Creativity 521 #7 - My bunny princess

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 05, 2012
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Time flies, Angel will be turning three in November. It seems like I can still vividly recall the day when she was three days old, but now, my tiny one has grown into a bubbly 3-year-old toddler.

For her 1st and 2nd birthday parties, namely the Rainbow party and Disney party, both took me months to prepare. From the homecooked food, party decorations to handmade favours and invites, I somehow derived a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from each of them.

This year, she will be spending her 3rd birthday in Singapore for the first time. While we don't intend to hold a big birthday bash, it will still no doubt be a special day for my princess.

So what's our theme this year? She chose it, you know.

It's gonna be a SAFARI theme. Yes, animals and more animals for my little animal-lover.

For this week's Creativity 521, I'm gonna share with you something fun we did in preparation for her upcoming birthday.

It's Face Painting! Yes, many of us have seen it and done it. It's in fact fairly easy to do-it-yourself and spice up a birthday party because kids simply love it! 

What you need:

- Water-based face paint
- Brushes of different sizes
- Sponge to cover large areas
- Glitter for that sparkly effect
- Water

Start off by mixing the desired colour paint with water until you get the correct texture, not too thick or watery. To me, face painting is a very trial and error matter so you basically play around to get the hang of it and improve on your techniques.

Of course, not many of us are born artists or painters so to help you get started, do check out some YouTube videos which provide instructions on how to paint a butterfly, rabbit, tiger etc.

Make sure your 'canvas' is clean and for girls, you might wanna tie back their hair so that it doesn't interfere with your painting.

Since the day we chose her birthday theme, Angel had already made up her mind that she wants to be dressed up as a rabbit. So naturally, I gave her a rabbit face.

I used white and pink paint for her face, black for the whiskers and ended off by dabbing some glitter where I wanted it to sparkle. It was my first time doing face painting in my entire life, how do you think I did? My mum told me I made her look like a cat though, thanks mum.

In case you are wondering, certified face paints are non-toxic and can be easily washed off with just soap and water.

In any case, it doesn't really matter as long as my bunny princess believes she's a bunny and loves her makeover. You should have seen how she beamed when she saw herself in the mirror. That, to me, is the best reward.

So, here's the preview of how my birthday girl will look at the party! Do you like it?

The funny thing is that she has also decided that mummy will be the lion and daddy will be the elephant at the party. Yes, she said both animals instantly when we asked her. Which, I'm seriously going to reject. Hello, I don't like manes and erm, how do you draw a trunk?

Well, I'm contemplating if I should conduct a face painting session for the kids at the party. That is, if they don't mind a big-bellied pseudo face painter.


Anyway, our face painting session turned out to be a family fun session after all.

Let's just say my girl was an aspiring artist that day.

Does your girl take your cosmetics and always pretend to be putting on make-up? Ok, mine does. So when she had the chance to lay her hands on real face paint, naturally she made the best out of it.

I didn't really wanna dampen her enthusiasm so yes, I agreed to be her canvas.

Then the hubby came home, got a big shock when he saw both of us and started to guffaw.

That was before he was pulled over to become the second canvas.

We might have found it funny but Angel sure took every stroke seriously. She would change colours and tell us what she was drawing. We can't see it, but we can imagine it.

Ta-dah, the great master is done with her work!

What, how did we look in the end?

If you must know, here you go. The hubby told me mine was ugly and I asked him to check himself out first. Neh neh ni boo boo. I have to give him credit for agreeing to take part though, thanks dear!

The thing is, I looked at myself and I did think "This is beautiful, right?" Yes, I may be blinded but as long as it is my girl's hard work and effort, I'm going to love it, support it and cherish it.


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  1. Love your girl pretty dress. Looks like a flower girl ;). Wow, you and your hubby are so sporting!

    1. Hee thanks, it is the only nice white dress she has now. Just nice for a bunny! Hee yeah I thought the hubby was cool to let Angel doodle all over his face too, just wish we can do this more often! It's really so fun! =) Thanks for popping by!

  2. Hi Summer,
    Angel is so cute and creative! Wonderful pictures! You did a very good job with the bunny princess face painting. I note that Angel was born in my birth month, November! It is great that she will be celebrating her birthday in Singapore. I know you are all going to have a whale of a time. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  3. She really looks very focused when drawing your faces, haha! Well done Angel!

  4. Summer this is suuuuuper funny!!! I am also thinking of doing some face painting with poppy. I'm sure she would love it!!!

    Don't tell angel but it looks like she gave you a little sunburn and made hubby look like a commando under camouflage! Keke

  5. Your face painting looks great! And it is a good idea to paint faces for the kids at the party. I got roped in for Sophie's CC children's day party and painted butterflies and flowers on their faces. Yours looks way more pro.


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