Saying "I love you"

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 04, 2012


One of the simplest words to write, to spell and to pronounce.

Yet it's the hardest to understand, most complicated and most intriguing thing on earth.

We all need love, don't we? I need plenty of it and so far I am a very blessed girl who met a boy who truly loves her for who she is.

Today, I'm feeling the bookworm and wanna talk about love and books.


It's not entirely true that I believe a book can heal relationships and marriages.

Nonetheless, I am quite hooked onto the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series by John Gray because it's scarily amazing how he manages to pen down my innermost feelings in simple alphabets and words, I mean, I thought this man must be a psychic (or a woman reincarnated who did not drink the Mengpo soup and thus suffers no amnesia), if not, why does he know me and the female species so well?

So, I do like to read books that talk about men and women, that talk about how we get (and don't get) along, that talks about the intricacy of relationships, that remind me how love is a journey and never a destination.

Anyway, I chanced upon this website that talks about the 5 love languages and found it pretty interesting. A love language is a primary way of expressing and interpreting love. Gary Chapman says that of the countless ways we can show love to one another, five love languages proved to be universal and comprehensive—everyone has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the five love languages.

Can you figure out which love language you belong to and which does your partner?

Many people can distinctly determine their categories but after I cracked my brain last night, I concluded that I fall in the "All of the above" category and when I asked jw, he said he is "None of the above".

He finished off by saying "I'm happy when my loved one is happy", which melted my heart a little but the point of this was to find out how we see and communicate love. Of course, I'm happy when you are happy too. Duh. Still, I welcome the sweetness of that statement. As for the boy, sometimes he amazes me by how he can be even simpler than the simple me.

Anyway, I couldn't decide on the category because I think each of them has a way to make me smile and to make me feel loved. I love hearing the words "I love you", I like cuddling on the couch, I like to spend time with just the two of us together, it warms my heart to receive a birthday gift and I feel so blessed when he makes a nice dinner for me. So, tried as I might, I couldn't figure out which category I fell predominantly in.

Henceforth, I decided to come up with my own list of things that make me feel so very loved.

 I feel loved when...

~ You give me a kiss before you go to work. Even though I might only be 29% awake, I still know and I still feel it, dear.

~You come back home all tired from work but still help me to make dinner when Angel tied up my arms and legs and trapped me in a gunny sack with her.

~ You remember our special days and you write wishes on our message board. A simple "Happy 100th Monthliversary, dear" touches my heart because it means you remember.

~ You surprise me with a cute Valentine's bear or flowers. No, I don't need any LV bags and I won't want any branded shoes. But sweet notes and small gifts, they mean so much more to me.

~ You take Angel for her bath or clean her bum when she pooped. You don't see it as a mum's job and most importantly, you willingly do it because you are her dad.

~ On some days, I look like an old hag in oversized clothes with a huge zit on my face but still, you love me and not hesitate to give me a hug. Or at least, you don't complain.

~ I cook a horrible, yucky dinner but you amazingly still gobbled it up and not despise my culinary skills.

~ We stay up to watch a movie after Angel sleeps. You always ask me to choose a movie but actually I don't really mind because it's the company that matters. Oh, but no horror movies, please.

~ We hold hands on the streets. People always tell me couples stop doing that when they have kids because the hands are used to hold the kids, push the stroller or carry the groceries. I don't care, I still wanna hold your hands even when we turn 50. or 60. or 70.

~ We laugh together at silly things that Angel has said or done. When we dance a silly dance or sing a silly song, just the three of us. It constantly reminds me what a wonderful family, a cute daughter and loving hubby I have.

So you see, even though we do have our share of bickers once in a blue moon (after all you are a man and I'm a woman), that hasn't stopped me from loving you one bit. And I have never for one moment thought you to be a lousy hubby or dad because in my eyes, you are the best out there.

Along the 8 years of our love journey, there have been good times and there have been bad. Thankfully it was probably 90% good and 10% bad. Like it or not, there will be good times and bad times coming our way.

I want to enjoy all the good times and I promise to ride through the bad ones with you because like what Liverpool taught me, You'll never walk alone and I would never want you to feel alone in this world.

Hand in hand, heart to heart, we will stay together in love. Always.


  1. very beautiful photos and list of the loving things from hubby. We celebrate our monthiversaries too!!! On Mon was our 109th! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! Yeah yeah we celebrate that special day of the month too, since we got together as a couple. We just passed our 104th month!

  2. This is beautiful Summer!

    I also write for a Christian Blog called Life on a Hill, and we spent the entire month of february talking about the five love languages. You might find it interesting to here all out different perspectives on them.

    1. Oh wow, yes I'll definitely check it out! =) It's so intriguing, isn't it? Thanks for popping by!

  3. What a beautiful post I am off to find me the book you spoke of

    1. Thanks Rhianna! I hope you'll love reading it! =)


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