Angels wrapped in Comfort

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 24, 2013

The first time I made a snow angel, it was a heavenly sensation and I couldn't get over just how comfortable it felt. If only there was a way I could make this feeling last. Even though I can't replicate that thick, fluffy snow here in Singapore, I might just have found a way on how to retain that soft touch that makes you feel more loved than ever.

Snow angels, big and small, during our skiing trip in Sälen, Sweden


When I first went to the supermarket in Sweden, being a newly promoted housewife who was still trying to work her way around peeling shallots and ironing men's shirts, I was totally lost. Not to mention the fact that every single signboard and label was in Swedish which fuelled my agony and frustration.

One day, I was at the store with just one goal in mind - to get a bottle of laundry detergent and clear the mountain of clothes which were piling up to the ceiling. I chose a bottle that had a label saying "Comfort" which sounded obviously like it was meant for washing clothes. Before I made my purchase, I asked the staff just to confirm that it was indeed detergent. She said in half English and half Swedish "This is to make your clothes nice to wear, very soft."

Shopping in Sweden was a test of translation skills, communication skills and how good you are at charades

Just then, as much as a laundry noob I was and the fact that my mum had never used it in my 25 years of life, it dawned on me that there was something in this world called a fabric softener. I bought it nonetheless, it was a might as well thing and I didn't half expect that it would make any difference in my life.

The truth is from that day on, we never entered the laundry room without a softener in hand.


She is my cub and all I wish to do is keep her beary warm, comfy and safe
After the kids came into my life, they became my gems and I wanted to safeguard them with everything I had. That includes protecting them from the harshness of the outside world and providing absolute love and comfort. Naturally, that meant re-looking for a fabric softener that met the family's needs and yet was gentle to my babies' soft skin.

After we decided to co-sleep, Ariel's playpen is where we keep and fold the laundry.

Comfort Ultra Pure, which is specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin, has been dermatologically tested to be safe even for the most delicate of skins - which is a baby's. I love that it gives off an extremely pleasing odour and creates this long lasting fragrance that when combined with the all-time best smell in the world - a baby's natural scent, it makes you enjoy every breath you take. In fact, you just can't get enough of smelling your baby. Or is it just me?

There is something about naked babies wrapped in soft towels that intoxicates me
It's not just about clothes. From towels, bed linen to sun hats and socks, every fabric that comes into contact with my kids' skin is now sweet-smelling and soft. I go to bed at ease knowing that my family is living in a cocoon of comfort and that we are enveloped by love.

This is what makes motherhood so awesome
With that in mind and seeing the looks of joy on their faces, it does make me feel like a I-may-not-be-the-best-but-I'm-doing-good kind of mum. And what's the next thing I do when I see those smiles?

I breathe, hard and deep, and feel thankful that though snow angels might disappear, I have these happy angels to stay in my life.

Disclosure: This is an advertorial sponsored by Comfort. All opinions are ultra purely my own.


  1. Nice post! Can so feel you when you say shopping in foreign land is tough when you don't understand the language! And I love baby smells too!

    1. Keke yeah, it's a great thing most Swedes understand English too, just that we can never read the labels in the stores! =) Awww baby smells, nothing gets better than that!

  2. Such lovely pics of the kids!


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