different angles, which makes it a "one table fits different paper activities" kind of table.

    - Yu Meiyi

  131. I like it that the table can be tilted- my kids are also avid readers. It has sufficient table top space but it looks compact. I like the fact that it can be placed nicely against a wall or at a corner.

  132. I love to win this set for my boy! Love the wide table top and ample storage space! My 5yr old boy will love this as his new study table!

    Name: Melissa
    email: minghui526@gmail.com

  133. The adjustable height plus good quality laminate is definitely a plus point. My 4yo having been asking fir his own study table. I'm sure he would be thrilled to have this.

    Name: Athalia Lee
    Email: mummyto3js@gmail.com

  134. Love this ErgoStudy that adjustable height up to 1.7 comfortably for my P2 boy is quite taller than his peers.
    Tiltable with different angles help do his favourite activities drawing & homework.
    Hope to win a first study table set for him comfortably and with good position.

    Fb name Toh lay hoon
    IG @layhoontoh
    Email layhoon1976@yahoo.com.sg

  135. Hi there A Happy Mum.

    After reading your Review on ErgoStudy T100 set, it also remind me when I was young and doing homework on dinning table and on the floor too.
    I have an 8 years old boy who like to read and do drawing, and unfortunately we too don't have a proper study table for it.
    The most features I love about this T100, is that it's adjustable to their height.
    They really growth up so fast and it's really good that it can accommodate and giving them the best seating posture.
    Thank for you reviews.

    Name. Ang lam soon
    Email. anglamsoon1976@yahoo.com.sg
    IG. ang.lamsoon

  136. Hope to win this ergonomic table for my children who are currently studying in P1 & P2 now. I really love all the features of this table, especially the table top can be tilted at different angles to best suit the activity they are doing. They can tilt the table top from 0° all the way to 60°, the table top doesn't have to be flat all the time.
    OMG..really hope to win this comfortable and useful table for my lovely children. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. ")

    Name: Neo Aik Hoon
    Email: ahneo09@hotmail.com
    Ig: ahneo09

  137. Hope to win the desk for my girls' birthday present. I am sure they will love it.

    Name: Marie Wong
    Email: mwsy8345@gmail.com

  138. I need one for my child not just for her to study well but rather live life well - ergonomically!

    Name - nisha almon
    Email - nisha5482@hotmail.com

  139. Name: Joanne Lee
    Email: yenwjss@gmail.com
    For my son I hope I can bring back for him.

  140. I just absolutely love how child friendly these little desks are! And I also love how the table tilts for different modes of play and study!

    Laura Sharp
    lpatterson412 at gmaildot com

  141. Hi..

    I would love to own one as my kids aged 4 and 8 do not have a proper table to study. Our coffee table is their study table. Thank you!!


  142. I would love to win this ergonomic table for my kids because it is so useful for them. I love the adjustable height and large storage space. This is my dream table & chair too.Hope to win so that they can have a comfortable studying table and chair to do homework. Thanks.
    Name: Ng Lay Kuen
    Email: samnlk@hotmail.com
    Ig: samnlk

  143. i love everything about this ergonomic table . adjustable height which can suit to the perfect for my boy. and the foot rest too.

    hope to win this for my boy as to be true i do not have any Study table for him. he will just do his home work using the dining table or on the floor . he love reading book too. long term in this will also not good for his body .

    wish wish to surprise him with this table .

    Name. rina lim
    email huiwen:32@hotmail.com
    ig. love_joandwil

  144. I love the adjustable height and the tiltable table which is important to promote good sitting posture. Hope to win this for my girl so that she can have a proper study table to do her work and reading


    Name: Soo Yi
    Email: soorius@hotmail.com

  145. I love the adjustable height function in this ergonomic T100 the most. This will help to support my child's growing needs along the years. Hope to win this for my daughter so she can have proper study table.
    Name : Filda
    Email : filda_1806@yahoo.com

  146. I like that the table comes with adjustable height so both my kids of different age can use.

    Seow Wenqi

  147. A Happy Mum,

    I really love reading your reviews on this ergonomic table and chair. There's nothing I don't love about it! Everything is simply awesome. As a parent , I also want to give the best to my child just like you. My little girl do not have a proper study table , she is using the dining table to do her daily work. May it be doing her school work, reading or drawing , she complained of shoulder and neck pain after a long period of time. What I really love about this table and chair is that it can help to increase comfort, productivity and job satisfaction!! The first benefit that comes to my mind is that the table and chair can help to combat the issue of bad posture and aches. My child and her chair must share a good working relationship to improve posture and comfort​ every day cos this table and chair will grow with her along the years! I'm loving this ErgoStudy Set already. I'm sure my little girl will be extremely happy and grateful to own it. Hope to be bless and win it for my little bookworm!! Thank you

    Liked and shared

    Followed at Instagram
    IG : @estherkamst
    Email : estherkamst@yahoo.com.sg

  148. Celin Ac
    Ig: cancerian_celin

    I love your child study area wjth book shelf as a tree design that my 2 boys will sure like it too and motivate them to study! I love the study table for its adjustable height and can be tiltable too!! My boys loves drawing and needs to do homework as well but no proper child friendly table for them. We can only use dining table or even foldable table if he needs to do it inside room. Next yr he is going to primary one, i hope i would give him this awesome gift to prepare for him when he enter primary sch.

    Really hope i have this luck to win this! Thank you for your review and awesome giveaway!!

  149. This comment has been removed by the author.

  150. The adjustable height would be ideal for my two boys as they would be sharing the table. We can adjust the height according to their comfort.
    Hope I would be lucky to win this does them:)
    Name: Kadice Chong
    Email: czs81@hotmail.com

  151. BK Low
    I love that the height is adjustable so its perfect for growing kids.

  152. FB: Seline Tan

    I love the ErgoStudy - T100 because it is stylish and modern. The child safe design has large storage space to organise thing and with the adjustable height, it is really a worthy investment!I can use it for a long time and it will keep my daughter's room neat and organise. Furthermore, this useful and innovative product can adjust her posture!Thanks for this generous giveaway!


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